What Does Dolly Parton Look Like Without Makeup? A Must-Read

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What Does Dolly Parton Look Like Without Makeup

Fans worldwide have been eager to see Dolly Parton’s no-makeup face. Many have asked, “What does Dolly Parton look like without makeup?”  

Parton is a legendary singer with a unique voice, look, and range. She can hit notes that most singers in her genre can’t. 

However, Parton is always wearing her wig and smashing outfit. When she attends an event, you’ll know the musical icon is around. It’s always full glam! She has fans all over the globe, and her songs are well-appreciated. 

So, what does Dolly Parton’s face look like without makeup? We’ll discuss this and share other information about the iconic singer. 

What Does Dolly Parton Look Like Without Makeup?

The only people that have seen Dolly Parton’s no-make-up face are Judy Ogle and the singer’s relatives. In an interview with New York Times, Parton says that fans will never see her face without makeup. 

This means fans can’t tell how Parton looks without makeup. She loves to wear her makeup and big wigs. Parton has even claimed that she sleeps with makeup. 

The reason is to prepare herself in case there’s an emergency. She doesn’t want fans to see her no-makeup face. 

So if you think you’ll see Parton without makeup one day, you better wake up from dreamland. The fact that she sleeps with makeup, and has been doing so for years, tells you how far she’s willing to go to keep her signature look intact. 

Will Dolly Parton Look Good Without Makeup?

Dolly Parton is a beautiful woman and has a beautifully-shaped face. However, she has done facial procedure, though she is yet to do a complete facelift. 

Parton did plastic surgery a few years ago. And when asked why she decided to do the surgery, her response was shocking. 

She claimed she did the surgery because she wasn’t feeling naturally beautiful. She believed the surgery would help improve her look. 

Here’s our final verdict on how Dolly Parton would look without her makeup. 

Firstly, remember she wears makeup to bed. This means she wears makeup for almost the entire day. But the shocking thing is experts have warned women to desist from wearing makeup all day, especially to bed.   

Parton’s constant makeup may clog the pore spaces on her face, leading to breakouts. So, there might be some breakouts across Parton’s face. 

The breakout may also be the reason Parton wears makeup constantly. She doesn’t want fans to see her without makeup on.

However, if you’re like Parton, understand that makeup will block or clog your pore spaces and that could be dangerous. So don’t wear your makeup to bed. Clean it off before sleeping.

Why Does Dolly Parton Like Wearing Makeup Consistently? 

Sleeping with a face full of makeup isn’t as comfortable as it may seem. Dolly Parton is no stranger to this. So, let’s assume the legendary country singer doesn’t always wear makeup to bed. 

Unfortunately, Parton believes her hands are tied regarding keeping a makeup-free face while sleeping. She sleeps with makeup on her face and believes her world may crash if she doesn’t. 

So, why is Dolly Parton so obsessed with keeping her makeup on, to the extent that she goes to bed with makeup on her face? There are several explanations for this. 

Here are some reasons why Dolly Parton always wears makeup, no matter the time of the day.   

1: Her appearance is her charm: 

If you’re looking for a celebrity that doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned about how they look, that person would be Dolly Parton. 

The “Backwoods Barbie” singer enjoys dressing glamorously, regardless of where she finds herself. She enjoys wearing her big wigs and doing her makeup. 

Parton knows being a celebrity means one must always dress and look gorgeous. It’s the life she has chosen for herself and has embraced it with open arms. 

In addition, Parton knows her music and iconic voice aren’t the only things that set her apart. Her appearance is also part of her brand and charm.

So, Dolly Parton has consistently used her signature makeup and look over the years. She’s currently 77 years and doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon. Her appearance is her charm, so why would she give that away? Well, the Dolly Parton we know and love won’t. 

She feels comfortable wearing her makeup, and she knows that her fans love to see her look charming in her makeup too. Nothing else matters to the legendary singer. 

2: Dolly Parton doesn’t feel too comfortable about her natural look:

Parton’s sense of humor is almost as likable as her iconic wig. She doesn’t shy away from the media and speaks her mind whenever she has an interview. 

Dolly Parton once said in a CBS Sunday Morning interview in 2019 that she might look artificial, but deep down, she knows she’s real. She also admitted that she isn’t a natural beauty but can enhance it. 

Has Parton truly enhanced her look? Well, she has. She has done several plastic surgeries, including boobs job.

So, Parton doesn’t feel comfortable about her no-makeup face. She doesn’t want people to call her out. 

Now, here’s a shocking thing: Parton does her makeup. And she does it so effortlessly and expertly. 

3: Parton doesn’t want to break her fans’ heart:

Fans don’t only discuss music. They also discuss how a singer looks. Dolly Parton is no stranger to this. She has a musical career spanning over fifty years and sold over 100 million records. 

Parton started singing in 1956 and recorded her first song at age 11. In addition, Parton had her big break in 1966 when Bill Philips heard a demo of her song, “Put It Off Until Tomorrow.”

So, Dolly Parton is no stranger to gossip in the music industry. She knows all a singer needs to know about this industry. 

She doesn’t want fans to see her no-makeup face and lose the charm that has attracted them to her. She even said in her interview that she doesn’t want her fans to see her face without makeup. 

Parton goes to bed with makeup on her face. Why? She believes there could be an emergency, and she wouldn’t have time to do her makeup. So, it is best to put it on and prepare for the unexpected. 

Parton doesn’t want to be dragged by music fans because of her looks. She wants to continue looking charming, as she has always been from day one. 

4: Dolly Parton wears makeup consistently because of her husband:

Dolly Parton has married the asphalt-laying company owner, Carl Thomas Dean, for over half a century. They got married in 1966. Though the marriage isn’t blessed with children, the couples are happy together and that matters too.

So, another apparent reason Dolly Parton is always putting on makeup is her husband. She even admitted to it during an interview with Wall Street Journal.  

Parton said she doesn’t like removing her makeup because her poor husband, Carl Dean, would have to look at her face.  

She said, “I don’t like to go home and just tear down completely because my poor husband has to look at my face.”


So, what does Dolly Parton look like without makeup? You can’t catch Parton without makeup on her face. The iconic singer has even admitted to wearing makeup on her face to bed in case of an emergency.     

This means you’ll find Dolly Parton’s full glam even if you catch her mid-snooze. But dermatologists don’t recommend this. They suggest you remove your makeup to avoid clogging the pore spaces on your face. 

Parton wears makeup consistently to ensure her poor husband and fans don’t see her no-makeup face. She has admitted to not being a natural beauty and has even done several plastic surgeries to enhance her look. 

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