Is Lincoln Park Chicago Safe? Chicago’s Safest Neighborhoods 

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Is Lincoln Park Chicago Safe

When looking for a safe place to live in Chicago, you might wonder, is Lincoln Park Chicago safe? 

Chicago is one of the loveliest places to reside in the United States- whether you’re looking for a nice place to raise kids or just want to reside in an area with it all. 

It’s popularly known for its bustling city activities and cool, laid-back suburbs. Chicago has a fantastic public transportation network and is home to hosting world-class events, making it a great place to gain new experiences. 

Lincoln Park Chicago is one of the famous places to live in Chicago that people talk of everywhere, from newspapers to magazines. But is it safe? 

Is Lincoln Park Chicago Safe?

Yes. Lincoln Park is one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago, found on the south of lake view. Lincoln Park’s neighborhood is very affluent and has most of the city’s cultural and tourist attractions. Its crime rate is 25% lower than that of the rest of the city. 

Lincoln Park has many young professionals, and its public schools are top-rated. It could be the best place for you to raise well-disciplined and educated children. 

The Safest Neighborhoods In Chicago  

Chicago is a big city, and Lincoln Park is not the only safe place to live in Chicago. Here are some of the other safe neighborhoods in Chicago: 

1. Edison Park 

Edison Park is considerably the safest place to live in Chicago as its crime rate is 77% lower than the rest of the city. The neighborhood is a little far from the city, located in the Northwestern region of Chicago. 

It can be a great place to live if you want to feel separated from the city. The neighborhood is also home to many police officers and is very welcoming. 

2. Norwood Park 

Norwood Park is another safe neighborhood in Chicago. Its crime rate is 72% lower than the rest of the city, and has a rich history. 

Most of the families in the area are very welcoming, and if you go to live there, you might just feel at home within no time. 

3. Forest Glen

Forest Glen is another safe neighborhood, and it is also one of the oldest in Chicago. Located in the Northside of Chicago, forest glen is a small community appreciated for its safe streets and welcoming atmosphere. 

Crime is 70% lower than that of the rest of the city, and its home to many professionals like government officials due to its friendly vibe. 

4. Westmont 

Located in northwestern Chicago, Westmont has a population of around 24,429, giving it a small-town vibe. 

Its fantastic safety record (65% lower than the Rest of the City) and quietness make it an excellent neighborhood for suburban living. 

5. Rogers Park 

Located directly on the shores of Lake Michigan, the far north side of Chicago, Rogers Park is a culturally diverse neighborhood. 

The neighborhood is LGBTQ-friendly, and its Hart Library hosts community events and has extensive literature.  

It has unique architecture, green public spaces, and beaches along the great lake. It is a safe neighborhood with a 23% lower crime rate than the rest of the city. 

6. Lake View 

Lake View is a highly desirable neighborhood with a low crime rate (40% low than the rest of the city). 

The area has good access to the city’s public transportation, and you might live here if you commute to work daily and don’t have a car. 

Lake View has surprisingly affordable housing compared to other neighborhoods, which might be highly convenient for young professionals. 

7. Printer’s Row

Printer’s Row is yet another safe South Chicago neighborhood with a population that is roughly around 4.000 people. It is considered a rustic middle-class neighborhood surrounded by many attractions. 

Though it has more middle-class earners, the residents in the neighborhood report feeling very safe, and violent crimes do not concern them. 

8. Chicago Loop 

Chicago Loop is the major Chicago city’s economic hub and downtown. One could say it is a wealthy and well-educated part of the city. The loop has a gorgeous skyline and is home to most of the city’s attractions. 

 Though many consider the Chicago Loop a safe place to live, there have been a few reports of burglary, theft, and violent crimes. 

Dangerous Neighborhoods In Chicago 

From the saying, every town has a madman; a few Chicago neighborhoods are unsafe. They include: 


Englewood is a dangerous neighborhood with a high crime rate, with more than 9,000 reported cases among its 25,000 residents. 

It is home to violent crime (7 times higher than the rest of the city) resulting from the high unemployment rate in the neighborhood. Additionally, most people in the neighborhood earn a low median income. 

West Englewood

It is another unsafe neighborhood tourists, and new residents tend to avoid, as it has over 7,000 crimes reported for 100,000 individuals. Its high crime rate is also associated with the high unemployment rate. 

Washington Park 

Though Washington Park has a low population, it has an alarmingly high rate of crime, around 48%. The neighborhood experiences both property and violent crimes, with more cases surging as the economy worsens. 

South Deering 

It is another neighborhood with a small population and a high crime rate—around 5,000 reported crimes in their population, which is roughly 14,000. The homes around the area are quite cheap and affordable to low median-income earners. 

Experts don’t advise moving here if you want to properly raise your kids, as some crimes even happen on the sidewalks. 

West Garfield Park 

West Garfield Park is a very unsafe neighborhood in Chicago, with its property crimes being 200% more than the rest of Chicago.

Like other dangerous neighborhoods, West Garfield Park has a very high poverty rate. Home prices are low to house low-median income earners. 

South Chicago

Residents of south Chicago are highly vulnerable to high crime rates due to the high rate of unemployment and poverty. 

Reports even go to the police of crimes happening on the sidewalk in broad daylight. You wouldn’t want to go there with your family or as a professional. 

Home Security System 

If you ever decide to live in one of the dangerous neighborhoods we have discussed, you might want to know how to protect yourself. 

One of the most effective ways is by incorporating a home security system to ensure your property is safe even when not around. 

A sound home security system will monitor all the activities in your home and is not easy to break into. 

You could get some home security systems online, at the supermarket, or the mall. Installation is easy, and you can call a technician if it troubles you. 

Benefits Of Installing A Home Security System 

Here are some of the benefits of installing a home security system:

1. 24/7 Security Monitoring 

Part of the home security systems is the cameras that watch over all parts of your lovely home. Connecting with the cameras is easy; you can pull up a live recording from anywhere anytime. 

Therefore, it could back you up when you head to the police to make a claim. You could customize the outdoor cameras to notify you when someone approaches your property. 

2. Contribute to Your Neighborhood Safety

Besides contributing to the safety of your property, a home security system is excellent for contributing to the safety of your neighbors. If a crime happens on your neighbor’s sidewalk, your security cameras could record it. 

The presence of security in your home could even discourage burglars from getting into your neighbors’ homes. 

3. Secure Door Locks

Home security systems come with intelligent door lock technology; you will never have to worry about your house keys falling into the wrong hands. Moreover, members of your household could easily lock and unlock your doors with just a code. 

Smart door locks can connect to your smartphone. If you go to bed and remember you haven’t locked your door, you could do it on your smartphone. 

4. Monitor Your Home From Anywhere

You can keep your home secure with a home security system even while you vacate exotic places or go to Chicago city to work. 

It will send you notifications of unusual activity within your home. Therefore, you could spend more attention at work knowing your property is safe. 

5. Remote Control Capabilities

Most of the new home control systems offer remote control capabilities allowing you to control different features of your home. 

You can manage your home temperature and lights using your mobile phone. It could be an excellent way to fool burglars that someone is at home.  


Is Lincoln Park Chicago safe? Yes, it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. Chicago has many safe neighborhoods that are family-friendly and great, especially for young professionals. 

Though Chicago has many safe neighborhoods, it also has some dangerous neighborhoods. The leading cause of crime in the bad neighborhoods directly associates with the high rate of unemployment and poverty in the area. 

If you live in the unsafe areas of Chicago, you could install a home security system to keep your property safe.  

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