Who Is The Dumbest Person In The World? Number 6 Is Shocking

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Who Is The Dumbest Person In The World

Do you know who the dumbest person in the world is? If Isaac Newton is the smartest, then there is someone out there, who we can call the dumbest in the world. 

People do stupid things every day. Some people’s stupidity will make you want to crown them the dumbest in the world. 

So, are you ready to know who the dumbest person or people in the world are? If you’re ready, let’s dive into it. 

Who Is The Dumbest Person In The World?

Unfortunately, no one has been named “the dumbest person in the world.” But at some point in our lives, we have met people who have exhibited some level of stupidity that made them appear dumb.

I have met some dumb people and don’t want to mention specific names. I have also come across stories from others about the dumbest people they have encountered in life. Some of those stories will shock you and make you laugh so hard. 

Let’s look at the stories of some of the dumbest people in the world. Then you’ll see why they are considered dumb in the first place. 

Shocking Stories of The Dumbest People In The World 

Try not to laugh when you read these short stories. It’s unbelievable how some people act and think. Here are the shocking stories. 

Dumb Person #1: Blonde, beautiful, and stupid:

This shocking story is about a dumb blonde beauty. To the blondie, looking good is good business. But unfortunately, while “blondie” looked after her body, she forgot to do the same to her brain. 

Let’s name her Peggy. Peggy did a nose job, and when asked why she did it, her answer was shocking.  

Peggy claimed she fixed her nose so her children won’t have the same nose as hers. How dumb was she!

Dumb Person #2: How do snakes mate?

This story shows that most people didn’t take their biology classes seriously. Imagine a girl arguing with her boyfriend about snakes, mate.

The boy’s question was, “I wonder how snakes mate!” That is a good and logical question!

Unfortunately, his dumb girlfriend (let’s call her Amanda) couldn’t pretend she didn’t hear him and kept her mouth shut. Instead, she decided to disgrace herself.

What was Amanda’s dumb answer? She goes, “snakes don’t have boys and girls.” Snakes are just snakes. 

The painful part was that she wasn’t joking. They even argued about it for over 3 hours. Indeed, she didn’t attend her biology classes or take it seriously. What a waste of money for her poor parents. 

Dumb Person #3: Too many solar panels: 

Our number 3 dumb person is Olga (not her real name). But let’s call her Olga. Olga hated solar panels and wished companies producing them never existed. 

When her classmate asks why she hated solar panels, her answer will leave you speechless. She goes, “Too many solar panels popping up, and we’re going to use up all of the sun’s energy. Olga, are you for real?

How dumb can someone be to think that solar energy gets exhausted? Did Miss Olga think the sun is powered by gasoline? Perhaps, she does. 

Dumb Person #4: Name mix-up:

I never knew Obama and Biden were relatives until I came across this placard bearing both names and the question the lady beside me asked, “Says Edie.”

The lady in question saw the placard bearing both names, “Obama – Biden,” and asked, “is that Obama’s last name?” 

She was asking if Biden is Obama’s last name. How strange was that? This shows that most of us aren’t interested in politics or know the people we elect into political offices too well. 

How could she not know Obama and Biden are two separate names? Indeed, she should be crowned the dumbest person alive. Oh, she should also pray Donald Trump doesn’t find her question. Otherwise, we may have another protest soon.   

Dumb Person #5: Dumb navy cook:

When asked to cook for a reputable agency such as the Navy, a chef must deliver. You must be the best in what you do and prepare sumptuous meals for the officers. 

This story was about a cook assigned to some Navy officers on a mission. He was asked to prepare several hundred sugar cookies for the entire crew. 

This dumb cook, let’s call him “Bozo,” opened a container and didn’t bother to read it to know the content. He also didn’t taste the banter. He just proceeded to cook with whatever he could lay his hands on. 

Guess what happened. Bozo made salt cookies for the crew. He used up the entire salt in the pantry. 

For several weeks, the team ate foods without seasoning. They had to live like that till the end of the trip. 

Dumb #6: The standing fan needs bathing:

I didn’t know there was another way to clean a fan until I came across this story. A boy’s girlfriend (let’s call her Cornflakes) went for a visit and decided to do some cleanup.

Everything was going fine until she decided it was time to clean the fan. Now, guess the shocking thing she did. 

This girl carried the fan (unplugged) and dumped it in the bathtub. Perhaps, she thought the fastest and best way to clean up the fan was to plunge it into the bathtub. 

Poor, dumb thing! You can’t blame her anyway because we bathe in the bathtub. Unfortunately, we don’t explode like the fan did. 

Cornflakes’ dumb method of cleaning the fan almost got the house burnt. Glad she wasn’t electrocuted too. 

Not every day you come across a dumb 23-year-old lady like this. 

Dumb Person #7: The difference between America and the US:

This 20-year-old student (let’s call him Boopie) said the dumbest thing any foreigner has said. 

He was interacting with his friend in college and said he didn’t know that the US and the United States were the same country until he came into the country. By the way, we’re talking about a 20-year-old man, not a toddler. 

Dumb Person #8: Indeed, a “Transformer” fan! 

This next story shows the impact movies can have on a person. And you’ll know a film has become part of you when you think about it. 

This story is funny, and the same time shocking. A student was asked to name the various subatomic particles, and her response was they are electrons, protons, and Decepticons.

The entire class burst into laughter, and she couldn’t figure out why they were laughing at her. Dumb poor thing!


So, who is the dumbest person in the world? There’s no definite answer to this question. No one has been crowned the dumbest in the globe. But if we were to go by the names in this post, we would say “Cornflakes.” She’s dumb person number 6 on this list. 

Her dumb act was unexplainable. She had to dump a whole fan into the bathtub to clean. What made her action dumb was that she forgot to unplug the appliance. 

So, if you’ve encountered any dumb person, feel free to share your story. What did they do that made you call them dumb? We would like to hear from you. 

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