How Far Is St Louis To Chicago? Check Out The Distance

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How Far Is St Louis To Chicago

You should know how far St. Louis is from Chicago if you plan to visit soon. Knowing how far apart both cities are will enable you to give an estimate of how long the journey would be. 

You can travel from St. Louis to Chicago via diverse means. You can take a bus, car, train, or commercial flight. However, air travel is usually faster. So, if you want to get to Chicago from St. Louis faster, consider traveling by air. 

In this article, you’ll get more information about traveling from St Louis to Chicago. Read for more details. 

How Far Is St. Louis From Chicago?

The distance of St. Louis from Chicago is 297.1 miles. And you can travel from St. Louis to Chicago via different means of transportation. You can take a bus, car, train, or commercial flight. 

Air transportation is the best option if you want to arrive at Chicago from St Louis faster. Keep reading as we discuss how much time you will spend from St. Louis to Chicago for each of the various means of transportation.  

What Is The Driving Time From St Louis To Chicago?

Prepare your mind to spend several hours on the road if you’re driving. By rough estimate, you’ll spend around 4 hours, 30 minutes on the road. That’s because you’ll likely encounter traffic on the way.  

Direct drive to Chicago from St. Louis isn’t the fastest or most convenient way to travel. However, most people might consider it because of the lower fee than flying a commercial plane. 

The distance for a direct drive from St. Louis to Chicago is 298 miles, which is approximately 479 kilometers. 

A Handy Tip: You can make this trip by car without stopping. However, 4 hours isn’t a joke. Therefore, consider resting for some minutes in between your journey. You can buy some food, gas or rest for a while. 

But remember that if you’re traveling to Chicago from St. Louis, you’ll spend around 4+ hours, excluding the various stops you might make on the road. 

What Is The Flight Time From St Louis To Chicago Using A Private Jet?

You’ll spend around 45 minutes flying in a private jet. The flight distance is also 262 miles or 422 km. 

Traveling by private jet from St. Louis to Chicago is the fastest way to arrive at your destination but is the most expensive. 

Furthermore, you can see that the distance when traveling by air is 34 miles less than when you drive on the road. That’s what the straight-line flight distance offers.  

A Handy Tip: 45 minutes is the time it will take to travel from St. Louis to Chicago by a private jet. But note that you’ll spend more time if you’re renting a commercial plane. 

Firstly, you will take a taxi to the airport, and remember that airport security must do their job. They have to ensure you are not traveling with a prohibited item, and check for other things.  

You also have to take a taxi or whatever means you plan to reach wherever you’re heading. You will likely spend more than 45 minutes to reach your destination in Chicago when traveling from St. Louis. 

How Long It Will Take To Travel From St Louis To Chicago On A Road Trip

The essence of a road trip is to have fun, especially on the way. It’s never about the duration of a trip but how much fun you had. 

While on the trip, you can book a hotel and spend a night or two, eat at fancy restaurants, or visit other incredible places on your way out of St. Louis or Chicago. 

It all depends on what you want to do. But if it’s a road trip, prepare to spend around 2 days from St. Louis to Chicago. 

No one is saying you cannot spend less time, though. You can reach Chicago in one night or less than 8 hours. 

The duration of your trip depends on the constant stops you make while traveling. But then, what’s a road trip without the stops here and there?

How Long It Will Take To Travel From St. Louis To Chicago Via Commercial Flight

Unlike flying a private jet, you will experience delays when using commercial flights. First, you will board a taxi or let someone drive you to the airport. Depending on the traffic, including where you’re coming from, this should take a few minutes. 

Upon arrival, you must queue up for the usual airport staff checks before allowing passengers to board a plane. 

Suppose you’re traveling to Chicago O’Hare International Airport from the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. In this case, it will take you from 25 – 35 minutes to reach the airport. Then, you’ll spend another 40 – 50 minutes to reach your destination. 

How Far Is St. Louis To Chicago: FAQ

Here are some popular and frequently asked questions for those traveling from St. Louis to Chicago. 

1: What’s the cheapest way to travel from St. Louis to Chicago? 

The train is the cheapest way to travel to Chicago from St. Louis. The trip will cost you $11 to $130, and you should expect to spend around 5 hours on this journey. However, remember that the train is one of the slowest means to travel from St. Louis to Chicago.

2: What is the fastest way to travel from St. Louis to Chicago, and vice versa?

The fastest way is via air. A private jet is the fastest, though more expensive. You can take a commercial flight if you cannot afford to hire a private jet. It will cost you around $95 to $500. In addition, the duration is less than an hour. 

3: Can you get a direct bus from St. Louis to Chicago and vice versa?  

You will find a direct bus that will take you from St. Louis to Chicago and vice versa. Buses usually depart from the Chicago Bus Station and take passengers to the St. Louis Bus Stations. 

In addition, note that this journey can take around 4 to 6 hours. 

4: Can you get a direct train between St. Louis and Chicago? 

You can get a direct train that will take you from Chicago to St. Louis and vice versa. You’ll leave from the Chicago Union Station (if you’re coming from Chicago) and land at St. Louis. The journey takes around 4-5 hours too.  

5: Where can I find buses moving from Chicago to St. Louis?

You will find bus services at Greyhound, United States, Chicago.  

6: What is St. Louis Popular for?

During the Great Migration, around World War I and II, many African-Americans moved to St. Louis. 

This city is where the first automobile accident occurred and the second in automobile production. The country’s first gasoline station opened here. 

7: Where is St. Louis located?  

St. Louis is a great city situated on the Mississippi River, the state of Missouri’s eastern boundary. It occurs on 61.74 square miles of land. 

This city’s population, as of 2021, was 293,310. And it was founded on February 14, 1764.   

8: Is St. Louis a great place to live?

Yes, St. Louis is an incredible place to live. First, the living cost of this city is reasonable. Another reason many people are moving to the city is the housing cost. Its low housing cost and big-city amenities is a huge draw. 

This city is packed with several attractions, stadiums, performing art centers, and others.   

9: Is St. Louis bigger than Chicago?

Chicago is bigger than Saint Louis. It’s the third biggest city in the United States of America. Chicago is about ten times bigger than Saint Louis.  


How far is St Louis to Chicago? The distance from Saint Louis to Chicago is 297.1 miles.  Saint Louis to Chicago is a breeze as a journey many like to embark on. You can travel via diverse means. 

You can travel by bus, commercial flight, train, or car. We discussed how long it will take to reach Chicago from Saint Louis with the various means of transportation you’ll be using. 

However, going by air is the fastest means to travel from Saint Louis to Chicago. Moving from Saint Louis to Chicago by air will take you less than an hour. 

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