Why Does My Groin Set Off Airport Security? See The Reasons

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Why Does My Groin Set Off Airport Security

So, why does my groin set off airport security? Of course, you know what happens when you give airport security an excuse to extensively screen you. 

The TSA uses powerful scanners designed to detect dangerous items on passengers. These scanners can detect explosives, including dangerous weapons like knives and firearms. 

But then, the groin is part of the body. So, why is it setting off airport security? This and many more are questions we’ll be tackling here. Keep reading!

Why Does My Groin Set Off Airport Security? 

Your groin can set off airport security for several reasons. You may have a menstrual cup or piercing, which the body scanner has detected. The clothes you’re wearing can also set off airport security. It is possible that you’re wearing baggy clothes with folds or creases. 

Don’t underestimate the power of body scanners used in airports. They are powerful devices programmed to detect unusual body shapes. And when they do, passengers are usually subjected to extensive screening. 

The body scanner’s job is to detect illegal or dangerous items on passengers that can risk other passengers’ lives. It detects explosives, guns, and other illegal materials. But don’t feel offended when it detects conditions like cysts, hernia or fibroid. 

Yes, body scanners can detect abnormalities in one’s body, alerting airport security to conduct extensive screening. You might experience some delay during this process but worry not. 

A Handy Tip: Your groin keeps setting off airport security because the scanner thinks your abnormal body part is a threat. If that’s not the case, you have no reason to fear. Airport security can verify if you carry any dangerous item via a pat-down search.    

There have been reports of patients with skin problems such as cysts setting off airport security. The body scanner thought the cyst indicated hidden explosives. 

Some large airports have also replaced X-ray equipment with radio frequency machines. With radio frequency, airport security can detect illegal items on passengers. 

What Airport Body Scanners Are

All passengers must undergo security screening before boarding the plane. The TSA doesn’t joke with that. Security screening helps airports to identify passengers who may pose a risk to other innocent passengers. 

The case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a suicide bomber, is still fresh in many people’s minds. In 2009, Farouk boarded a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines. Unknown to airport security, he was carrying some explosives in his underwear. 

Farouk’s case made TSA start taking airport security and screening seriously. In 2010, the TSA ordered over 500 body scanners and made it compulsory for passengers to undergo security screening before boarding the plane. 

So, what are airport scanners? These electronic devices are used by airport security to scan passengers’ bodies for illegal items. These include weapons and explosives.  

Two types of airport body scanners exist. These include metal detectors and millimeter-wave scanners. 

Here is what each airport body scanner does. 

The Metal detector can detect metal objects on a person’s body surface using electromagnetic fields. These include items like belt buckles or even jewelry. Thus, the metal detector would set off airport security if you have to pierce around your ground area. 

The millimeter-wave scanner is another type of body scanner used in airports. This type of scanner uses radio waves to produce 3D images of people’s body surfaces. This scanner is more powerful in what it does. Unlike metal detectors, millimeter-wave scanners can detect both metal and non-metal objects. 

Note that the millimeter-wave scanners are non-invasive. These scanners don’t use ionizing radiation and are safer for some individuals. This also explains why millimeter-wave scanners are used for primary screening purposes. 

A Handy Tip: The backscatter X-ray is another type of scanner used for screening, but its use has been limited to secondary screening because of health concerns. 

The backscatter X-ray uses ionizing radiation and is more invasive than a millimeter-wave scanner. 

How does the backscatter X-ray scanner work? It releases a small dose of X-ray, penetrating a person’s cloth and reflecting off the body. It creates an image of the person’s body, highlighting any anomalies on the body. 

Backscatter X-ray devices are no longer popular, though airport security can use them for secondary screening. But if you don’t give them a reason to go down this path, no one would use a backscatter X-ray on you.   

Note again that metal detectors are less sensitive than airport body scanners. Why? They can miss non-metallic and small objects, which are also crucial for airport security. 

Furthermore, note that the two body scanners are millimeter-wave and backscatter X-ray scanners.

The Major Things Airport Body Scanners Check

Why does airport security have to use a body scanner on you before allowing you to board the plane? As we mentioned earlier, the reason is to ensure the safety of every innocent passenger on the plane. 

The case of Umar Farouk is fresh in many people’s minds today, even though it happened years ago. Something terrible would have happened to the passengers on board that plane if he had his way. 

So, what are the major things the airport security checks for? The body scanner helps TSA discover objects missed during physical pat-down checks. These include metallic and non-metallic weaponry, including plastic and chemical explosives hidden in one’s pocket. 

Passengers carrying illegal items keep devising means to beat airport security screening. And many of them get caught because of the accuracy of airport security checks. 

What can Metal detectors detect? As the name suggests, these detectors can detect metal objects. These include guns, knives, or other metallic objects a passenger carries. This device can’t detect plastic or non-metallic objects.

What can millimeter-wave body scanners detect? This device can detect everything a metallic detector can detect and more. It can create an image of an individual’s body using high-frequency radio waves. You’ll find details of the person’s body and a suggestion if there’s an anomaly. 

Can Clothing Impede An Airport Body Scanner? 

The type of clothes you’re wearing can affect body scanners used at airports. Here’s how. 

If your clothes have wrinkles or folds, airport security scanners may identify those areas as threats. The scanner might set off airport security, prompting them to conduct a thorough pat-down search or secondary screening.  

People wearing baggy clothes may experience this situation. What about those wearing skinny jeans or leggings (any tight-fitting clothes)? 

Airport body scanners may set off airport security if you wear tight-fitting clothes. They may create creases and folds around one’s groin area. 

Airport body scanners may view the folds and creases as potential threats and alert security personnel. They may see the folds or creases as illegal items. 

Body scanners may also see clothes with buttons, zippers, or belts as potential threats. 

A Handy Tip: The best way to ensure the body scanner doesn’t activate during screening is to wear loose-fitting clothes. Don’t test airport scanners by wearing tight-fitting clothes such as leggings or skinny jeans unless you don’t mind spending more time with the security personnel. 

How To Prevent Your Groin From Setting Off Airport Security

Having the body scanner activate on you during screening isn’t a good thing. It will cause the TSA to conduct extensive screening on you and delay your flight. 

You can prevent this from happening. You can pass through security screening at the airport without setting off airport security. 

1: Take care of your piercings:

If you have piercings, please take them off before undergoing security screening. Your piercings will activate the body scanner and give security a reason to delay your flight. 

2: Choose the right outfit:

Avoid clothes with metals, as the metal will activate the body scanner. Drawstring material is also a wise choice. And if you fancy wearing trousers with suspension, choose sweatpants. The drawstring of the sweatpants should be cotton.  

A Handy Tip: Any metal fastener will give rise to a pat-down search. A non-metal fastener, zipper or belt is the only way to prevent this. 

3: Check your pockets thoroughly:

One thing you must do before undergoing airport security screening is to check your pockets properly. Ensure you don’t have any heavy items in your pocket. 

Remove any mental or heavy objects in your pocket. Empty it. Remember that several things can result in a pat-down. Even a crumpled tissue left in your pocket can cause it. 


So, why does my groin set off airport security? Several factors can cause this. It could be the piercings around your groin area, cyst, hernia, menstrual cup, or metal object. 

Even a tight-fitting cloth can activate the airport body scanner. The scanner may assume the crease or fold caused by your skinny jeans or leggings is a threat. 

Airport security scanners help the TSA to identify passengers attempting to travel with illegal items. Airport body scanners can identify firearms, chemical explosives, knives, and illegal items.

We discussed how to avoid activating body scanners at airports during the screen. We advise you to empty your pockets, wear loose-fitting clothes, and avoid metal fasteners or buttons. 

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