Can I Have 3 Citizenships In USA? What You Should Know

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Can I Have 3 Citizenships In USA

It is common for people to ask, “Can I have 3 citizenships in USA?” Most countries don’t allow their citizens to have dual nationality. You have to give up one of your citizenships. 

For example, you cannot have dual citizenship in Austria. The country forbids it. You have to either give up your home country’s passport or forget about becoming an Austrian citizen. 

In this post, we’ll look at the possibility of obtaining triple citizenship in the United States of America, the benefits of having multiple citizenships, and other related topics. So, continue reading to get more information to make an informed decision. 

Can I Have 3 Citizenships In USA

Yes, you can have 3 citizenships in the USA, provided the other countries whose passports you have would permit it. 

Citizenship by birth is one of the common ways a person can connect to multiple countries that grant automatic citizenship to people via birthright. 

Here is how most people get triple citizenship in the United States. A child is born in the United States, but his father is a Turkish national while his mother is from Mexico. 

Automatically, the child has triple citizenship – the United States, Turkey, and Mexico. The child claims citizenship by birthright in the United States, Turkey, and Mexico. What makes this possible is that all three countries allow multiple citizenships. 

So, you can become a citizen of a country by birth. Another way you can become a citizen of a country is through naturalization. 

Countries You Can Obtain Multiple Citizenships  

Not all countries allow dual or triple citizenship. You must renounce your home country’s passport in these countries before they can offer you citizenship. 

But the good news is several countries, like the United States of America, allow multiple citizenships. Note that while some countries allow dual citizenships, some permit multiple citizenships. 

Here are some countries and the number of citizenships you can have. 

Countries Number of citizenships
1. Denmark Dual citizenship
2. Belgium Dual citizenship for Belgian citizens through birthright.  
3. Finland Multiple citizenships
4. Germany Dual citizenships for German citizens via birthright 
5. Ireland Dual citizenships 
Malta Multiple citizenships
6. Netherland Dual citizenships for individuals who marry a Dutch citizen
7. France  Multiple citizenships
8. Iceland Dual citizenships 
9. Greece Multiple citizenships
10. Croatia  Dual citizenships for Croatian citizens via birthright.
11. Serbia  Dual citizenships
12. Portugal  Dual citizenships
13. Spain Dual citizenships for citizens of all Latin American countries. Others include equatorial Guinea, Andorra, the Philippines, and Portugal. 
14. Italy Multiple citizenships
15. Hungary  Dual citizenships
16. Slovakia  Dual citizenships for Slovakian citizens via birthright, including people married to Slovakian citizens.  
17. United Kingdom Multiple citizenships
18. Luxembourg Multiple citizenships
Central America
19. Belize  Dual citizenships
20. Costa Rica Dual citizenships
21. Panama Dual citizenships
22. El Salvador Dual citizenships for all El Salvador citizens via birthright. 
North America
23. Mexico Dual citizenship for Mexicans via birthright.
24. United States Multiple citizenships
25. Canada Multiple citizenships
South America
26. Bolivia Dual citizenships
27. Argentina  Dual citizenships are limited to Italian and Spanish citizenships alone. 
28. Brazilian  Multiple citizenships
29. Chile Dual citizenships
30. Ecuador Dual citizenships
31. Peru Dual citizenships
32. Columbia  Dual citizenships
33. Uruguay  Dual citizenships for Uruguay citizens via birthright 
Middle East
34. United Arab Emirates Dual citizenships for foreigners
35. Turkey Multiple citizenships
36.  Israel Dual citizenships for Israeli citizens via birthright
37. Belize Dual citizenships
38. Barbados  Dual citizenships
39. Dominica Multiple citizenships
40. Jamaica  Multiple citizenships
41. Grenada Multiple citizenships
42. Saint Lucia Multiple citizenships
43. Antigua and Barbuda Multiple citizenships
44. St Kitts and Nevis Multiple citizenships
45. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Multiple citizenships
46. Philippines  Dual citizenship for natural-born Filipinos
47. New Zealand Dual citizenships
48. Australia Multiple citizenships
49. Nigeria  Dual citizenships
50. Egypt Dual citizenships
51. Morocco  Dual citizenships, but you have to request the government’s permission. 
52. Kenya Dual citizens for Kenya citizens via birthright
53. Ghana  Dual citizenships
54. South Africa Dual citizenship for Uruguayan citizens by birthright. 

So, these are countries that offer dual and multiple citizenship. And note that “multiple citizenships” may differ from country to country.  

How Can Having 2 Citizenships In USA Benefit You?

Being a citizen of a country means you have rights and can lay claim to benefits accrued to citizens of that country. So, if opportunities exist to become a citizen of multiple countries, don’t let them pass you by. 

The benefits of having three or more citizenships are enormous. Check them out below. 

1: Your global mobility increases with multiple citizenships: 

Having dual or triple citizenship allows you to move from one country to another effortlessly. If you’re a US national, you can easily move in and out of the country. 

Being a US citizen, for example, can make it easier to obtain visas to visit other countries. If you travel around the globe often, having multiple citizenships can benefit you. 

2: Multiple citizenships can expose you to several educational opportunities:

Are you thinking of schooling abroad? Having dual or triple citizenship might benefit you. 

Imagine obtaining European Union citizenship. You’ll be able to study in Europe at reduced rates (local rates). You won’t pay the high fees international students pay. 

You will save a lot of money and still obtain a relevant degree to pursue higher-paying jobs. That’s what having multiple citizenships can offer you.  

3: Opportunity to secure your wealth:

Are you tired of paying higher taxes, which are draining your finances? Multiple citizenships can help you devise means to secure your wealth before it’s too late.    

Taxes can reduce your wealth drastically. Countries like Canada levy taxes on every personal income, including wages. 

How does having multiple citizenships help you secure your wealth? If you’re a citizen of a country, moving your asset out of the country will be much easier. You can move your asset from a high tax to a more tax-friendly country. 

4: Personal safety:

Any country can witness political instability. And political unrest can become violent. During political unrest or civil war, you can leave your home country to another country where you have secured citizenship. 

The good thing is that you won’t seek asylum because you’re a citizen and have equal rights. You can apply for a job, work, study, and do other things other citizens do. 

Can You Get Four Citizenships?

You can get four citizenships in developed countries like the United States. Countries that allow you to have four citizenships include:

  • Finland
  • Malta
  • Turkey
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • United States of America

How You Can Get Multiple Citizenships

Many countries offer dual and multiple citizenships. Multiple can be three, four, or more citizenships. However, you must be conversant with the citizenship laws in your home country before applying for citizenship in another country. 

Let’s discuss ways you can acquire multiple citizenships and build a robust passport portfolio. 

1: Decent:

You can acquire citizenship by descent via registration or birth based on where your ancestors were born or the citizenship they had at the time of birth. 

Obtaining citizenship by descent can take several years to materialize. Most European countries can even take three or more years.

2: Marriage:

You can become a citizen of a country by getting married to someone from that country. However, most countries don’t offer this route to citizenship anymore. 

So check if the country whose citizenship you’re applying for offers citizenship via marriage. Portugal and Italy offer citizenship via marriage. And the good part is that you can apply outside the country. You also have to wait for a few years after marriage before applying. 

3: Naturalization:

You can apply for citizenship in most countries once you have fulfilled their naturalization laws. In most countries, you have to spend 183 to 270 days every year for 5 years. 

In some countries, the requirement is more stringent. You will have to spend a longer time to fulfill their naturalization laws. For example, you can apply for citizenship in Andorra after spending 20 years there. 

4: Golden Visa:

A golden visa is a popular option for high-net-worth individuals. You can secure citizenship after investing in the country. Many European countries offer it. 

5: Citizenship by Investment:

You can become a citizen of another country by investing in the country. The requirements differ from country to country, so conduct proper research before going on this path to acquire your citizenship. 


So can I have 3 citizenships in USA? Yes, you can. You can even have 4 citizenships in the United States of America. 

However, ensure your home country allows it before applying for citizenship or accepting one. Most countries don’t allow citizens to have more than one nationality. Austria is a good example. You have to renounce your home country’s citizenship before becoming a citizen of Austria. 

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