Is Donald Trump A Freemason? Here’s What We Think

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Is Donald Trump A Member Of the Freemasons

Calling Donald Trump a Freemason is something every supporter of the former president would expect. He is always in the news, whether for good or bad reasons. 

The media love talking about Donald Trump, likewise, supporters and critics. But when you consider the requirements of becoming a Freemason, do you think Donald Trump fits in?

We’ll be looking at this question from an unbiased point of view. Is the former United States President a member of the Freemasons? Here is what we figured out. 

Is Donald Trump A Member Of the Freemasons?

Trump, the 45th President of the U.S., isn’t a Freemason. He has never admitted to being a member of the organization in all his interviews. 

Trump is a one-man-squad politician. He likes to do things alone. Trump was the only president without military experience. He also had zero political experience before he became the United States President. 

He’s not a Freemason. He’s a populist and protectionist. Most people may also argue that Trump doesn’t possess the traits the Freemasons would want in a member. They might be right, given that Trump can be mean and egocentric sometimes. 

Would Donald Trump Have Benefited From Being A Freemason?

The benefits of joining the Freemason are well-known to every member and outsider. Among them are acceptance, friendship, respect, confidence, and trust. 

You cannot get rich by becoming a member of the Freemason. There is no hidden treasure in the organization. However, you’ll enjoy enormous support from fellow members. 

Would Trump have benefited from becoming a member of the Freemasons? Probably! He would have benefited politically. He may have gained some high-level support for his second-term bid. 

Can Donald Trump Join The Freemasons?

Who can join the Freemasons? Once you can answer this question, you’ll understand if Donald Trump stands any chance if he dares apply to join the Masons. 

Now, let’s discuss what it takes to become a Mason. Then you’ll see if Trump can become a member. 

The first thing is to be of legal age. Some Masonic lodges require members to be 19 years, while some set the age limit to around 21. It depends on the lodge you’re joining. You can inquire about the age limit before applying. 

If you know a Mason, your journey of becoming a member might be straightforward. The person can propose you for admission into the lodge they belong to. However, your application will still have to pass through the lodge’s superiors before you can join the Mason Lodge. 

The Freemason preaches equality. They regard all members as equal, regardless of race, tribe, ethnicity, religion, and status. Now, this is where Donald Trump might have some issues. He may want to flex his ego, something the Masons won’t entertain. 

Imagine Trump bringing himself to submit his application to Mason that’s not up to his class. It would be much easier for a camel to pass through the needle’s eye than for Trump to do so. 

Furthermore, you must strongly believe in a supreme being to join the Mason. Trump won’t have issues with this, provided God is the Supreme Being. 

Another thing the Masons consider before admitting members is criminal records. Proposed members mustn’t have any past criminal records. They don’t accept criminals. 

Does Trump have a criminal record? Unless the current administration hangs one on his neck. Anything can happen in this country these days. 

Here is the general procedure to join the Freemason and where we think Donald Trump may have issues if he decides to become a member someday. 

  • First, consider all the requirements to know if you’re qualified. In summary, you must be of legal age, know a Masonic book, and be criminal record free. 
  • Submit your details to the Masonic lodge you want to join. A representative of the lodge will contact you once they get your details. 
  • He’ll interact with you and ask a series of questions to know you better and get enough details from you. Unfortunately, Trump might not have the patience to answer lengthy questions. He might also view some questions as offensive and react. It won’t be surprising if he ends up angering the Mason representative.  
  • The Mason representative will present your case before other members of the lodge. They’ll discuss the possibility of you joining. What might happen to Donald Trump at this stage of his application? It is now evident to the world and even Trump himself that many people don’t like him. Therefore, having one or more lodge members kick against admitting him into their lodge won’t be surprising. 
  • The lodge members need to agree before you can join them. Once they’re in total agreement, the next step is to fill out a registration form they’ll provide you. Again, Donald Trump might not make it to this step. People in the lodge who don’t like him may rebel against his membership. 
  • The next step is filling out the form. Provide all the details you’re asked to provide. Be honest too. 
  • State your profession or occupation in the form. Don’t feel intimidated by anyone. The Freemason is open to everyone and doesn’t discriminate. Mason members don’t discriminate. Instead, they consider everyone to be equal.
  • A lodge committee will be set up to interview you. And they expect you to show up at the time of the interview. The interview will enable the committee to assess your suitability for their lodge and allow you to see if the lodge is the right one for you. 
  • If the committee votes to make you a member, then the next step is to make your payment. Donald Trump won’t make it past this stage. Even some of his fellow party members supported his impeachment.
  • After payment, the final step is the initiation ceremony. The lodge secretary will communicate this to you.  

An individual’s decision to join the Freemason must be a personal decision. It should be of the person’s own accord. No one will force you to join the Freemason. And no one will admit a proposed member coerced to join. That’s not how the Mason works. 

The organization opens its door to people of all backgrounds, regions, and opinions. The aim is to help people to build good character and be the best they can be. 

The Mason also prefers people with sound morals. Trump has good morals, though debatable. One thing people don’t like about him is that he says this the way they are. Trump doesn’t care if the person he refers to feels hurt. He dishes words out of his mouth with so much boldness. 

Could Trump Be Hiding His Freemason Membership? 

Everything is possible. Most people even claim Trump might be a member but keeping it a secret. However, this isn’t possible for obvious reasons. 

Firstly, American Masons are always open about their membership. You can easily identify people that are Mason and those that aren’t. They don’t hide it anymore. 

Secondly, have you ever wondered why the establishment is always against Donald Trump? What offense did he commit to warrant such hatred and constant slander?

According to Newt Gingrich, the establishment is against Donald Trump because he doesn’t belong to any society. If he was part of the Mason or another society, he probably would have been left off the hook in the charges he’s currently facing. 

A Handy Tip: Masons keep their membership records private. They only release this record when a member dies. 

Will Donald Trump Make A Good Freemason?

This question has a clear answer. And the answer is no! Trump will not make a good Mason. Even the Masons know he can’t be one of them. 

Even if he decides to apply, his application may likely fail. Many Mason members, particularly the lodge he wants to join, will kick against his application. So Donald Trump is better off being a non-Mason. 


Back to the question! Is Donald Trump a Freemason? No, he isn’t. There’s also a possibility that he has never considered joining. 

Some people claim he might be a member but keep it a secret. But in all honesty, there’s no secrecy in Trump’s dictionary. He’s like an open book and says things the way they are. If Trump were a Mason, he would have said so. 

In our opinion, Trump cannot be a Mason. He doesn’t fit the profile of people Mason would accommodate. He’s rich and an ex-president. But these are not the essential criteria to become a member.

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