Will The Airline Pay For The Hotel If The Flight Is Canceled? Real Facts

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Will The Airline Pay For The Hotel If The Flight Is Canceled

You must have been amazed seeing people asking if the airline pays for a hotel if the flight is canceled. But then, this question is a serious one, given the consequences one might face over a canceled or delayed flight. 

Most people didn’t plan to stay in a hotel when heading to the airport for their trip. Some may not even have the finances to book a hotel. On the other hand, some might have money but feel it’s their right to sleep in a hotel provided by the airline since the delay isn’t their fault.

Well, whatever the reason for your flight cancellation, you are right to request a hotel paid for by the airline. But if you’re traveling from the United States of America, or using a U.S. airline, here’s what you need to know. 

Will The Airline Pay For The Hotel If The Flight Is Canceled?

Unfortunately, no federal law compels airlines to pay customers’ hotels if the flight is canceled. Such a law doesn’t exist in the United States of America but exists in Europe. 

Airlines have the freedom to make their policies here in America. So, if an airline decides to pay for your hotel if your flight is canceled, you should count yourself lucky. If it doesn’t, make plans for yourself, and don’t cause trouble. 

Paying for a hotel when you didn’t plan for such can be painful. But that’s where we have found ourselves. 

A Handy Tip: Airlines make their policies and decide the nature of their customer support. That said, several airlines provide accommodation for customers if flights are canceled. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has urged all airlines operating in the United States to improve their customer services, and they have responded positively to that call. As of May 6, 2023, the report shows that some airlines now provide complimentary accommodation for canceled flights.   

Here are the names below:

  • Delta Airlines
  • Alaska Airline
  • Allegiant Airline
  • American Airline
  • Hawaiian Airline
  • Southwest Airline
  • JetBlue Airline
  • Spirit Airline
  • United Airline
  • Frontier Airline (Doesn’t provide accommodation as of the time of writing). That is, as of May 6, 2023.  

You can see that among the airlines mentioned. Frontier doesn’t provide complimentary accommodation to any customer following an overnight cancellation. You have to book a hotel with your cash. 

What are we trying to say? The decision of some of the airlines on the list to provide accommodation isn’t a government policy like in the E.U. It is a decision the various airlines made. 

How To Get An Airline To Pay For Your Hotel If Flight Is Canceled

You can see what our response above is. No federal laws compels U.S. airlines to offer accommodation if the flight is canceled. Some airlines go out of their way to provide hotels for stranded customers since it’s their fault. 

So, it’s not your right to request accommodation once the flight is canceled or delayed. As you can see, Frontier Airlines doesn’t provide accommodation.

We provided some tips on how passengers whose flights have been canceled can get accommodation, even in airlines that don’t offer such. Check them out below:

1: Act nice: 

It’s hard to stay calm, polite, and respectful when dealing with a canceled flight and no plans to book a hotel, but be friendly! Get yourself together and show the airport staff some respect if you want quick results. 

No one says you should smile or laugh when things are not okay. You can express your displeasure at the situation, but good manners are vital if you want the airport staff to treat you as a gentleman or woman. 

Some airport staff will even run away from you if you keep shouting at the top of your voice. So, you’re not helping yourself by yelling at anyone or saying terrible things about the airline. Just be nice, and you will be treated nicely.   

2: Note the problem:

There is an issue. What’s it? You have a canceled or delayed flight. 

The airport staff attending to you will ask numerous questions. And if they can’t get details of the problem, you might have a problem helping you out. 

What is it that you need to do? Please take note of the problem, whether it’s a delayed or canceled flight. Take note of the time and other relevant details that will be useful when seeking help. 

3: Proffer a solution:

Your flight has been canceled, and there is nothing anyone can do besides wait. You’re probably outraged and disappointed. Anyone in your shoes will feel the same way. 

The airline could provide a free hotel, meal, and transportation. However, some might need you to make a request. So, state what you want, or rather, ask the airline staff about the compensations that are due to you since your flight has been canceled. 

Again, don’t be rude when interacting with the airport staff. Act friendly and gentle. If there’s anything the airline can do to help, the staff may inform you. You might even receive preferential treatment; who knows!

4: Never request to meet the manager or supervisor immediately:

You have the company’s staff in front of you, so why are you asking to meet the manager or supervisor? There’s no need to do such. 

Engage the front desk staff to know if they can solve your problem. Most companies give their front desk staff some authority to solve diverse issues; yours could be one of them. 

A Handy Tip: Request to speak with the manager or supervisor if your problem isn’t resolved. But if the situation stays the same after interacting with the manager or whoever is in charge, then push the issue to the public.

From experience, seeking public views on issues one has with a company can motivate that company to solve the problem. No company wants customers to drag them on social media and destroy their reputation. 

What Happens If Your Flight Is Canceled? 

If you’re using a U.S. airline, you’re automatically entitled to a refund when your flight is canceled, and the same thing happens when your flight is significantly delayed. 

In other words, if you decide against flying, the airline must do the needful: refund your money for the unused portion of the ticket. It doesn’t matter if the flight delay or cancellation is weather-related. 

Some airlines offer accommodation to passengers if their night flight is delayed. Some provide other compensation like meals and transportation too.

You can check the DOT official website for information on compensation offered to passengers when flights are delayed or canceled. 

Will Airline Rebook Me To Another Airline If Flight Is Canceled?

The modus operandi or compensation when passengers’ flights are delayed or canceled varies from one airline to another. For instance, while some airlines will rebook passengers to an airline they have partnered with or have an understanding, others may not. 

Here are airlines that will rebook or assign you to another airline once your flight has been delayed or canceled. 

  • American Airline
  • Alaska Airline
  • Delta Airline
  • Hawaiian Airline
  • United Airline
  • JetBlue Airline 

Here are airlines that won’t rebook you in another airline even if your flight has been canceled or delayed. They don’t care about the reason.  

  • Frontier Airline
  • Allegiant Airline
  • Southwest Airline
  • Spirit Airline

What Causes Flight Cancellations And Delay?

Firstly, what’s the flight delay? What’s flight cancellation? Let’s start with the first question. 

Flight delay is when a flight takes off and arrives at its destination later than scheduled. The United States of America Federal Aviation Administration considered a slight delay when it reached its destination 15 minutes later than the scheduled time.

What does flight cancellation mean? It refers to a situation where the airline doesn’t work or operate for reasons best known to them. 

The U.S. Bureau of Transport Statistics has been keeping statistics on the causes of flight delays and cancellations since 2003. Here are the major reasons:

  • Fueling
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Congestion in air traffic
  • Airline glitches rank as the primary cause, according to USA Today.
  • Security problem
  • Aircraft maintenance problem
  • Inclement Weather, such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, or blizzards
  • The flight didn’t arrive earlier 


Will the airline pay for the hotel if the flight is canceled? The law does not compel airlines to pay for flight tickets when flights are canceled. No federal law states that.

But the good news is some airports are stepping up their customer support and are now offering accommodation to customers when flights are canceled. 

Not all airlines offer accommodation when flights are canceled. So, check the airline you’re using to know their policy and how they handle such situations. 

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