Are Turkish People White? The Unbiased Facts About The Turks

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Are Turkish People White

Research the official census definition of each country and you’ll be forced to ask, are Turkish people white? The race definition differs from country to country and is surprising to many Turks. 

The reason is simple. For the Turkish people, one’s ethnic background or skin color doesn’t matter. The major thing that matters is your capacity to speak Turkish. 

In other words, you’re a Turk if you can speak Turkish, Turkiye’s official language. However, in the Western world, skin color and origin define who’s white and whois not. 

Here is what you need to know about the Turkish people. Are they white? Do they consider themselves as white? What makes Turks special? Keep reading for more details!

Are Turkish People White? Opinion 

By skin color, yes, most Turkish people are white. By geographical location, they belong partly in Europe. The Turkish people are massively diverse. You’ll find people of varied skin colors and facial features in Turkiye. 

Turkiye or the Turkish people comprise a mixed race. They comprise Europe, Asia, Arabs, and even Africa. So, the Turkish people connect with the Middle East, Asians, Europeans and Africans. That is why you find people of diverse skin colors here. 

What’s the definition of white? Wikipedia defines “White” as a skin color specifier and racialized classification of people commonly used to describe people of European ancestry. However, the definition may vary based on the point of view, nationality, and context. 

Underline the words, “racialized classification” and “skin specifier.” The racial undertone in the classification of who is white is quite clear. 

Verdict: Going by Wikipedia’s definition it is safe to say that some Turkish people (those with European ancestry, as evident in their skin colors) are white. 

The United States Census Bureau defines “white” as an individual originating from any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. So, technically, most Turks are white, as they fall within this category. 

Are Turkish People Considered Whites By Westerners? 

There are diverse reasons most people in the Western world don’t consider Turkish people as white. Most consider the Turkish people as belonging to the Middle East, while others claim they belong in Asia. 

People always become biased when it comes to issues regarding race. Some people in the Western world may ignorantly regard Turkish people as non-whites because most are Muslims. 99 percent of the Turkish population is Muslim, 78 percent being Hanafi Sunni.  

Turkiye, as a country, is a mix of people. You’ll discover that people from the country’s southeastern part are much darker. Hence, most people in the Western world are confused about where to classify the Turkish people. 

It is the same thing in America. Skin color is the prerequisite for classifying individuals. Though with light skin, they are considered white. 

Do Turkish People Regard Themselves As White?

One thing that differentiates the Turkish people from the rest of the world is their love for their country, race, and language. As long as you can speak the Turkish language, you’re a Turk, and nothing else matters. 

The Turkish people love their country and people, and you can see them confessing it now and then. They have a strong bond strengthened by their official language called Turkish language.

The Turkish people understand that “white” is a racial term used by many in the Western world to segregate people based on skin color, geographical location, religion, race, etc. And the Turkish people are people that waste their time seeking validation based on skin color. They believe that Westerners are obsessed with being white, and don’t have a similar obsession. 

The Turkish people care less about such racial segregation, as it’s a topic you’ll hardly hear people talk about nationwide. The Turkish people consider themselves Turks and nothing more. They ignore the noise about classifying who is white and who is not. 

5 Reasons You Will Love The Turkish People 

A visit to Turkiye or an encounter with a Turkish will make you understand how unique people from the country, or that part of the world, are. 

The Turkish people are unique in diverse ways. Their mannerism makes it easy for anyone to connect and fall in love with them. Check out some of those traits. 

1: Turkish people are hospitable:

This will be music to your ears if you have ever traveled to Turkiye or know someone who has. The Turkish people are hospitable, as it is their culture to welcome guests. 

They believe guests are messengers God sends and do their best to entertain them. So, even if you travel to the country today, there’s a huge chance you won’t be stranded. You may find someone to welcome you into their home for a meal with the family. 

The Turkish people are generous but don’t take their generosity for granted. Respect the culture and beliefs of your hosts.

2: The Turkish people know how to relax:

The Turkish people are hard-working, but they know just how to unwind. If you’re ever in doubt, travel the length and breadth of Turkeye. You may find a bench of people chorusing their favorite songs alongside a local musician. 

Or is it at weddings? If the bride and groom were absent from the ceremony, you might think Turkish weddings are a different form of celebration. 

Turkish weddings are always joyful, with plenty of food, big smiles on guests’ faces, and the oldest grandma dance (one of the highlights of Turkish weddings). The Turkish wedding dance is called “Halal.

A Handy Tip: In Turkish weddings, the Groom’s family purchases the bride’s wedding dress, while the bride buys the groom’s suit.    

3: The Turkish people’s respect for family is unbelievable:

I was watching a popular TV program some years ago where people, though most Americans (males or females), court and marry people from other parts of the world. I saw something that doesn’t happen every day. 

Something happened between two couples. The male is Turkish, while the female is American. They loved each other and had already started planning to spend the rest of their lives together. 

The Turkish guy had even traveled to America to be with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he informed his parents in Turkey of his desire to marry the American and live with her in America, but the family back home didn’t approve of the marriage. 

What happened next? The Turkish guy had to call off the wedding and return to Turkey. He loved his fiancée, but the family bond was there. He respects his family and has no option but to respect their wishes. 

The show is called 90 Days Fiancé. The story I just narrated happened in real life. It’s genuine, not some scripted program.

The Turkish people respect their families. They respect their elderly ones. They prefer to live with their family, though they may move out when married. 

4: They take pride in their country:

The way the Turkish people love their country is just unbelievable. From the kids to the seniors, the love is evident in how they sing their country’s praises. 

They enjoy sharing their culture and history with guests and anyone who listens. They respect the flag and will do anything to see their country succeed.  

5: Don’t hide their emotions:

One thing you’ll love about the Turkish people is their open-mindedness. When a Turkish person is happy, everyone around them shares in the happiness. And they hardly hide or fake their feelings. 

What The White Turks And Black Turks Imply In Turkey

If you live in Turkey or have visited and stayed a bit longer, you’ll most likely hear the terms “white Turks” and “Black Turks.” However, these are not racist slurs. 

Both terms are frequently utilized in contemporary culture in Turkey. And they’re by no means related to skin color or ethnic group. 

So, what are the terms white and black Turks referring to? They depict the beliefs and lifestyle of a group of Turkish people. It’s like saying some Americans are conservatives while some are liberals. 

What white Turks mean: 

You can describe the white Turks as liberal, progressive, and secular Turkish people who have embraced Western lifestyles. 

The term “white Turks” is also used to describe the people living in urban and coastal areas and boasting high purchasing power.   

What black Turks means?

Whenever you hear the word “black Turks,” note that they’re a group of Turkish people described as religious, conservative, and less educated. They are mostly occupying the rural areas too.  

A Handy Tip: The media is never short of surprises. Recently, a new term popped up, and the media called it “Gray Turks.” This third group comprises people termed religious, well-educated, and aligned with Western lifestyles and values. 


So, are the Turkish people white? The Turkish population is a mixture of people from different ethnic backgrounds and skin color. We could say some percentage of Turkish people is white if skin color is the factor used in identifying who is white. 

Unfortunately, most people from the Western world do not regard Turkish people as white. The reason is because of the mixed ethnic group Turkey has. For example, the southeastern part of Turkey is mostly dominated by black-skin-colored Turks people.

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