Is The Rock A Republican: Here Is The Truth

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Is The Rock A Republican

The Rock is a popular celebrity both in and outside the United States of America. If you didn’t know him as a professional wrestler, you’d know him as a movie star.

In politics, he’s beginning to gain relevance. Most people are even rooting for him to run for president. But does he stand a chance? Well, you never know until you try. 

The Rock’s political affiliation has been a subject of debate. While many claim he’s Republican, only a few people have actually linked him to Democrats. 

His endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris also fueled the flame. Many wondered if he was a Democrat or considering joining the party. 

Now, here are the questions many supporters are asking. 

Is The Rock A Republican?

Let’s say The Rock was once a Republican, though not anymore. He claims he’s politically neutral and doesn’t support any party. He’s a centrist. 

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, claims he votes for Democrats as well as Republicans. However, we cannot forget that he participated in the GOP convention held in 2000. 

His appearance at that convention helped George W. Bush claim Victoria in Florida, and he went on to win the Presidential election. 

His endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was greeted with massive criticism. But he’s affirmed that he’s politically independent. Let’s hope he stays this way for the foreseeable future. 

Is The Rock A Friend Of The Republicans?   

The Rock is simple and gets on with anyone easily. He started from a humble beginning and rose to fame. He’s one celebrity that doesn’t let his status get into his head. 

Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” is friends with everyone. He’s a friend to the Republicans, likewise, the Democrats. And he’s never afraid to speak his mind or stand up for what he thinks is right. 

So, there’s no way you can pin him to a political party. He’s friends with the GOPs and the Democrats. And he supports whoever he thinks can bring the needed change America craves. 

Dwayne’s outburst in the 2020 racist protest that took the country by storm showed how disgusted he was about Donald Trump. Though he didn’t mention Trump’s name, he questioned the leader’s silence at such a critical time. 

He’s not a fan of Donald Trump or, instead, a friend. 

Why Does The Rock Want To Be President?

Many celebrities have had the ambition of becoming president. Kanye West is one of them. He was hopeful and contested the 2020 Presidential election, but nothing came out of that move. 

Experts claim Kanye West spent a whopping $6 million and had only 60,000 presidential votes, including zero delegates. As popular as he is, one would have expected him to pull an upset in the presidential election. 

Now, Dwayne Johnson is gradually nursing the idea of becoming the president. He hasn’t decided when to declare his ambition, but we hope he does soon. 

When asked why he wants to be president, The Rock’s answer showed he would be a president loved by the people if given a chance.

On an appearance on NBC, The Rock reiterated his desire to unite the country. He has never hidden his desire to unite Americans and move the nation forward.    

We hope to see The Rock at the polls someday. But as he has reiterated, his decision to run for president will be based on public interest. If the people want him, he’ll willingly run for office. 

Can The Rock Emerge Winner In A Presidential Election?  

Everything is possible. When Donald Trump declared his desire to run for the president’s office, many wrote him off. They claimed he wouldn’t win until he won and got into the White House. 

Trump’s victory left many in limbo. Political analysts didn’t believe he would emerge victorious. Even his supporters didn’t believe it would happen. 

Mind you, Trump ran against Hillary Clinton, someone who has been in government and politics for decades. She had the experience, political connection, and everything you can think of. So, many thought the election would be a walkover for her. Trump emerged victorious. 

So anything is possible. And yes, if The Rock decides to contest today, he might emerge victorious. He’s not just Hollywood’s most bankable actor. He’s an accomplished wrestler and a man whose personality many admire. 

The Rock is humble, hard to work, and has a high moral standard. He’ll make a fine president, no doubt about that. 

In an interview, The Rock claimed the latest poll conducted showed many Americans would support him if he decided to run for president. So, there’s a chance he could win if he decides to throw his hat in the ring. 

How The Rock Can Kick-start His Political Ambition

Here are some steps The Rock can follow to kick-start his political ambition. 

#1: Choose the side you belong:

The Rock has stated his desire to remain neutral. He even registered as an independent. This means he’s not for the Democrats or the Republicans. 

Is it good for his political career? No! If he has plans to run for president someday, he can’t continue playing the neutral game. He has to join a political party and build his reputation within the party. 

Americans need to know the party he belongs to, likewise, delegates. Remember, he has to win the primary election, which is even more critical, before the main election. 

If your party doesn’t know you, you can kiss your presidential ambition goodbye. They would hand the ticket to a member who has shown commitment rather than someone that came from nowhere. 

So The Rock must identify with a political party if he’s serious about running for president one day. He cannot continue to remain neutral. 

 2#: Get the right message across to voters:

The keyword here is for Johnson to sharpen his message. He needs a message that will project him to the voters as an energetic, thoughtful, and authentic leader. 

Many political analysts believe Johnson’s life story is enough to turn many voters his way. He has learned compassion from his struggle with depression, resilience, and accountability from his poor childhood. 

So Johnson’s life has all the elements of a great story. However, he needs to tell his story and do so compellingly. 

A Handy Tip: As unpopular as this way sounds, Johnson needs to learn a thing or two from Donald Trump when it comes to messaging. He needs to study Trump’s missteps concerning messaging. He also needs to work closely with his communication team. 

Johnson must develop a clear narrative of why he wants to join public service. He needs to convince prospective voters that his desire to run for the post of president is genuine and not to make the White House the icing on a highly successful and diversified career.    

#3: Learn from other celebrities:

Johnson can learn from other celebrities who came into the political scene, saw, and conquered. Examples include Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

He can also learn from the missteps of other celebrities and ensure he avoids silly mistakes that could make his political opponents ridicule him. 

But people will love Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock,” to run for president. He has the charisma, energy, cool-headedness, and other numerous qualities Americans would love to see in their president. 


Is the Rock a Republican? He once registered as a Republican. Today, he’s neutral. His status as one of the world’s top celebrities demands that he remains impartial. 

The Rock is a famous personality in and out of the entertainment industry. He has an exciting life story and a success story that eclipses any challenge he has ever had. 

Many have been rooting for him to join the presidential race, and he is leaning toward that. However, he has to climb several hurdles to get there. You cannot just wake up and claim you want to be president. You must follow the process to become one. 

The Rock is famous and has a massive chance of winning if he decides to contest in any election. But he still needs to make that decision. He may be calculating and seeking an appropriate time to strike. 

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