How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Denny’s? Eligible Age 

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Denny’s

How old do you have to be to work at Denny’s to earn an extra income? While struggling to satisfy your never-ending wants, you might consider applying for some local entry-level jobs. 

The Denny’s restaurant is one of the many places around the US with these job offers. Denny’s, an all-American style diner, has been around since 1953, and it started as a donut stand. 

The restaurant expanded over the years, having over 1,500 franchises open today with 24/7 operation. Its expansion led to a rise in demand for a workforce to cover its entry-level jobs. 

But what is the minimum age requirement to work for a restaurant? Here’s everything you need to know. 

So, How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Denny’s?

The minimum age requirement to work at Denny’s is 16. However, some franchises might hire a 15-year-old with the right paperwork permit. 

The restaurant offers entry-level jobs, such as server and cook, requiring little to no experience. Those looking to apply as cooks must be at least 18. 

Job Offers At Denny’s And Their Age Requirement

Some of the job offers you could find at Denny’s include: 

1. Host/Hostess

Host/hostess is one of the most critical jobs at Denny’s restaurant as it influences the customer’s judgment of the restaurant. 

That is why the host/hostess must greet customers with a great smile and warmly welcome them to dine at the restaurant. 

Host/Hostess form a lasting impression on customers and must have excellent communication skills. 

One who applies for this job at Denny’s should be able to handle customers with different tempers without getting agitated. 

A positive dining experience is a guarantee that a customer will keep coming back to the restaurant. Roles of a host/hostess at Denny’s include: 

  • Collecting customer payments
  • Seating customers and introducing them to the day’s feature
  • Keeps the host/hostess area clean and stocked
  • Receives incoming calls, including orders to go
  • Helping in clearing and setting tables
  • Resolving complaints of customers and notifying the manager

You must be at least 16 years old to serve as a host/hostess at one of Denny’s restaurant franchises. 

2. Server 

A Denny’s server is responsible for greeting customers, taking their orders, and delivering food to them as fast as possible. 

As a server, you need to master the menu and know the day’s special offers. Servers play an essential role in building a memorable customer experience. 

From first contact, a server must make a welcoming environment for customers where feeding is the main agenda. 

A server could also pay the cashier on behalf of the customer and bring back the exact change without asking for tips. 

Tips should come from the customers only when they fill in due to the excellent service they have received in the restaurant. A server should be at least 16 years old. 

3. Restaurant Cook

The primary role of the restaurant cook is to tickle the customers’ taste buds, leaving them with a desire to have more of the food. Denny’s cooks should be able to fast make the food just right per the customers’ orders.

The restaurant prefers candidates who can always keep their working areas clean and organized. The candidate should also be able to call the wheel. 

Denny’s requires that applying cooks be 18 years old and have a minimum of 1 year of professional line cook experience. 

However, some Denny’s franchises only need a committed person with a passion for cooking, and they will teach you all the necessary skills. 

4. Restaurant Manager 

Denny’s managers ensure that the restaurant executes the American dining experience and the brand standard remains. Ideal applicants for the job should be passionate about feeding people. 

They are also responsible for creating an environment where the customers can feel comfortable eating as they converse. Applicants should have the necessary education and experience in running the franchise. 

Having good problems solving skills and being an excellent communicator is an added advantage to those seeking to secure the position. Nevertheless, financial literacy is also an added advantage. Managers should also be at least 18 years old. 

5. Server Assistant/Dishwasher

Another valuable position at Denny’s is the dishwasher/server assistant. The primary duty of this role is to build customers’ experience by paying attention to detail and offering excellent service. Other responsibilities of this role include:  

  • Cleaning and sanitizing dishes 
  • Ensuring all tables in the dining room are clean and presentable
  • Taking all dishes to the dishes room
  • Taking out the trash and cleaning floors
  • Maintaining the restroom appearance and ensuring they are working properly

The minimum age for applying for this role at Denny’s is 16 years. 

How Much Does Denny Pay Its Employees

The pay rates of the restaurant are above average, making it an excellent hustle to start with, especially as a teen. Here is the pay rate for different roles at Denny’s:

  • Servant assistant/ dishwasher: $8-$9/hour
  • Server: $10-$12/hour
  • Cook: $10-$12/hour
  • Host/Hostess: $8-$9/hour
  • Restaurant Manager: $10-$12/hour

Denny’s also offers room raises, and if they spot you doing a great job, you will as well get a pay raise. 

Benefits Of Working At Denny’s 

The best thing about working at Denny’s is the benefits you get from your hard work. Here’s what’s in for you: 

Competitive Pay 

The pay rate at Denny’s is competitively above average compared to other market rates. Therefore, working at the restaurant allows you to comfortably meet most of your wants, especially as a teenager. 

Flexible Schedules 

Denny’s is a 24/7 restaurant that requires employees who can do a day shift and those who can do a night shift. If you cannot avail yourself of work during the day, you could always go for a night shift. 

A flexible schedule could be ideal for you, especially when working while studying or creating a work-life balance. 

The ability to work during your free hours is an added advantage compared to other restaurants that close at night and have a fixed schedule. 

Career Advancements 

Denny restaurant allows employees to advance in their careers and get more pay. The restaurant opens a window of opportunities for you as you could also study what you are doing as you work. 

Therefore, by the end of a working session at the restaurant, you will have gained skills valuable to society. 

Employee Discount

As an employee, you are eligible for good food discounts allowing you to spend less on food. Therefore you could drive your income to satisfy your other wants. 

It also allows you to carry home food from Denny’s to your family members after work. Perfect for building stronger family bonds and making your family members happy. 

Provided Uniform

Unlike other restaurants, Denny’s will provide uniforms for you, allowing everyone at work to feel the same. Nonetheless, you won’t have to spend a dime on work clothing. 

Server Keeps All The Tips

Working as a server at Denny’s is an added advantage, as you can keep all the tips you collect from customers. Therefore, it is all yours if a customer enjoys your services and gives you a good tip. 

Health Insurance 

Denny’s is always concerned about your health as they know your health can affect your business. They will cater to your dental, vision, and life insurance as long as you are their employee. 

Questions To Expect At A Denny’s Interview

There are endless questions that an employer could ask you are an interview. However, most interview questions will try to see if you have the necessary skills they need to run their organization successfully. 

For example, at Denny’s, you should expect to get questions concerning attitude, teamwork, and friendliness. Some of the questions Denny’s managers are known to ask include: 

1. What’s Your Greatest Weakness

A good restaurant has a good element of teamwork and responsible employees. An employer will ask this question to see if your greatest weakness will hinder your ability to perform effectively at work. 

No one is perfect, and that is exactly the phrase of the answer the interviewer expects to hear from this question. 

Be honest, and tell him something not part of your skill set. Do not be shy to admit a weakness you have been trying to improve. 

2. How Would You React If You Saw Someone Stealing

An interviewer wants to see how you could handle the uncomfortable situation of witnessing someone steal from the restaurant. 

Will you keep it to yourself, or you’ll inform someone? Your way of answering the question will reveal a lot about you. 

The best way of answering the question is by stating that you would immediately inform the franchise manager. 

Despite your relationship with the thief, reporting to the manager is the best way. It will help the interviewer understand that you do have a moral compass. 

3. Can You Work Well Under Pressure

Denny’s can be a bustling restaurant, especially during the holidays. An interview will want to see if you have what it takes to survive the harsh pressure of working in a restaurant. 

The best way to answer the question is by sounding confident and informing the interviewer that you can operate well under pressure. 


When looking to make extra cash, you might want to know how old do you have to be to work at Denny’s. Denny’s restaurant hires at a minimum age of 16, but you must be at least 18 to apply as a cook. 

The restaurant offers competitive pay to their employees, with some good benefits. Having an idea of the interviewer’s questions during your job interview might help you understand what to say and even get the job. 

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