Is Steve Martin An Atheist? The Untold Story of Steve Martin 

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Is Steve Martin An Atheist

Many keep asking questions about Steve Martin’s religion. You’ll find questions like, “Is Steve Martin an atheist?”

Steve Glenn Martin is a famous and accomplished American actor, producer, writer, and musician. He’s also a comedian and enjoys featuring in comedy movies. 

Martin has received numerous awards throughout his accomplished career. He has won five Grammy Awards, an Honorary Academic Award, and Primetime Emmy Award. 

Martin is also 77 years old and has been featured in hundreds of movies. But his faith has been something of debate since he became famous.

Here, we’ll discuss Martin’s religion, what we know about his personal life, wife, children, and more. Keep reading to get more details. 

Is Steve Martin An Atheist?

Steve Martin is an agnostic, not an atheist. An agnostic believes knowing anything about God’s existence, including the universe’s creation, is impossible. 

Agnostics refrain from committing or tilting towards any religious doctrine. So, Steve Martin isn’t an atheist. 

Atheists deny the existence of a Supreme Being or deity. They do not believe that God or that he created the universe.

Steve Glenn Martin Biography

Many comedians have come and gone. And we can’t even remember some of their names. But the name “Steve Martin” will remain fresh in our minds. Why? He was one of the best and was used as a standard in the industry. 

Steve Glenn, born on August 14, 1945, in Waco, Texas, is a legend in the entertainment industry. 

Here’s one shocking thing about Martin: He was a cheerleader in college. He was a male cheerleader, something you don’t get to see daily.    

He had his breakthrough season as host of NBC’s Saturday Live in 1976. 

Martin’s appearance in the show was the first in 25 appearances he had throughout the years. But that one appearance changed everything for the comic actor. 

Within months, Martin became a top-rated comic in the United States and drew massive stand-in-room-only crowds to some of the biggest entertainment venues in the country. 

Martin worked at Disneyland (during summer breaks) and had a successful career as a standup comedian. Then, he took the next step in his career as a comic actor in Hollywood. 

Martin enjoys making people laugh. And you can tell how much of a comedian he was by his decision to join cheerleading in college. To be a male cheerleader, you must be humorous and comic because people will laugh at you. 

Imagine a male cheerleader among several female cheerleaders. That’s not something you see every day. But kudos to Martin! He knew what he wanted and went for it. All of Martin’s life, he has embraced comedy. 

A Handy Tip: Martin became successful by doing standup comedy. Another career path he chose that helped him was writing. 

Writing helped him to achieve success largely. It enabled him to get a foot at the door of success. He wrote his first full-length play, “Picasso,” at the Lapin Agile.  

Traitor, a 2008 spy thriller, starred popular names like Don Cheadle and was based on a story Steve Martin wrote. 

Other books Steve Martin wrote:

  • Cruel Shoes (1982)
  • Other Play (1996)
  • Pure Drivel (1998)
  • Shopgirl (2000)
  • The Pleasure of My Company (2003)
  • Born Standing Up – A Comic’s Life (2007)

Steve Martin Parents

Steve Martin’s dad is Glenn Vernon Martin, while his mother is Mary Lee. Steven was born into a Baptist family, though he’s no longer a Baptist. 

Steve Martin’s father was a real estate salesman, and he was aspiring to be an actor. He had two siblings, Sister Melinda Martin and Brother Fred Martin.   

His parents raised him in Inglewood, California, but he later decided to move to Garden Grove, California.

You would not believe how much Steve Martin’s father was critical of his career. His dad was a critic and even wrote a critique of the comic actor’s first appearance on NBC’s Saturday Live.

Steve’s father was born on October 26, 1914, and died at age 83 in 1997.   

Where has Steve Martin lived the most? Steve has been in California for most of his life, even though he was born in Waco, Texas. He has spent over 40 years in California.

He lives in a $30 million property in Beverly Hills, California. In addition, he has sold a Malibu property acquired in the 1980s for $62 million.

What Is Steve Martin’s Net Worth? 

Martin is worth over $140 million and earns millions monthly. Though his acting career contributed mainly to his substantial net worth, he also made a fortune from being a writer, producer, and musician. 

The Pink Panther actor also made some profits from sales of his numerous art collections and real estate investments. 

Who Is Steve Martin’s Wife?

Martin’s first marriage was to Victoria Tennant. They got married in 1986, but the marriage ended in 1994. 

Tennant’s first marriage was to Peppo Vanini in 1969, which ended in 1976. Vanini was a businessman and owner of a popular Xenon nightclub.   

Tennant started dating Mathew Chapman, a writer and movie producer, after divorcing Vanini. And their relationship lasted from 1978 to 1982. However, after meeting Steve Martins, she decided to end her relationship with Chapman. 

After divorcing Tennant in 1994, Steve Martins remained unmarried for several years. He finally married Annie Springfield on July 28, 2007, and they have remained happily married since that day. 

Martin’s first marriage to Victoria Tennant was childless. However, things changed when he got married to Annie Stringfield. 

Martin became a father at age 67. He and Annie welcomed a daughter in December 2012, whose name they didn’t make public until after a while. Their daughter’s name is Mary Martin, and she means everything to Martin.  

Annie Stringfield is an American author and journalist. She was born in Pensacola, Florida, in 1972. So, she’s 50 years old, meaning Steve Martin is older than her by 27 years.  

What Made Steve Martin Stop?

Fans and movie lovers can attest to Martin’s unique personality and talent. He’s a comic actor that enjoys making people laugh. 

Steve Martin does things that will make even the saddest person alive laugh or even smile if laughing is too much to give. He’s such a good actor and one we would love to keep seeing on our TV screens more often. 

Unfortunately, the comic actor, writer, producer, and musician has called it quits. He has stepped away from the limelight to focus on other essential things. 

Martin clarified why he was stepping away from the spotlight during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The Pink Panther actor says he’s quitting the spotlight and big projects to focus on family. 

Martin says he has a fun family life. Thus, he can’t film a movie or travel to a place other than his home to live. 

The comic actor didn’t say he was retiring. Instead, he said he would be open to smaller projects rather than the big ones that will take him away for several months. 


Is Steve Martin an atheist? No, he’s not an atheist. Instead, he’s an agnostic. Agnostics are people that are neutral when it comes to religion. 

They believe it is impossible to prove God’s existence or the universe’s creation. So, you cannot call them atheists, as they don’t commit to any religion. 

Steve Martin grew up as a Baptist, so it’s easier for people to call him a Christian. Unfortunately, the Pink Panther actor isn’t a Christian but an agnostic.

He’s currently married to Annie Stringfield, an American author and journalist. And they have a daughter called “Mary Martin,” whom Martin treasures so much. 

Martin had Mary, his first and only daughter, when he was 67. 

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