Where Is It Summer Right Now? How To Figure Out

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Where Is It Summer Right Now

Are you vacationing soon? If yes, you must be thinking, “where is it summer right now?” Besides vacation, summer is always great, as the days are long and warm, while the nights are shorter. 

Summer is the perfect time to engage in your favorite outdoor sports and enjoy great moments with family and friends. You can sunbathe by the beach while admiring the beautiful view.

If you want to know more about places experiencing summer right now, don’t skip this post for any reason. Read from start to finish.

Where Is It Summer Right Now?

The equator divides the earth into two halves called hemispheres. So, we have the north and south hemisphere. Hold on; you’ll soon have all the information you need to know where summer is right now. 

Alright, let’s move on! 

When the countries in the northern half of the earth (above the equator) experience summer, countries in the southern hemisphere or half of the earth are experiencing winter. 

Note that summer for countries in the southern hemisphere is from December to February (3 months).   

A Handy Tip: The equator is an imaginary line. Another name for the equator is latitude 0°.

 Here are countries in the northern and southern hemispheres

Countries In The Southern Hemisphere (Summer is December to February)
Africa Oceania Asia South America
Angola Australia East Timor Argentina
Malawi New Zealand Paraguay
South Africa Samoa Uruguay
Botswana Vanuatu Bolivia
Tanzania Tuvalu Chile
Rwanda Nauru Peru
Mozambique Papua New Guinea
Zambia Solomon Islands
Zimbabwe Fiji
Eswatini (Kingdom of Swaziland)

A Handy Tip: Indonesia has most of its land in the southern hemisphere. 

Here are countries occupying the southern hemisphere. 

Countries In The Northern Hemisphere (Summer Is June, July and August)
Africa Americans (All of North America, Central Americas, and the Caribbean Islands)  Asia Europe

(The whole of Europe)

Djibouti United States of America Burma Ukraine
Guinea-Bissau Venezuela Bhutan Vatican City
Gabon Guyana Mongolia Poland
Sao Tome and Principe Honduras Nepal Portugal
Djibouti Mexico China Romania
Nigeria Nicaragua Bangladesh Russia
Kenya Panama North and South Korea


Ethiopia Suriname Japan Hungary
the northern parts of Somalia Belize The Philippines Iceland
Sudan Canada Malaysia Ireland
Uganda Costa Rica Parts of Indonesia Italy
Equatorial Guinea El Salvador Thailand Latvia
the Democratic Republic of Congo Guatemala Sri Lanka Liechtenstein
Congo Brazzaville Laos Croatia
Cameroon Vietnam Czech Republic
Benin Tajikistan Denmark
Niger Uzbekistan Estonia
Togo Turkey Belarus
Burkina Faso Turkmenistan Belgium
Eritrea United Arab Emirates Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ghana Uzbekistan Austria
Chad United Arab Emirates Albania
Western Sahara Yemen Andorra
Mauritania Tajikistan Bulgaria
Senegal Thailand Finland
Guinea Germany
Liberia Greece
Ivory Coast Lithuania
Sierra Leone Luxembourg
Mali Malta
North Macedonia
San Marino

A Handy Tip: Estimated 6.96 billion people live in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s roughly 87.0% of the earth’s population. In addition, 1.04 billion occupy the southern hemisphere (13% of the world population).  

Note also that the northern hemisphere is summer in June, July, and August. The reason is that it is tilted towards the sun and gets the most direct sunlight. 

The tables above will help to guide you when deciding when summer is in countries on both hemispheres. You can see the countries in the southern and northern hemisphere. 

10 Things To Do This Summer 

It’s already summer where you are or plan to travel to. You have packed your bags but need clues on how to make the most of the summer holiday. You’re not alone!

The major concern for most people is for summer to arrive. They forget that there will only be a few months of summer. Countries in the northern hemisphere experience summer in June, July, and August. For the southern hemisphere, summer is from December to February. 

How should you spend the limited summer holiday you have? Here are a few ideas to consider. 

1: Pack a picnic:

Have you noticed that food tastes a lot better when consumed outdoors? If you haven’t noticed, use the forthcoming summer holiday to conduct a test. 

Organize a family picnic at your favorite destination. You can go to a park or beach, or you can even use your backyard. You can plan a picnic where you’re heading for summer.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than spending your summer eating with your family and friends. Such moments are always unforgettable. 

So if you have found a place that is summer right now, make picnics one of the must-do activities on your list. Let’s move on to the next one.

2: Attend an outdoor concert:

Do you think outdoor concerts are more enjoyable than indoor ones? Well, most people do! You don’t get all sweaty in outdoor concerts because there’s proper ventilation. 

Stampede is not an issue in outdoor concerts. Movement is free, and the place is always super spacious. So plan to attend one or more concerts wherever you’re heading for summer. 

You can ask the locals about upcoming concerts in the area. A simple Google search can also help you find upcoming concerts where you’re heading this summer. 

3: Embark on a road trip:

Who says you can’t have a road trip where you’re planning to spend your vacation this summer? You don’t have to drive the car you own. Just inform the locals of your desire to get around. They’ll make the best plan for you. 

Not so many things are as enjoyable and fun filled as a road trip. You’ll discover more places and sites you never thought existed. 

A Handy Tip: Creating a must-do list for your road trip is better. Write down places you would like to visit with the help of a local that knows the area. When you have a plan of places you want to visit, you’ll cover more grounds within a limited time. In addition, having a must-visit list will ensure you don’t miss an important event or site. 

4: Try the hot air balloon:

If you have never entered an air balloon in your life, it’s time to try it now that you’re visiting a country where air balloon rides are allowed. 

5: Embark on a wine-tasting spree:

If the area you plan visiting for summer holiday is a wine hub, wine tasting should be one of the items on your list. Taste different wines and note their uniqueness. Also, remember to improve your knowledge of wines before your summer vacation ends.

6: Learn to fly fish:

Is fishing possible where you’re planning to have your summer vacation? If yes, fly fishing should be among the must-do activities on your list. 

7: See a baseball game:

If there’s a baseball game, ensure you partake. Baseball games are always very lively. 

 8: Become a tourist: 

Being a tourist is an incredibly fun way to spend your summer holiday. Explore any destination you are visiting the fullest. Ask questions and let the locals guide you. 

There is always something unique about every place. And there are things you can learn from every place you visit. So, become a tourist. You’ll learn more and have the opportunity to explore more areas than you envisaged. 

9: Visit the beach:

The beach is always packed to the brim with people during summer. You’ll find people sunbathing, surfing, diving, swimming, and playing diverse water sports. 

Every beach is always super busy during summer, so you won’t be lonely visiting any location this summer. Just act nice and let the locals know you’re visiting to enjoy the summer. Who knows, you might find someone that will make your stay memorable. 

10: Stay away from your phone or internet:

Frequent mobile phone, television, and internet use is killing your summer holiday. You are spending more time on your gadgets and throwing away opportunities to have fun. 

Forget about your gadgets and go out. Interact with family, friends, and embark on trips without surfing the internet for the latest news or football highlights. 

Don’t let your gadgets ruin your summer holiday. Keep them far away and enjoy every bit of your summer holiday.  


So, where is it summer right now? You can find out where it is currently summer via the table we provided. The equator divides the earth into two halves, naming the southern and northern hemispheres. 

Summer for countries in the southern hemisphere is from December to February. For countries in the northern hemisphere, summer is June, July, and August. 

87% of the world population live in the northern hemisphere, while only 13% live in the southern hemisphere.  

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