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How Many Times Was Dean Martin Married

Today is for Dean Martin. Let’s address the question, “How many times was Dean Martin married?” But then, this question might not come as a shock to many because of Dean’s status. 

Many male celebrities are the lady’s men and can easily attract beautiful women. For someone of Dean’s status, finding a partner was a breeze. 

Nicknamed the “King of Cool,” Dean Paul Martin was a multi-talented Italian-American entertainer. He was a singer, actor, and comedian. 

Dean Martin made a career breakthrough by teaming up with Jerry Lewis. Both stars dominated the entertainment industry in the mid-20th century. 

We’ll shed more light on Martin’s marriages, wives, children, and personal life. Keep reading for more details. 

How Many Times Was Dean Martin Married?

Dean Martin was married three times. His first wife was Elizabeth Anne McDonald. He married her in 1941, and in 1949 after 8-years together, they parted ways. 

Jeanne Biegger is Martin’s second wife. He married her in 1949 after divorcing Anne McDonald. Martin and Jeanne separated in 1973. His marriage to Jeanne was the longest the entertainment mogul ever had before his demise. 

Martin’s third and last marriage is to Catherine Hawn. He married her in 1973, and they both parted ways in 1976. So, his marriage to Catherine was the shortest he ever had, as it only lasted for 3 years.

So, Catherine Hawn was the third and last woman Martin ever took to alter before his demise in 1995. 

Who Are Dean Martin’s Wives?

Martin’s first wife was Elizabeth Anne McDonald, and the couple were together for 8 years. Elizabeth gave birth to four children for Martin (three girls and a boy). 

Following their divorce, Martin took custody of the kids. Then, Elizabeth moved to San Francisco and died in 1989. But what caused their painful split? The reason for their divorce is unknown. 

Anne McDonald tried her best to be a good mother to her four adorable kids, but her alcoholism was a stumbling block. 

Many have speculated that her alcoholism caused her painful split from Martin, while some believe Martin’s infidelity made her an alcoholic. She eventually died in 1989 at age 66.

Martin’s second wife was Dorothy Jean “Jeanne Biegger.” The marriage lasted for 24 years and produced three beautiful children.  

Jeanne was a model and former beauty queen. She started her modeling career in Miami and won the Orange Bowl Queen’s crown in 1947. Martin married her when she was just 22. He also married Jeanne a week after his divorce confirmation from his first wife. 

Jean was born on March 27, 1927, and died on August 24, 2016. 

Catherine Hawn is the third lady Dean Martin got married to. She was a hair salon receptionist. 

Catherine already had a daughter before she got married to Dean Martin. But what he did was remarkable. Martin legally adopted Catherine’s daughter, Sasha. Unfortunately, the union ended in 1976. 

After the last marriage, Martin never remarried. He remained single until his death. 

How Many Children Does Dean Martin Have?

Dean Martin may not be a perfect man. But you can tell that he had a genuine love for his kids. 

Martin’s first marriage produced four children (three girls and a boy). Their names are Craig, Claudia, Barbara Gail, and Deana Martin.  

His second marriage to Jeanne, the longest, produced three children. Their children’s names are Dean Paul, Ricci, and Gina Martin.  

A Handy Tip: Martin’s first daughter, Claudia, died of breast cancer 2001. 

Martin’s marriage to Catherine Hawn didn’t produce any child. They have no biological children together, only Sasha, which Martin legally adopted as his daughter. 

In total, Dean Martin has 8 children. That is 7 biological children, and one adopted child. They are all his children anyway, as he doesn’t treat any one of them less. 

How Did Dean Martin Die?

Dean Martin’s death shook the entire country and the entertainment industry. The iconic singer, actor, comedian, and business tycoon died of natural causes. 

Martin was diagnosed with lung cancer and emphysema in 1993. He passed away in 1995 after battling the disease for two years. He died on Christmas Day in his Beverly Hills home at age 78.   

A Handy Tip: Martin also had a liver problem, and many believe he would have lived longer had he accepted his doctor’s recommendation to undergo surgery. 

Martin was offered medical advice to undergo surgery on his liver and kidney in 1994, but he declined. He died a year later. 

Was Dean Martin Diagnosed With Other Ailment Besides Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer wasn’t the only disease Martin had. He also had liver and kidney problems. 

In addition, Martin had Alzheimer’s disease in his early 70s.  

What Were Dean Martin’s Last Words Before His Death?

We cannot tell what his last words were, but the people in his house gave an account of his last few hours before his death. They claimed Martin was drinking red wine and watching TV. 

The maid in Martin’s house claimed she heard him coughing and hacking. Unfortunately, she didn’t bother to check on him since he was a chronic smoker and that could have caused it. 

That was his last moment, and no one heard him say anything. 

Why Did Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis Split?

Martin and Jerry were two entertainers Americans always wanted to see performing. They took entertainment by storm in the mid-20th century. Martin even got his big break when he teamed up with Jerry, a partnership that lasted for ten years.  

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis met in 1945 and agreed to work together. They gave their first performance as a duo at the Atlantic City’s Club 500 in 1946, and the rest was history. 

They acted as a comedy duo. While Jerry provided the comedy, Martin was the song. And they blended seamlessly. 

In their time, Martin and Jerry were America’s hottest entertainers. The duo sold out nightclubs, TVs, and radios and even performed together in movies. 

What caused their painful split? According to reports, while Jerry was a workaholic, Martin was the direct opposite. He always wanted to play golf and have fun rather than perform, an act that angered Jerry.

However, the pair’s split wasn’t the only thing that shocked fans. Jerry’s confession that he hasn’t spoken to his best friend and partner he shared the stage with for ten years was a surprise.

Martin and Jerry was a match made in heaven. They synchronized during their performance as if a scientist programmed them.

The duo later settled their differences at Dean Paul Martin Jr., Martin’s biological son’s funeral. He died in a plane crash in 1987. Jerry went to show support to his friend and former partner, which was the right thing to do.  

The difference and years apart created a deep hole in their relationship/ to close. Even though they settled their differences and shook hands like men, they never returned as a team before Dean Martin’s death. 

Was Jerry Lewis At Dean Martin’s Funeral?

Both friends and partners settled their differences before Martin’s death. Jerry Lewis even attended Dean Paul Martin Jr., Martin’s son’s burial.

Dean Martin died in 1995, but it’s unclear whether Jerry Lewis attended the funeral. But then, there’s no bad blood between the two, so Jerry would have attended if he had the chance. 

Jerry Lewis and Martin remained close friends after their reconciliation. Jerry even claimed that they spoke every single day after the reconciliation.  

Was Dean Martin Drafted Into The US Military?

Martin was drafted into the US military during Second World War and remained in uniform for 14 months. He was discharged from the military because of Hernia. 


How many times was Dean Martin Married? Martin was married three times. He married three different women, with his second marriage being the longest. 

Martin married Elizabeth Anne McDonald, Jeanne Biegger, and Catherine Hawn. His first wife, Elizabeth, gave birth to four kids, and the marriage lasted 8 years. 

Martin’s second wife, Jeanne, gave birth to three children for him, and the marriage lasted for 24 years. His third and last wife, Catherine Hawn, didn’t give birth to any child, though Martin legally adopted her daughter, Sasha. 

Dean Martin had a hugely successful career. After the duo met a year prior, he started performing with Jerry Lewis in 1946. Their working relationship lasted for 10 years. 

Martin died of lung cancer in 1995. He was diagnosed with the disease in 1993 and died at his Beverly Hills home on Christmas Day. 

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