Is Lincoln Park Chicago Safe: Read This Before Relocating

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Is Lincoln Park Chicago Safe

Everyone knows that crime is an issue in Chicago, but is Lincoln Park Chicago safe? 

Chicago boasts a crime rate of 33% per a thousand residents. The murder rate is 15.65 per 100,000 population, above the United States average. 

So the crime rate in Chicago is high, but people still flock to the city now and then. And that’s because some neighborhoods are safe. In other words, they experience lower crime rates compared to other places even outside Chicago. 

Let’s find out whether Lincoln Park, Chicago is among the safest places to live in the city. 

Is Lincoln Park Chicago Safe?

Yes, Lincoln Park Chicago is safe. It ranks 5th in the best neighborhood to raise a family in Chicago.

The crime rate in Lincoln Park is impressively low. Stats show it’s 24 percent lower than the crime rates in the other cities. 

Lincoln Park, Chicago, is an affluent neighborhood boasting some of the city’s culture, including tourist attractions.

So if you plan to move to Lincoln Park but safety is a concern, you can proceed. It’s a safe neighborhood, and you can raise a family here if you want to. 

Lincoln Park Chicago Crime Rates Compared To The U.S. National Average

A comparison of Lincoln Park’s crime rates to the national average will give you a clue about how safe the neighborhood is. So let’s jump in. 

This comparison includes violent crimes, as well as property crimes. 

Crimes Link Park National Average
1. Rape 58.5 40.7
2. Murder 8.4 6.1
3. Assault 618.7 282.7
4. Robbery 64.1 135.5
5. Burglary 298.2 500.1
6. Theft 1,427 2,042.8
7. Motor Vehicle Theft  




Note: These statistics are usually calculated annually, and they’re per 100,000 residents. 

Lincoln Park Chicago – Population, Night Life and Education

Lincoln Park is one of the much-talked-about neighborhoods in Chicago, Illinois, in Cook County. 

This neighborhood currently comprises 45,359 people, and it’s one of the best places to start a family or live in the United States of America. 

The majority of the residents living in Lincoln Park rented their homes. And according to the name, Lincoln Park is home to great parks in Chicago, Illinois. 

Despite this, Lincoln Park boasts a vibrant nightlife and a lower crime rate. This neighborhood has many bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. 

Lincoln Park’s residents tend to be liberal. Living here also gives you that dense and unique urban feeling. 

Is Lincoln Park Chicago A Good Place To Reside In?

There are numerous reasons Lincoln Park is attracting more people. Tons of young professionals are moving to the area. 

This neighborhood’s vibrant nightlife is one of the reasons people are trooping in, especially young professionals. Entertainment is also on another level. 

Lincoln boasts several unique performing art spaces. These include:

  • Steppenwolf
  • iO Theatre
  • Apollo Theatre
  • Greenhouse Theatre Center. 

Tourists and residents call Lincoln Park a nature lover’s dream, thanks to its picturesque lakefront green spaces, historic botanical gardens, and parks. It boasts a range of chic boutiques, including housing one of the free and oldest zoos in the country. 

So, there is a lot for everyone here. Whether you appreciate a quiet or vibrant life, Lincoln Park fits all lifestyles. Another thing that makes this affluent community interesting is that it’s close to many tourist attractions. 

Lincoln Park boasts an above-average educational system. For instance, Lincoln Park High School is ranked 33rd in Illinois and #710 in the National Ranking by the 2020 US News High School Ranking. 

Furthermore, Lincoln Park High School ranks #8 among the best Chicago Public High Schools out of 167 schools. 

There are numerous prestigious elementary schools in this neighborhood too. These include Mayer Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, and Prescott Elementary School. 

Lincoln Park is home to DePaul University, one of the largest private universities in the country. 

Is Lincoln Park Chicago Housing Expensive?

Statistics show that 55% of Lincoln Park’s residents are living in rented homes, while 45% bought their properties. So, there are more people living in rented apartments in Lincoln. 

The reason for this is quite apparent. Lincoln Park isn’t the cheapest neighborhood in Chicago. Its houses are pretty expensive to rent or purchase. 

Here are the stats:

  • Median home value: $705,078

The national average is $244,990. So, you can see that Lincoln Park’s home value is way above the national average. Thus, if you plan to live here and dream of buying a house, you must have deep pockets. 

  • Median rent: $1,846

The national average is $1,163. Again, Lincoln Park’s national average for rent is above the national average. 

For a studio, you can expect to pay around $1000 to $1500 per month. A one-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood costs about $1800 per month. 

For a 4-bedroom apartment in Lincoln Park, you will pay around $4000 per month. That’s how expensive this neighborhood can be. 

A Handy Tip: Several factors influence the prices of homes in Lincoln Park. These include the area and size of the house. 

You should have deep pockets if you dream of living near tourist attractions, parks, or beaches. 

Finding a home to rent or buy in this affluent neighborhood is easy. It all depends on your financial muscle. Most of the apartments are clustered around the L train stops and parks. 

You will find plenty of new and remodeled buildings in this fantastic neighborhood. And while these old buildings retain their charm, the new ones boast incredible modern amenities. 

How To Get Around Lincoln Park Chicago

There are diverse ways to get around Lincoln Park, though it’s just a walk away from Chicago. You can choose to drive your car or use the train. 

This neighborhood boasts two L train stations, the primary means to get around. You’ll find Purple, Brown, and Red lines that cut across the area. 

Commuters can access these lines via Armitage, Fullerton, or Diversey train stations. You can also get around Lincoln Park via CTA buses if the train doesn’t take you to your destination. 

A Handy Tip: A good way to save money as a Lincoln Park resident is to live car-free. That is, take advantage of the neighborhood’s public transportation system. 

Using a personal car might be expensive. You may have to pay high fees to park your car in some locations around this neighborhood. So, why get around in your vehicle when you can conveniently reach your destination via public transport? There is no point in doing that. 

What Victims Of Violent Crimes In Lincoln Park Chicago Should Do

Even though Chicago has a reputation for a high crime rate, crimes can happen anywhere in the world. Even the most peaceful places on earth experience crimes, though at a much lower rate.

So Lincoln is safe, but you will hear reports of crimes here and there. But if you happen to be a victim of a violent crime, here is what you must do. 

1: Understand that you have rights, even though you’re a victim of a violent crime.

2: If you’re lucky to be alive but in a critical state, seek urgent medical attention. You will only have a chance to fight for justice and bring the perpetrators to book if you’re alive. 

3: File a police report when you leave the hospital or are strong enough. 

4: Start gathering evidence. With proper proof, you can get justice quickly. The court would need your evidence and testimony to execute judgment on the perpetrators. 

5: Hire a Lincoln Park personal lawyer to seek compensation for damages incurred. You can research online or ask for a good lawyer to fight your legal battle in court.

6: Take precautions after the incident. Note places to go and not to go, and avoid making the same mistake that exposed you to such crime. 

Walking alone in a lonely place can expose you to violent crimes or theft. The best thing is to go in groups and observe your surroundings. 


So, is Lincoln Park Chicago safe? Firstly, it’s one of the ten safest places to live in Chicago and ranks 5th best place to raise a family in Chicago. 

The crime rate in Lincoln Park is 24% lower than in most neighborhoods. So, given the violent crime rates in Chicago, Lincoln Park is a great place to live. 

This neighborhood is close to numerous tourist sites and attractions. It also boasts a vibrant nightlife.

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