Is Bill Gates A Vegetarian? Foods Gates Likes

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Is Bill Gates A Vegetarian

Do you know what wealthy people eat? For instance, is Bill Gates a vegetarian? Here is a question that will leave many people scratching their heads. 

Bill Gates is one man that doesn’t need an introduction. He’s so passionate about his philanthropic work and climate change advocacy. 

When someone of Gate’s status speaks, you can expect a massive reaction from the global community. 

Many people believe Gate is a vegetarian, following his involvement in companies that promotes vegetarian foods and his comment about vegetarian foods. 

Here is what we know about what Bill Gates eats. 

Is Bill Gates A Vegetarian? 

Bill Gates has never publicly claimed he’s a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. And we have every reason to believe he’ll remain tight-lipped about his status. 

However, he has praised vegetarian foods and claimed in a Reddit “ask me anything” session about veganism/plant-based food that veganism can help to solve the planet’s climate change problem. 

Bill Gates was a vegetarian in his youth, but he was for only a year. Today, he loves and occasionally eats cheeseburgers. He loves eating other non-vegan foods we’re going to be revealing here. 

Bill Gates is not entirely vegetarian, though he’s leaning toward that. He wants to live longer and knows too well that avoiding meat, including sodium, and eating more vegetables and fruits is the best way to achieve his aim.

Handy Tip: Vegan and vegetarian differ. While vegans abstain entirely from all meat products (eggs, dairy, and meat), vegetarians abstain from meat alone. 

Why Has Bill Gates Not Publicly Declared Whether He Is A Vegetarian Or Not?

 Everyone’s view on this may differ. But we believe Bill Gates may not want to declare his stand for many reasons publicly.

Business, family, and friendship matter a great deal to Gates. With that said, here are reasons Gates might refuse to declare whether he’s a vegan. 

 1: He has an investment in a vegan startup:

Bill Gates has a substantial investment in a company that produces meat alternatives from mushrooms. So, he has investments in lab-meat companies such as Beyond Meat, Impossible Food, and Nature’s Fynd.

Nature’s Fynd makes plant-based burgers, vegan cheese, and meatless nuggets. The company was founded in 2012 by Thomas Jonas and Mark Kozubal. 

Bill Gates isn’t the only billionaire with substantial investments in vegan companies. Jeff Bezos and AI Gore have investments in these companies too.

So, Bill Gates wouldn’t want to reveal whether he’s a vegetarian. That’s because if he’s a non-vegetarian, it will affect the images of the vegan companies he has links to. 

That’s not all. Jeff Bezos and AI Gore won’t be happy with him, especially if his statement harmed the company’s image. 

Well, Gates knows what having billionaire friends feel like. So, he should know what it feels like to have billionaires like you as enemies. 

2: Bill Gates is being careful and doesn’t want to step on toes:

Bill Gates is smart enough to know that he cannot declare whether he’s a vegan. Why? In doing that, he’ll be stepping on the toes of some of his powerful friends, and he clearly wouldn’t want that. 

For example, Bill Gates’ close friend, Warren Buffet, has a $20 billion investment in Coca-Cola. This is where it gets interesting: Coca-Cola has strong ties with the processed food industry. They have a strong and long relationship with Mcdonald’s. 

Is Bill Gates Urging People To Become Vegetarians?

Bill Gates is a global influencer, so anything he says could have a massive impact on the entire world, not only on his circle of friends and the United States of America. If he comes out to state his dietary choices, it will change many things. 

In a Reddit session, someone asked Bill Gates what his views were on veganism/plant-based diets as a way to lower climate impact. The individual went further to ask Gates how people can be educated about the benefits of vegan foods on a wide scale. 

Bill Gates’ answer shows he understands the question but doesn’t want to be boxed into a corner. Bill Gates noted the benefits of being a vegetarian, or eating vegan foods. But he also wants people to understand that not everyone can be a vegetarian. 

While some will accept the vegan diet, others won’t. So, it’s a matter of choice. However, Bill Gates acknowledges that switching to plant-based protein sources will have a massive benefit. It will help to meet the shortage of food around the globe.  

A Handy Tip: Bill Gates mentioned in his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” the need for dietary changes. He believes such changes will help to mitigate climate change. 

He discussed key issues such as animal agriculture’s impact on water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and deforestation. 

He believed shifting to lab-made meats to replace beef would help fight climate change. He even based his argument on the amount of CO2 emissions the animal industry releases yearly. 

What Are Bill Gates’s Favorite Foods?  

Bill Gates’s dietary choices have made many wonder if he is a vegetarian. He loves Burger more than anything. You’ll eat burgers if you go out with him for the launch. 

Here are the lists of some of the foods Gates love to eat. 

1: Hamburger: 

Gates has confessed his love for hamburgers. And he enjoys trying different variations of the food. He has said himself that he loves a good burger. 

The beef patty, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes drive him crazy. However, his all-time favorite burgers come from a Seattle-based fast food chain, Dick’s Drive-in. 

2: Sushi:

How much does Bill Gates love sushi? His answer to a 2019 Reddit question and answer session shows he loves the food. 

He revealed that he loved eating sushi and visited his favorite restaurant in Seattle called “Sushi Kashiba” to have the meal. And he likes ordering the omakase. 

3: Tandoori chicken:   

Tandoori chicken is an Indian classic that can send heads rolling. Interestingly, Bill Gates is a fan of this dish. 

How is the tandoori chicken made?

The dish is made using chicken. You must marinate the chicken in a mixture containing yogurt and spices before grilling until it cooks perfectly. 

As we all know, Gates travels often. But many don’t know that he frequents Indian restaurants when he’s around one. 

Gates even had tandoori chicken on its wedding menu. That’s how much he loved eating the Indian delicacy. 

4: Pizza:

Bill Gates loves pizza, and Pizza loves Bill Gates! He can’t resist pizza, well, like many of us.

Gates’ love for pizza has been well-documented over the years. He loves the pepperoni pizza and visits II Corvo in Seattle to have it regularly. 

How did we know he loves pizza? Outside stating the obvious, he has been spotted several times at II Corvo, a restaurant known for making homemade pasta. 

Gates has even called the restaurant one of the best places he likes eating in Seattle, as he can’t get over the delicious taste of their pizza. 

Alternative Protein Companies Bill Gates Has Supported

Gates has not only supported but invested in a handful of alternative protein businesses. We have mentioned some of their names before, but let’s do a recap.  

Here are the alternative protein companies Gates has invested in:

  • Beyond Meat
  • Memphis Meats
  • Impossible Foods

Note that the fact that Gates has investments in these companies doesn’t mean he’s a vegan. He supports lab-made or plant-based beef alternatives, believing they best address climate change issues.


Is Bill Gates a vegetarian? Bill Gates was a vegetarian in his youth. He tried it for one year, but it didn’t last. He returned to his old eating habits after a year as a vegetarian. 

Currently, no one can say for sure whether Gates is a vegetarian. He has not issued any public statement claiming he’s a vegetarian. 

One reason people believe the Microsoft founder and philanthropist is a vegetarian is because he has investments in companies that make plant-based meats. 

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