What Mental Illness Does Britney Spears Have? A Must-Read 

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What Mental Illness Does Britney Spears Have

Britney Spears is on the news again! This time, fans and critics are eager to know about the pop star’s mental health. Thus, one of the popular questions has been, “what mental illness does Britney Spears have?” What are the chances she has a mental health issue?

Britney has been gracing our big screens for more than a decade. So, we owe her all the respect and love in the world. The pop princess has had an outstanding career and has overcome several struggles in her lifetime, even more than most celebrities of her status. 

Here, we will discuss her mental health struggles, revealing the hidden things as they were. So, read to get more information. 

What Mental Illness Does Britney Spears Have?

In 2008, following Britney Spears’ hospitalization, sources close to the family claimed she was bipolar. Britney confirmed what fans and well-wishers feared in 2013 – she’s bipolar.   

Britney Spears needs love and understanding at this trying phase of her life. She’s going through a lot. 

It’s hard to see the people that should have had her back question her sanity. Her family has been doing that to her for over a decade now. 

What Are Signs Britney Spears Has Bipolar?

Britney’s attitude screams bipolar. Her mental health challenge was among the reasons her family, the people she thought had her back, placed her in conservatorship. 

What are the signs of bipolar? The symptoms can include manic episodes or depression. Sometimes, it could consist of both. 

When an individual has manic episodes, they usually act abnormal. They behave wildly out of character, which Spears has done several times. 

Fans continue to worry that Britney’s condition could get out of hand. Her February 21 post on Instagram heightened the worries fans, and well-wishers had regarding her. 

In the video, she spoke with a British and Australian accent, asking followers not to call the cops if she took down her Instagram account.  

Due to her mental health struggles, Britney’s interview was canceled on February 9. A source in constant contact with the pop princess claims she fears Britney might completely lose it. 

Britney’s mental health struggles have created an emotional rollercoaster for business associates, fans, friends, and those in Britney Spears’ inner circle. And it keeps getting worse. 

Britney has passed through hell at the hands of people she trusted, her family. She has been constantly brainwashed, controlled, demoted, body shamed (her grandfather even called her fat and had her son to contend with), and constantly sexualized. 

Her family placed her under conservatorship to control her life, and they succeeded for over a decade. Her dad and brother controlled every penny she made. They managed everything about her life. 

It was worse that she couldn’t even purchase anything for herself without consulting those that placed her under conservatorship. Her father took control of her life. 

Britney wasn’t allowed to marry unless she got the nod from her dad. An IUD was even implanted in her to prevent further pregnancies. 

For How Long Was Britney Spears In Conservatorship?

Being imprisoned by your own family is a hard pill to swallow. Unfortunately, that was what the pop princess, Britney Spears, had been in for over a decade. 

She was placed in conservatorship in February 2008 with her father, Jamie Spears. This gave her father control over her life ultimately. He decided everything Britney Spear did during this period. But in November 2021, the court terminated the conservatorship. 

Britney is now a free woman and has total control over her life. However, her mental health issue remains a concern for everyone associated with her, excluding her family, as it seems. 

For 13 years, she has been under the control of her family. Her father told her what to do, where, and where not to go. He controlled every single dollar she made from her musical career. 

A Handy Tip: According to a California court, Conservatorship implies a situation where a judge appointed a conservator (an organization or responsible individual) to care for an adult known as the conservatee since he or she cannot care for themselves or finances. 

In Britney Spears’ case, her father was the conservator the judge appointed to manage her affairs, which happened to be a decision she’ll regret for the rest of her life. 

How Britney Spears Broke Free From Conservatorship

Britney’s mother described her relationship with her father as a toxic one. It became evident as the days went by that the conservatorship she was under was sniffing the life out of her. 

But how did the pop diva break free from the abusive relationship with her father? It happened, all thanks to a fan-led movement (#FreeBritney) that took off years ago. 

The singer’s biggest supporters noticed she was performing and having several medical decisions made for her, which were against her will. 

The movement grew bigger by the day and started gaining traction when A-list celebrities started lending their voices. The New York Times documentary about Britney, “Framing Britney Spears”, drew the attention of A-list celebrities from different parts of the country.

The New York Times aired the documentary on Britney around February 2021. But before then, she had been vocal about her desire to end her abusive conservatorship relationship with her father, which also helped. 

Her voice gave life to the movement. And in June 2021, she made a rear court appearance where she detailed her desire to end her conservatorship relationship, which she tagged “abusive.” In November 2021, the court honored her request and set her free. 

Possible Reasons Britney Spears’ Father Claimed She Had Early Onset Dementia

Britney’s experience for the past 13 years she’s been under conservatorship shows that she has a greedy family or a greedy father. Her father used her purported mental health struggles to get the judge on his side and place her under conservatorship. 

Well, whatever plan Jamie Spears had, it worked. When Britney was placed under conservatorship, Jamie, her father, controlled her finances. She had to seek permission before spending a penny out of her own money.

So, her father’s reason for claiming she had early onset dementia is to place her life under control and take charge of her finances. He wanted her to keep making money while he spent them lavishly. 

Britney was the breadwinner of her family, something she started doing at a young age. So, her father’s claim in 2008 that she had dementia is all a lie. Besides, he didn’t provide any medical report to substantiate his claim. 

It is over 13 years since the conservatorship ended, and it’s apparent Britney Spears’s cognitive ability hasn’t declined. She still writes and speaks on social media coherently. There is no sign of dementia in her.

Another thing you need to know is that people diagnosed with the disease live for 4 to 8 years.  

Is Britney Spears An Intelligent Person?

Just because she acts weird these days doesn’t mean she is dull. She has bipolar and she’s doing her best to live her best life. 

Britney is no genius. However, there are claims she got straight A’s in most of her classes, excluding mathematics. She has many skills, though her musical career prevented her from finishing high school. 

Britney’s friends, producers, songwriters, directors, video editors, and even choreographers continue to praise her. Their interview about her professionalism and person has been good. 

She can master the dance for a whole show in record time. And she always does what her directors demand of her. 

Britney has also been the creative mind of all her music videos if not all, but most of her music videos. She was the creative mind behind “Baby One More Time,” her first-ever music video. 

In addition, Britney plays the piano, and back in school, she plays basketball. She’s also a gymnast.

Britney loves reading and reads a lot. She reportedly took algebra classes some years ago to help her kids with homework.


So, what mental illness does Britney Spears have? Britney has bipolar disorder, as against claims by her father that she has early-onset dementia. 

This claim by her father was a blatant lie, as we have seen over the years. He used it to get her under conservatorship and controlled her life for 13 years. 

The conservatorship ended in 2021, so Britney Spears is now free. However, her activities on social media continue to worry her fans and well-wishers. We all hope to have our Britney, the great pop diva, back. 

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