Why Is Benjamin Franklin On The $100 Bill? A $100 Bill Tribute 

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Why Is Benjamin Franklin On The $100 Bill

Have you ever wondered why is Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill? Sure, he was a Founding Father and a renowned inventor. 

But what makes him so deserving of the honor of being on the most valuable currency in circulation, yet he never served as a president?

As it turns out, there are several reasons why Franklin was chosen to grace the front of the $100 bill, and each one is a testament to his incredible legacy. 

Franklin’s impact on history is undeniable, from his contributions to science and literature to his role in shaping America’s political landscape. 

Take your time to go through the entire article to learn the many reasons why Franklin is immortalized on one of America’s most valuable banknotes.

Reasons Why Benjamin Franklin Was Featured In The $100 Bill

  1. Benjamin Franklin was a key figure in the American Revolution, using his diplomatic skills to gain France’s support by successfully negotiating the Treaty of Alliance. 
  2. He secured loans and trade agreements with European countries, which greatly helped the American war efforts. 
  3. Franklin is the only founding father to have signed all three significant documents that led to American independence: the Treaty of Paris, the Treaty of Alliance with France, and the Declaration of Independence. 
  4. He played a crucial role in shaping the American government’s structure and establishing the principles of democracy and individual rights as a signer of the Constitution. 
  5. Franklin was also a renowned entrepreneur and scientist, with his pioneering work in electricity and other fields making him the most famous American in Europe during the 18th century.

Oh Wait, There’s Another Non-president In The U.S. Bills, Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was a renowned lawyer, economist, and statesman who played a critical role in shaping the United States early years. 

He served as the very first Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington and introduced a comprehensive economic system that laid the foundation for the country’s financial stability and growth.

Hamilton’s significant contributions to the country’s economic development and financial systems are why he is featured on the $10 bill. 

His economic policies revolved around creating a national bank, a sound credit system, and the assumption of state debts by the federal government. 

These policies played a vital role in stabilizing the country’s finances and paved the way for the rapid economic growth that followed in the subsequent years.

Despite not being a president, Hamilton’s inclusion on the $10 bill speaks volumes about his invaluable contributions to the country’s economic and political development during its formative years. 

Harriet Tubman is another prominent figure in American history who will soon be featured on a U.S. dollar note. She will be the first African American woman to appear on a U.S. currency, specifically on the $20 bill, which will be released into circulation by 2030.

Benjamin Franklin Biography

Ben Franklin was a remarkable man who excelled in many different areas, including science, politics, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. 

He managed to climb up the social ladder to the highest echelons, despite belonging to a middle-class Boston family and receiving only two years of formal education.

He remained grounded and referred to himself as a “printer” in his will. He was comfortable with everyone, from tradesmen to scholars and European elites.

Franklin’s public projects for the benefit of others began with organizing a block watch and raising money to pave and clean Philadelphia’s roads. 

He gradually undertook more ambitious projects, such as building the University of Pennsylvania, creating pensions, founding the Pennsylvania Hospital, providing welfare for widows, and building institutions for the mentally disabled.

Franklin was also a scientist who invented a clean burning stove, bifocal glasses, charted the Gulf Stream, and proposed theories on the contagiousness of the common cold. 

As a journalist, he believed in providing both sides of an argument with a fair hearing. He was an ambitious entrepreneur who opposed slavery and became one of the Founding Fathers when he stood up for freedom.

Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant individual who utilized his extensive business and social connections to his advantage.

Unlike other Founding Fathers, Franklin started as an artisan and built his fortune from scratch. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 84 due to empyema caused by pleurisy. 

Later, he also suffered from gout and a large kidney stone. Franklin is an iconic figure in American history, representing the idea of social mobility through hard work and frugality.

Why Did Benjamin Franklin Not Become A President?

Despite being a prominent figure, Ben never became president, not because he lacked the necessary qualifications or support but due to his poor health. 

When the office of the presidency was established, Franklin was already in poor health and suffering from go. 

He did attend the Philadelphia Convention but soon after retired from public life. He passed away in 1790, just a year into George Washington’s presidency. 

It’s intriguing to imagine how the political landscape of the early United States would have been different if Franklin had been in good health to run for president.

Why Benjamin Franklin Is Considered a Founding Father

Benjamin Franklin is widely known as one of the United States Founding Fathers due to his valuable contributions during the American Revolution and the country’s establishment. 

He played a key role in liberating America from Britain by signing the Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution, and the Treaty of Paris. 

Besides, he also played a crucial role in bringing the Thirteen Colonies together and served as a delegate to the Continental Congress. His efforts in persuading France to support the American Revolution were significant.

Who Are The Other Founding Fathers Of America?

While there were many individuals who played important roles in the founding of America, these are considered by most as the founding fathers.

1. George Washington – George Washington played a vital role in leading the Continental Army to triumph in the Revolutionary War and supervised the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Additionally, he established crucial precedents as the United States’ first president, such as the two-term limit and peaceful transfer of power.

2. John Adams – John Adams was the second president of the United States. He actively participated in drafting the Declaration of Independence and advocated for independence from Great Britain. 

Additionally, he worked diligently on securing the peace treaty that concluded the Revolutionary War and played a crucial role in negotiating the Treaty of Paris, which demarcated the new nation’s borders.

3. Thomas Jefferson – Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States, and his most significant contribution was drafting the Declaration of Independence. 

Additionally, he had a substantial influence on America’s early foreign policy, including the Louisiana Purchase, which effectively doubled the size of the country.

4. James Madison – James was widely known as the “Father of the Constitution” due to his significant contribution to drafting and promoting the document.

He co-authored the Federalist Papers, which was crucial in convincing the states to ratify the Constitution. 

5. Alexander Hamilton –Hamilton is also one of the primary authors of the Federalist Papers and was instrumental in shaping the country into a powerful and centralized nation. 

He was also among those who played a critical part in establishing the nation’s financial system, which included the formation of a national bank and the implementation of a federal tariff.

6. John Jay – H was the first Chief Justice of the United States and significantly impacted the country’s early foreign policy. He was also instrumental in negotiating the Treaty of Paris,

5 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin

  1. Ben was the first American to manufacture type, and he even created his sans-serif font, Franklin Gothic. 
  2. Benjamin Franklin was not motivated by money or fame and never patented his inventions. He believed that they were gifts to the public. 
  3. As a boy, Franklin loved swimming so much that he invented swimming fins for the hands. He even attempted to open a swimming school in London.
  4. For a brief period, Franklin was a vegetarian.
  5. Forbes listed Benjamin Franklin as the 89th wealthiest individual in the history of the United States.


Why is Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill? If you have read the entire, it’s not hard to see why. Ben was an influential founding father in American history and society. 

His role in drafting the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence was crucial, and his ideas continue to shape the United States.

The choice of Franklin to appear on the bill was not only due to his prominence in American history but also his impact on the American economy.

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