How To Say Glory To Ukraine In Ukrainian? A National Salute

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How To Say Glory To Ukraine In Ukrainian

Are you looking for information on how to say glory to Ukraine in Ukrainian? You’re in the right place! Ukraine is currently in a deadly war with Russia, which has claimed thousands of lives of compatriots from both sides. 

The battle is in Ukrainian, but Ukrainians are feeling optimistic about emerging victorious. And they often use the word “Glory to Ukraine.” But how do you say this to a Ukrainian in their official language? Let’s do some digging.

How Do You Say Glory To Ukraine In Ukrainian?

In Ukrainian, the word “glory to Ukraine” is “Слава Україні!” Romanized, it’s “Slava Ukraïni!” 

Slava Ukraïni is a national salute in Ukraine, and a significant symbol in the country. In other words, Ukrainians use it to mark historic events in the country, including resistance to foreign aggression. 

So, whenever you hear the Ukraine forces and citizens use the word “Slava Ukraïni,” remember it is a show of strength, unity, and resistance to aggression.

This popular slogan was born in Ukraine’s Kharkiv, and was “Glory to Ukraine” and “Glory all over” back then. Students used it during their protests in the late 19th century. 

The History Of The Word “Glory To Ukraine In Ukrainian”

The word “Slava Ukraini” gained popularity following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Even amidst Russian constant bombardment, the Ukrainian forces and citizens have held their ground. 

The Ukrainians keep using their national salute, “Slava Ukraini,” a greeting that reminds them of their sovereignty and togetherness. But how did “Slava Ukraini,” a word that unites and energizes the Ukraine people, emerge?

The phrase “Slava Ukraini” appeared and became a national salute in the 20th century, but it had different variations then. It symbolized hope for the people during the War of Independence, which lasted from 1917 to 1921. 

From the 1930s, many groups within and outside Ukraine started using the phrase more often during the Cold War. These include refugee communities, including Diaspora groups.     

So, the phrase “Slava Ukraini” has always symbolized unity and strength among the Ukrainians in the face of oppression. However, the Soviets and then Russia forbade people from using it, causing it to fade off for a while. 

The fall of the Soviet Union and Ukraine’s fight for independence in the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s disintegration brought about the resurgence of the phrase. 

Slava Ukraini became popular during the 2014 Ukraine Revolution and war with Russia (Russo-Ukrainian War). Today, it has gotten more popular than it was in the past. 

The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine made the phrase “Slava Ukraini” more popular. Ukrainians and people from different parts of the world use it to show solidarity for the people of Ukraine.

Many believe the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine shouldn’t have happened, as it violates the region’s sovereignty. Nevertheless, the support for Ukraine around the world has been massive since the invasion started. 

So, practically, here is what “Slava Ukraini” means to the Ukrainians. 

  • War of Independence between 1917 to 1921;
  • The Orange Revolution that took place in 2004;
  • The Revolution of Dignity that occurred between 2013 to 2014;
  • The Anti-terrorist Operation in the east of Ukraine.

The move of Ukraine’s Parliament solidified the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!” in the country. They made it a national salute for the National Police and Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2020.

A Handy Tip: The OUN approved the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!” in 1941 as the country’s national salute, but the Soviet authorities were against the move. The reason they did so was to suppress the Ukrainian insurgent movement.

How To Respond When Someone Says Glory To Ukraine In Ukrainian?

The word “Slava Ukraini!” meaning “Glory to Ukraine!” has become very popular today, thanks to social media. Non-Ukrainians nowadays even say it to show support for the people of Ukraine. 

But how do you respond when someone says “Glory to Ukraine!” in Ukrainian? 

When someone says, “Slava Ukraini,” you have to respond in Ukrainian. The response is “Heroyam Slava,” meaning glory to the heroes. The heroes include men and women fighting for their country’s independence. It consists of those that have lost their lives and the ones still standing. 

The response also has a complete meaning, which shows why the Soviet authorities were against it. In Ukrainian, the full version includes a slogan: “Glory to the nation! Death to enemies!” and “Ukraine above all!”

A Handy Tip: The full version of Ukraine’s national salute “Glory to the nation! Death to enemies!” and “Ukraine above all!” became very popular in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century. Protesters revived it during this period. 

People from different parts of the country, including those from Kyiv, Zakarpattia, and Galicia, gathered to show their support for their country’s independence. 

It is quite unfortunate that the people of Ukraine are still fighting for their independence today, even though the world calls it a mere invasion. Russia has no business in Ukraine. 

How United Are The People Of Ukraine?

Unity has been one of the hallmarks of the Ukraine people. It is the reason they still have control over their lands, despite the aggressions from the Soviet Union and, now, the Russians. 

If Ukrainians were divided or didn’t love their country the way they did, external forces would have torn them to shreds and taken over their lands. 

The country has fought several wars but stands firm amid the 2022 Russian invasion, which happened recently, and shows Ukrainians’ willingness to protect their motherland. They are willing to lay down their lives and fight off the aggressors. 

Ukraine’s unity, resistance, and strength in the face of Russian aggression have endeared them to people worldwide. Pentagon Press Secretary, John F. Kirby, acknowledged the Ukrainian people’s resistance and willingness to protect their land.

John F. Kirby acknowledged Ukraine’s fight against Russia’s invasion. 

So the Ukraine people are united, and they love their country dearly. They’re also peace-loving, even though most of the neighboring countries they share borders with are ready to destroy them. Ukraine is like a sheep surrounded by wolves. 

Interesting And Unknown Facts About Ukraine

Here are some exciting things you may or may not know about Ukraine and Ukrainians. 

  • Ukraine is twice the size of Italy. They are the second largest country in Europe, with a total land area spanning approximately 603.55 square kilometers.
  • Did you know around 18% of Ukrainians are English speakers?
  • There are 20 languages spoken in Ukraine; however, Ukrainian remains the country’s most widely spoken and official language. Of the 20 languages, Russian and Crimea Tatar are the two other vital languages besides Ukrainian. 

A Handy Tip: Approximately 68% of Ukraine’s population speaks Ukrainian, while 30% speak Russian, and around 3% speak Crimean Tatar, Hungarian, Moldovan, Romanian, etc. 

  • Did you know Ukrainians don’t wear their wedding rings on the left hand? Instead, they wear it on the right hand. 
  • Ukraine made and has the world’s most extended musical instrument, the tremble.
  • Ukraine’s civilization dates back to 400 B.C.
  • Lviv, Ukraine, boasts the highest number of cafés per capita globally. No other place comes close. It has around 1,500 establishments. 
  • McDonald’s, located in Kyiv, is one of the busiest globally. 
  • Did you know about two-thirds of Ukraine’s land is covered in black earth? This makes the country one of the most fertile in the entire world. The country’s massive exports earned it the name “Europe’s breadbasket.”
  • Did you know Ukraine is the world’s highest producer of sunflower oil? The country is among the highest producers of wheat, corn, potatoes, honey, barley, pumpkins, cucumbers, and several other crops. 


So, how do you say glory in Ukrainian? You say “Slava Ukraini!” and remember, this is a national salute. Parliament approved it as a national salute for the National Police and Ukraine Armed Forces. 

Ukrainians use this salute to remind themselves of the duty they owe their country. And that duty is to protect their motherland. The country has been through a lot at the hands of its aggressive neighbors since its inception. And they’re currently in the midst of a devastating war. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is tagged “unprovoked,” and only Russian leaders know the reason for their recent invasion. They claim the effort is to demilitarize Ukraine and make them unable to join NATO. However, the war has proven costly for the Russians, likewise, Ukrainians, as several lives had been lost. 

But in all, the people of Ukraine stand firm. “Slava Ukraini!”

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