How Long Does It Take To Tour The Ringling Museum? Must-Read

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How Long Does It Take To Tour The Ringling Museum

Does the question, “How long does it take to tour the Ringling Museum, ring a bell? If you have ever visited this museum, this question should have crossed your mind. 

The Ringling Museum covers a large expanse of land in Sarasota, Florida. It sits on 66-acre of land and features the Circus Museum, State of the Art Museum of Florida, Bayfront Garden, and Ca’ d’Zan mansion. 

There is so much to see and learn at Ringling Museum. Thus, it’s normal for people to inquire about how much time they’ll spend touring the entire museum. If you’re here for answers, you’re in the right place!

Read to know more about the Ringling Museum as you plan your visit. 

How Long Does It Take To Tour The Ringling Museum

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. How long it takes to tour the Ringling Museum depends on your thirst and how much time you want to devote to each section of the museum. 

A rough estimate would be around 4 to 6 hours to tour the museum. On average, we recommend devoting at least 3 hours touring the museum.

You will find many things to do and places to explore in this great museum. Here is a breakdown of things to do when you visit the Ringling Museum:

  • Pull up at the Ca’d’ Zan. 
  • See the Ringling Museum’s private art collections
  • Walk the length and breadth of the Bayfront Garden
  • Spend time at the Banyan trees
  • Take a walk to the Circus Museum

You can do so many things in this amazing museum. But one thing is certain: you will be entertained, educated, amazed, and occupied for as long as you’re ready to stick around. 

A Handy Tip: We advise that you visit the Ringling Museum earlier to have enough time to explore the vast land at your pace. Don’t run or be in a hurry. 

The museum opens in the morning by 10:00 am and closes by 5:00 pm. But be ready to spend your entire day in this museum if you visit earlier. You wouldn’t want to go home. 

Is Ringling Museum Admission Free?

This museum does offer free admission on specific days, including to select groups of people, but we cannot blame them. The fact that the museum is still thriving shows a lot of work and finances goes into running the place.

Admission to the Ringling Museum of Art, including the grounds, is free only on Mondays. The Ringling Museum is also free for select students. These include students from the University of South Florida, Florida State University, New College of Florida, and Ringling College of Arts and Design; they all enjoy free admission. 

Students from other universities can visit the museum, but they may have to pay around $5. Furthermore, teachers, active military personnel, and personal care attendants don’t have to pay to visit the Ringling Museum.   

A Handy Tip: The museum doesn’t operate on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Thanksgiving day. They may also shut their doors temporarily when doing deep cleanup or repairs. Check their official website for more information to get more information.

Can Kids Visit Ringling Museum

Yes, kids can visit the Ringling Museum. You should take your kids to this museum sometime. 

The Ringling Museum occupies a large expanse of land. It sits on a 66-acre estate. It boasts a historic mansion, gardens, circus, and art museums.

Ringling Museum boasts so many venues and collections. Thus, there’s something for everyone and all age groups. 

Where should you take your kids to the Ringling Museum? Here are some great ideas to have fun with your kids when you stop by this museum:

1: Take your kids to the Tibbals Learning Center:

You probably have heard much about the Ringling brothers’ electrifying circus performance. But if you want to know more, visit the Tibbals Learning Center with your kids. You’ll find the miniature circus model called the Howard Brothers’ circus model. The model contains thousands of animals and humans.

That’s not all. There’s also an interactive gallery in this learning center to keep your youngsters engaged and excited. They’ll ride horses back and do other related activities.

There are also clown cars they can squeeze their flexible bodies into. Or, you can knock their fear aside by urging them to walk the high wire. Every section of the Ringling Museum brings loads of activities to get the entire family busy and excited.

2: Explore the beautiful gardens:

Ringling is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in Florida. The gardens are iconic features that set the Ringling Museum apart. 

Give the whole family a chance to interact with Mother Nature and appreciate the beautiful gifts she has blessed the earth with. Ringling has numerous gardens you can explore. Check out the list below:

  • Secret Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Dwarf Garden

What are the things that make these gardens unique? They have loads of animals and plants that you and the kids can see and learn about. You’ll find different species of turtles, Koi fish, and birds, such as anhinga and herons. 

Head to Sarasota Bay from the ever-busy Ca’d’Zan terrace to watch dolphins do their thing. 

3: Check out the Museum of Art:

Don’t leave Ringling without visiting the Museum of Art with your family. Take advantage of the family guide and engage in immersive activities for adults and children. 

Are you worried that your kids might ask some funny questions you might not have an answer to? You’ll get the help you need to respond to all their questions. 

4: Walk your kids to the Bolger Playspace:

Your reason for visiting the Ringling Museum is to have fun and educate your kids. So, don’t leave without visiting the famous Bolger Playspace. This playspace features several play structures for your kids to have fun.

There are numerous swings, including spaces for sand and water play. Just give your kids the freedom to have fun with their peers. 

5: The Banyan Café:

The family must be hungry after touring the Ringling Museum. If that’s the case, the Banyan Café is a place to visit. This café is next to the Bolger Playspace. So, you don’t have to walk long distances with the kids to find what to eat. This café has diverse dining options for singles and families.  

What Is The Cost Of Visiting The Ringling Museum?

A visit to Ringling is worth the money. This museum offers everything you want to see in a museum and more. The general admission to visit the Ringling Museum is $25. However, seniors above 65 will pay $2 less ($23).

What part of Ringling will you have access to? Your $25 admission fee gives you access to the following areas:

  • Museum of Arts
  • Bayfront Garden
  • Circus Museum

A visit to the Ca’d’Zan’s first floor will cost you an additional $10. John Ringling built the Ca’d’Zan in the mid-1920s. The building served as the destination for a winter retreat for the art collector, circus mogul, and entrepreneur John Ringling and their wife, Marble Burton Ringling. 

The Ca’d’Zan first features principal rooms for entertainment and others. You’ll find lounging rooms, reception rooms, a great hall, breakfast rooms, a dining room, and a ballroom. 

Furthermore, it will cost you an additional $5 to stroll along the grounds and gardens. But note that the following persons don’t have to pay to enter Ringling Museum:

  • College students (from certain universities)
  • Active military personnel 
  • Teachers (who’re currently employed and working)
  • Personal care attendants

Ringling Museum Operation Hours

It’s essential to find out when the Ringling Museum opens and closes before visiting with your family. You can plan your visits and have fun with your family. 

There’s so much to do and learn in the Ringling Museum. So, there’s never enough time when you’re here. But when does the Museum open its door for admission and closes it?

The Museum opens at – 10:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm. 

There’s Art After 5 admission that costs $15. This admission gives you access to the museum behind the official closing time of 5:00 pm. The closing time will be extended to 8:00 pm. 


How long does it take to tour the Ringling Museum? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. However, we can say 4-6 hours should be enough to tour this museum.  

This museum sits on a massive 66-acre of land. It is a vast museum offering diverse areas and activities to explore. These include a rich art museum, circus museum, garden, play structures for kids, and café. 

You can take your kids to this museum. And remember that they don’t operate on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving Day. You can visit their official website to learn more about their activities during each holiday. 

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