How Far Is Detroit From Canada? All You Need To Know 

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How Far Is Detroit From Canada

Do you care to know how far Detroit is from Canada? If yes, this post is for you. Canada shares a border with the United States of America. Thirteen US states border Canada.

Some of the border states include New York, Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, and others. So, Canada and the United States of America are neighbors. Canada also shares a border with Michigan.

Detroit is one of the 276 cities in Michigan, and it’s the largest in the state. Michigan also has 257 villages and 1,240 townships. 

What’s the distance between Canada and Detroit? Here is all you need to know. 

How Far Is Detroit From Canada?

It depends on where you are moving to in Canada. Detroit sits in the southern region of Michigan, and Canada borders the United States of America to the north.

This means the distance between Detroit and Canada depends on where you’re heading in Canada. The closest route from the United States of America to Canada is Detroit to Windsor. An ambassador bridge links both cities (Detroit and Windsor) and is 4km (2.48 miles). You can also take the Windsor Tunnel to Canada.

Detroit to Toronto is another destination. However, the distance between both cities is much higher. Detroit to Toronto is around 362 kilometers (265 miles). 

A Handy Tip: Moving from Detroit to Canada via Windsor will take a few minutes, provided you have all your documents in hand and are up-to-date. 

Detroit to Toronto will take longer, considering the distance between both cities. You might spend over 5 hours traveling from Detroit to Toronto, Canada, and vice versa. 

Can You Drive Your Car From Detroit To Canada?

It is possible to drive a car from Detroit, Michigan, to Canada, depending on where you’re heading within Canada. Driving is the best option if you plan to go from Detroit to Windsor, Canada. Why? As we explained before, both cities are closer. 

Windsor is in the southwestern part of Ontario, Canada, and sits on the south bank of the Detroit River. So you can even spot the city from Detroit, Michigan. 

Here’s a breakdown of how long you will drive from Detroit, USA, to Windsor, Canada, and from Detroit to Toronto. 

Detroit to Windsor is the shortest distance to reach Canada. You can pass through the Windsor tunnel too. Crossing this tunnel to Canada is just 4 minutes, provided your documents are intact to avoid delays. The distance is also less than 3 miles. 

Detroit to Toronto is longer. But the road trip is one you’ll enjoy. However, the most direct route to Toronto is 230 miles. You’ll reach Toronto via this route in 5 hours and 50 minutes, provided you drive nonstop. 

Driving From Detroit To Toronto – Best Road Trip To Consider

If you plan to drive from Detroit to Toronto, Canada and don’t have much time to spare, the Windsor Tunnel is an easy route. But then, most people may want to drive from Detroit to Toronto directly. If that is the case with you, check out the options on this list. 

Going to Toronto, Canada, via road and in your car is a journey you may want to undertake repeatedly. Why? There are so many things to see and do on the way. 

You can follow two routes from Detroit to Toronto, Canada. One is the Port Huron route, a city where the famous Thomas Alva Edison spent his childhood. 

The Lake Erie route is the second route to move from Detroit to Toronto. 

A Handy Tip: It will take the same amount of time to travel from Detroit, Michigan, to Toronto, Canada, via both routes (Port Huron and Lake Erie). 

Here are things to note about taking both routes to Toronto, Canada. 

1: Port Huron Route:

You can kick-start your trip via Interstate 94 out of the beautiful city of Detroit. While approaching Port Huron, take Exit 266 and follow Gratiot Boulevard. This will lead you into the city. 

Continue your trip on Interstate 69, and cross over to Canada via the Blue Water Bridge. Now, you’re in Canada. You can continue your trip from here, and remember, there are plenty of things to do along the way. 

Here are places to visit as you travel from Detroit to Toronto via the Port Huron route.

  • Point Edward
  • Grand Bend Beach
  • Brights Grove Beach
  • Kenwick on the Lake Park
  • Grand Pacific House Museum
  • Selfridge Military Air Museum
  • Rock Glen Conservation Area
  • Pinery Provincial Park
  • Fanshawe Pioneer Village 

A Handy Tip: The historic sites above are in no particular order. While some sites are in Detroit, some are must-see sites you’ll encounter on your way to Toronto, Canada. In other words, some of the sites are in Canada. 

How long will it take to travel from Detroit to Toronto, Canada? You should expect to spend 5 hours, 45 minutes on a road trip via Port Huron. The distance is also 280 miles. 

2: Lake Erie Route:

Like Port Huron, Lake Erie is another amazing route from Detroit to Toronto, Canada. You’ll encounter numerous historical sites different from what you would find in the Port Huron route. 

What’s special about passing this route? You must take the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, meaning you’ll be in Canada in a few minutes. Windsor is the first major Canadian city you’ll encounter and pass through while heading to Toronto. 

When you get to Windsor, take Ouellette Avenue, turn right and take the EC Row Express. Now, you’re on your way out of the city. 

The journey continues. From E.C Row express, your next drive is Essex County Road 22, which will lead you to Lake Erie. 

The trip to Toronto from Detroit is a 5 hours, 45 minutes trip. The distance between the two cities is 265 miles. So, it’s a long trip. And considering the fact that you might want to stop at intervals to have fun, you might spend more time on the way. 

There are so many twists and turns on the way. Planning your trip and knowing the area to follow to get to your destination, Toronto, Canada, will make sense. 

Here are places to visit on your way to Toronto, Canada, from Detroit if you’re going through Lake Erie. 

  • Lakewood Park South
  • Lakeview Park
  • McAuliffe Park
  • Lighthouse Cove
  • Port Glasgow Beach
  • Rondeau Provincial Park
  • Ruscom Shores Conservation Area
  • Tremblay Beach Conservative Area

Can You Take A Bus From Detroit To Canada?

Driving from Detroit to Canada is possible, but what about public transport such as a bus? Can you find a bus that will take you from Detroit to Canada?

Yes, you can get a bus that will take you from Detroit directly to Canada. But remember that it’s a 5 hours, 8 minutes journey, all things being equal. 

The bus sets off from Adirondack/ Miller Bus Stop, which you’ll find at the Detroit Bus Station at 1001 Howard Street. So, you can get a bus from the Detroit Bus Station to Toronto, ON, Bus Stop at 81 Bay Street.  

How Much Does It Cost To Travel From Detroit To Canada?

Moving from Detroit, USA, to Canada is expensive. And we’re not referring to the cost of transportation or gas, but the toll fee. 

You must pay a compulsory toll fee before entering Canada from Detroit and vice versa. And the fee applies whether you’re passing the Ambassador Bridge or Windsor Tunnel. 

The price for entering Canada via Windsor is $5.50 as of the time of writing. When returning to Detroit, the United States of America, you must pay a toll fee of $6.75.

A Handy Tip: You’ll require documents before crossing the Ambassador Bridge into Canada, and vice versa. You must have a valid passport or other supporting documents.   


So, how far is Detroit from Canada? The answer to this question depends on where you’re heading in Canada. Are you visiting Windsor or Toronto?

If you’re visiting Windsor, the distance from Detroit is just 2.46 miles. Crossing the Ambassador Bridge or Windsor Tunnel to Canada will take a few minutes too. 

If you’re heading to Toronto, be ready to spend around 5 hours and 45 minutes on the way. The distance between both cities is 265 miles.   

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