Who Would Win In A Fight A Gorilla Or A Bear: See The Winner

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Who Would Win In A Fight A Gorilla Or A Bear

Let’s be realistic: who would win in a fight a gorilla or a bear? The answer to this question might be tough, as several factors could play a key role. 

However, let’s assume both animals are healthy males and are of the same age group. Who do you think would emerge victorious if both were to engage in a fight? 

We will respond to this question by comparing both animals. These include their anatomy, strength, speed, and other features that set them apart. 

Are you ready to know who would emerge victorious in a face-off between the bear and the gorilla? If yes, then read this post from start to finish. 

Gorilla Vs. Bear: Who Would Emerge Victorious In A Face-off?

These two beasts are among the most powerful creatures in the wild. Plus, they’re massive in size too. 

We’ll compare both animals, looking at several features that can offer some advantages in a face-off. These include mobility, size, strength, etc. Let’s get to it. 

Gorilla Vs. Grizzly Bear: Who Is Faster?

Mobility is important in combat, as it can be a great advantage. But think of it: what crosses your mind when you see gorillas and grizzly bears?

Most people consider both animals slow and sluggish, given their fat and fur. And you cannot blame anyone for thinking this way. 

Gorillas and bears are huge, so the expectation is that both would be slow runners. You have a wrong idea if that’s what you have in mind. 

Gorillas and bears are surprisingly fast for their size. Here is how fast both creatures can run. You can see that humans don’t even stand a chance against them. 

Animal Speed
Gorilla 20 mph (40 km/h)
Bear 36 mph (56 km/h)
The Winner Bear

Gorillas can run at a tremendous speed of 20 mph, which is impressive. However, the grizzly bear is the clear winner. 

Despite their huge frame, bears boast a speed of 36 mph, eclipsing gorilla’s speed by a whopping 16mph. Both animals can walk and run on two or four legs. 

So, when a bear puts its huge frame forward and starts running, there is no stopping. Bear’s impressive speed is surprising, given its large frame. But as the saying goes, you don’t judge a book by its cover. 

A Handy Tip: Humans don’t stand a chance against a bear in terms of speed. The fastest man on earth is Usain Bolt, and Bolt did 271/2 mph. Compare this to a bear’s speed of 36 mph. So, no human can outrun a bear. You won’t even dare to run when you come face-to-face with a grizzly bear. 

Gorilla Vs. Bear: Size and Strength 

Size and strength are crucial in combat. Imagine a 60lb man fighting a 180lb man. The 60lb man may have the stamina and speed (in most cases), but getting too close to his 180lb opponent would be a mistake. 

Bears and gorillas are two massive creatures in the wild. But how does their size and strength compare? Check out the table below.

Animal Weight  Height
Bear (male brown bears) 180 – 1,320 lb 3.39 meters (tallest bear standing with its hind legs) 
Gorilla (silverback) 300 – 500 lb 1.8 meters

You can see how much an adult bear weighs compared to a silverback gorilla. Bears weigh twice as much as gorillas, so they are the winners in the weight department. 

Height is another area where bears perform better than gorillas. Standing on its two hind legs, bears can reach a height of 3.39 meters. 

What about gorilla vs. bear’s strength? Yes, strength is also very crucial in this comparison. It’s important in the face-off between both creatures. 

The bear’s height and weight make it a clear winner regarding strength. But note that the gorilla isn’t a pushover. 

Gorillas are strong and can carry “ten times” their weight. Thus, if a gorilla weighs 500 pounds, it can carry a weight of 5000 pounds. 

This means the bear won’t be an issue for the gorilla to pick up, regardless of weight. Besides, the most a bear can weigh is 1,320 pounds. 

A Handy Tip: The strength of two adult male silverback gorillas is greater than 20 humans (matured adults) combined. Well, 20 humans don’t stand a chance against one gorilla. Some might even flee before the fight begins to avoid getting crushed by the beast. 

Now let’s look at the strength of the bear. How strong is the bear? 

The grizzly bear can lift a 500-pound object with a single paw. That’s how strong it is. One bear boasts a strength of 2.5 to 5 humans combined. 

Grizzly bears generally boast a lift force of 700 lb and are apex predators.

Bears Vs. Gorillas: Bite Force Comparison

Who has more bite force between a gorilla and a bear? Let’s figure this out. 

Animal Bite force (PSI)
Bear 1,160 psi
Gorilla 1300 psi
The Winner Gorillas

We have a winner in the bite force category, the gorilla. Silverback gorillas have a bite force of around 1,300 psi, while the grizzly bear’s bite force is 1,160. 

A Handy Tip: The polar bear has the strongest bite force among bears. It boasts a bite force of 1,200 psi. Anyway, still a little short of the gorilla’s bite force. 

Gorillas use their teeth to tear tree bears and roots. They also use their large teeth to threaten invaders. 

Both animals have strong jaws. But the gentle giants, gorillas, are the winners in this category. 

Given its impressive bite force, can we say a gorilla can destroy a bear? No. That’s the answer.

Why? The grizzly bear’s build makes the gorilla’s bite ineffective. 

How long is a bear’s tooth compared to a gorilla’s teeth? Here is another area we would like to compare both beasts.

Animals Teeth length 
Gorillas 2 inches long and have 32 teeth  
Bears  3 inches long and have 42 teeth

Both beasts have razor-sharp teeth, which allow them to tear through tree bark and strong flesh.  

Gorillas Vs. Bear Weapons: Who Has A Better Weapon? 

We have compared their bite force and tooth length. Let’s compare their paws, which are a very crucial weapon. 

Here is a breakdown of both beasts’ paw sizes and strike force. 

Animal Paw Size Strike Force
Grizzly Bear  Approx. 5 x 7 inches 7,000 to 25,200 lb.-ft./s
Gorilla  Approx. 6 x 12 inches 7,750 to 12,500 lb.-ft./s

You can now see the difference between both creatures’ paw size and strike force. The table above clearly shows that grizzly bears have a more powerful strike force than gorillas. 

While the grizzly bear’s strike force is 7,000 to 25,200 lb-ft/s, the gorilla has a strike force ranging from 7,750 to 12,500 lb-ft. /s.

Grizzly Bear Vs. Gorilla Fight: The Winner

Who would win in a battle between the gorilla and the grizzly bear? The stats tell us all we need to know about both animals. 

And here’s the obvious fact: the gorilla won’t stand a chance against the grizzly bear. 

Gorillas have strong bite force, and that’s all they have got. The grizzly bears are heavier, larger, and taller than gorillas. 

Grizzly bears also boast large, sharp, long claws, which they can use to rip through the flesh of the gorilla. Remember that these bears are apex predators and have great speed. 

Despite their large frame, grizzly bears are surprisingly fast. And they can run faster than gorillas. Another feature that sets the grizzly bear apart is their behavior. They are aggressive, while gorillas are mostly docile. 

You can also see that grizzly bears have a far better strike force than gorillas. So, they are stronger than the gorillas in many aspects. 

The grizzly bear will emerge victorious in a fight involving the gorilla. The stats are there to support this claim. 


So, who would win in a fight a gorilla or a bear? The answer remains the same: the grizzly bear. Gorillas are strong, but they’re no match for the grizzly bear. 

The fight would be a tough one, and both more emerge injured. However, the bear is likely to inflict severe injuries on the gorillas. 

The stats show that grizzly bears are bigger, stronger, and taller than gorillas. So, they have numerous advantages over their opponent. 

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