When Does Adventure Time Get Good? A Top-Rated Cartoon TV Series 

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When Does Adventure Time Get Good

Many viewers keep asking, when does Adventure Time get good? The cartoon had 10 seasons, and they were all worth the positive reviews they got.   

Everything about Adventure Time screams quality, from the storyline, characters, and presentation to delivery. The show had 10 seasons, 187 episodes, and is only 10 hours long. 

This post is about Adventure Time. Let’s go back in time to reveal some of the things you must have missed about the show. Keep reading as we dive in deeper. 

When Does Adventure Time Get Good?

Adventure Time is an interesting cartoon TV series. It featured 187 episodes across 10 seasons, with all seasons classified as must-watch.

So, when does Adventure Time become good to watch? Season 6 has to be it. 

Season 6 of Adventure Time is when things started getting very real. In addition, don’t skip the first three episodes of this season, as they’re crucial to the plot. The cartoon’s sixth season features the magnificent Prismo.     

Season one marks the beginning of the Cartoon series and details the set-up. The program picked up in the second season, though the producers focused more on the story in the third season.

This explanation doesn’t, in any way, downgrade Adventure Time’s first season. We urge you to watch the first season (from first to the last episode) to understand the story properly. 

In season 2, the producers introduced the Lich, while in season 3 the show became more story-focused. The Ice King’s backstory was introduced, which was the icing on the cake. 

How Did Adventure Time Start? A Brief History Of The Show

Adventure Time is based on a 2007 short film aired by Nicktoons. Shortly, the shorts released by Nickelodeon went viral, and many expected those at the helm of the affair to continue airing it. 

Unfortunately, the top executives at Nickelodeon decided against producing a series, paving the way for Cartoon Network to step in. Nickelodeon didn’t want to turn the shorts into full-fledged shows for reasons best known to them. 

Cartoon Network stepped in and purchased the right to air the show. And on April 5, 2010, the Adventure Time series started airing on Cartoon Network. 

Producers of the cartoon TV series claimed they drew inspiration from various sources, something that is evident in the quality of output. They drew inspiration from video games like Dungeons and Dragons and others. 

The Cartoon TV series finale aired on September 3, 2018, after 10 seasons and 187 episodes. Adventure Time was the fourth longest cartoon TV series when the season finale was aired. 

A Handy Tip: It took eight months to produce a single episode, so various episodes were produced concurrently. The cartoon was also hand-drawn. 

What Was Adventure Time Centered On?

One of the things that set Adventure Time apart is that Cartoon Network didn’t deviate from the original characters. They used the same characters (introduced fresh ones that blended well) and made the story more relatable. 

Adventure Time is based on a young boy called Finn the Human. Jake the Dog was another main character in the cartoon series and was Finn, the Human’s adoptive brother. Their relationship is so strong that they are seen as best friends. 

Jake the Dog had magical powers, a feature that made the TV show more captivating. He could change shape into any form or size he deemed fit. 

The TV series creators showcased Finn as a kid with high morals, while Jake was the direct opposite. He had some morals but was carefree. 

Jake’s bond with Finn was stronger than anything. He also often dishes out advice to Finn whenever he feels there is a need.    

According to the story, they both lived in the post-apocalyptic Ooo land. The land was flowing with good things before the war called the “Mushroom War.” The nuclear war was terrific and ended civilization thousands of years ago.

The “Mushroom War” took place before the series ever began. The creators didn’t display the event in any of the Adventure Time episodes.

Other amazing characteristics were part of the series. These include characters like 

  • The BMO – Lived with Finn, and Jake, BMO is a sentient video game console-shaped robot. 
  • Princess Bubblegum – Sovereign of the Candy Kingdom
  • Flame Princess – The ruler of the Fire Kingdom and flame elemental. 
  • Lumpy Space Princess – She’s a princess, yes, but immature and too dramatic. The Lumpy Space Princess, as the name implies, is made out of lumps. 
  • Marceline the Vampire Queen – Have you ever seen a one thousand years old vampire who happens to be madly in love with music? Well, that’s Marceline. She’s a rock music enthusiast.   
  • The Ice King – A menacing, though widely misunderstood ice wizard

What Season Does Adventure Time Turn Dark? 

It has to be Season 2! The creators raised the bar quite higher regarding threats the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo faced. 

As the show continued and more episodes were rolling out, the dark elements started becoming apparent and more serious. In other words, each episode got darker and had myriads of twists and turns. 

The Season 2 finale had two parts, with dark elements written all over them. The two parts were the “Mortal Folly” and the unforgettable “Mortal Recoil.” Both were unforgettable and made viewers sit on the edge of their seats. 

The creators introduced the Lich in Season 2, giving Finn and Jake the Dog a heavy challenge to overcome. The Lich was every resident in the Land of Ooo’s nightmare. It was a powerful and sinister threat. 

Princess Bubblegum made Finn and Jake commit to eliminating the threat (the Lich) and ensured they took the mission seriously. 

The Lich was different from every other villain in the story. Why? There were no comic elements in the character’s delivery. Rather, it was straight and serious. 

Why Adventure Time Is One of Cartoon Network’s Best Shows  

The advent of new technology has made producing cartoon series faster and less demanding, but cartoon series still demand work. The Adventure Time’s cartoon characters were hand-drawn. Thus, producing a single episode took a whopping eight months, though the producers found a way to keep the series going.

With all the work and traditional mode of production, Adventure Time remains one of Cartoon Network’s best TV series. It took quirky humor, beautiful and colorful worlds, likable and compelling characters with surprising progressives, and a tonal shift to endear Adventure Time to Viewers. 

The show’s highest-rated episodes even recorded over 3 million viewers. 

So why is Adventure Time one of Cartoon Network’s best TV series, particularly in the 2000s? Here are the reasons. 

1: The characters weren’t static:

What we mean by static isn’t mobility. Rather, it’s the characters’ progression throughout the series. The creator’s decision to serialize the program paid off. It made the show have ongoing narratives, creating space for characters to develop. 

How did the creators show the character’s development? If you watched the show, you would see how they cleverly used dark stories and even subjected the characters to challenges to prepare them for the next phases. 

By the season finale of Adventure Time, you could tell the difference between the Jake the Dog and Finn that were in Season 1 to the ones in Season 10. They became wiser, responsible, and self-assured. 

2: Adventures were legendary:

Did Adventure Time live up to its name? Yes, it did. The series is about two very close friends (Finn and Jake the Dog) embarking on myriads of adventures. These range from saving the beautiful princess from the Ice King to searching for humans that survived the “Mushroom War.”

3: Unique post-apocalyptic world:

Adventure Time’s post-apocalyptic world, the Land of Ooo, sets the show apart. You’ll find how unique the show’s post-apocalyptic world is compared to other shows.

The show depicts a world trying to find its bearing after the Mushroom War, a conflict that almost wiped out the entire human race. The Land of Ooo can be described as magical, yet the creators found a creative way to refer to its dark past without truncating the flow of the series. 

4: Great show for all age groups:

Adventure Time is a children’s cartoon that adults enjoy watching. The show is majorly aimed at children but has numerous adult themes. 


So, when does Adventure Time get good? The 6th season was when the cartoon series started getting real. However, ensure you watch every episode, including the first three. Please focus on the first three episodes, which are crucial to the plot. 

Season 6 saw the introduction of the fantastic Prismo. However, this is not to say other seasons weren’t good. The Adventure Time is a great cartoon, put together and delivered expertly. The show officially ended in 2018 but still lives in many of our hearts. 

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