How Did The American Revolution Influence The French Revolution? Facts

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How Did The American Revolution Influence The French Revolution

Have you ever wondered how the American Revolution influenced the French Revolution? What gave the French people the inspiration to fight for their freedom like Americans did? If you want to know how the French war was influenced, this post is for you!

The French and American Revolution marks an important period in the history of both countries. While the French Revolution began in 1789 and ended in 1799, the American Revolution started in 1765 and ended in 1791. 

The American Revolution began before the French Revolution. Therefore, historians claim the American Revolution inspired the French Revolution. The question is, how did it happen? If you want to learn more, continue reading this post.     

How Did The American Revolution Influence The French Revolution?

The American Revolution began in 1765, years before the French Revolution occurred. The battle for independence lasted for many years. But eventually, the people came out victorious.

The French people were desperate for their independence and freedom. They wanted to enjoy the freedom the Americans were enjoying. But then, they knew they had to pay a similar sacrifice to obtain that freedom. 

The French people rebelled against their colonial enslavers in 1789, and most of the citizens were willing to sacrifice anything to gain freedom. Many saw the Americans after the Revolutionary War and sort of liked them. They issued a declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizens. They also had part of the Declaration of Independence Modeled. 

What The American Revolution Influenced 

The American Revolution and Americans who participated in the revolution, like George Washington, influenced a lot of things. It was the first effective fight for liberty, so it was a great feat. 

The American Revolution happened when several parts of the world struggled for independence. Regions under colonial rule needed some inspiration to secure independence, and the American Revolution provided that. 

So the revolution that took place in America influenced a lot of things. It influenced the battle for independence throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. 

For instance, leaders that partook in the Indian freedom conflict got inspired by the hardship people like George Washington, including Thomas Jefferson, faced. They noted what they went through and how they became victorious.      

What transpired in the American Revolution also shaped American colonists. It shaped their political viewpoint, as noted in the Declaration of Independence. 

The American Revolution deepened democracy, personal liberty, and civil rights in the land. This is why America is a free world. The media even tagged George Washington as the “free world” leader when colonialism fell in America. 

 Three Great Results The American Revolution Achieved

The American Revolution shaped the country. It molded it into the beloved country that has become a dream for people worldwide. Here are three areas it shaped in America. 

1: Transition of Americans’ political and social 

The liberation America witnessed affected every facet of their lives. It transformed the country’s political and social life. 

Political activities increased in the land as many citizens regained their voting rights. The number of ordinary people in local and federal administrative positions increased. 

2: Livelihood of women:

The American Revolution ushered in a new America that influenced how women lived their daily lives. Several women’s rights movements sprung up, demanding equal rights. 

Women’s influence in America’s politics, including the country generally, has massively increased. 

3: The fall of mercantilism:

The British Colony placed a huge constraint on the American economic system. They restricted trade, immigration, and even manufacturing. 

The success of the American Revolution not only shaped America. It also shaped the entire world, politically, socially, and economic-wise. 

French Revolution: The Biggest Influences

The American Revolution did influence the French Revolution, but it was not the only factor. Several issues already existed. All the American Revolution did was inspire the French people to chase away the colonial masters. 

1: The role politics played:

When a country’s economy is down, restiveness is bound to occur. France experienced the same thing. The economy was bad, and the treasure was empty.

King Louis XVI had issues handling the economy, including political challenges that enshrined. 

 2: The role of French philosophers:

Philosophers like Voltaire, Montesquieu, and Rousseau were highly respected back in the day. The people listened and followed them keenly. 

These philosophers played a key role in uniting the French people to chase colonialism off their land, and they succeeded.  

3: The social-economic situation of the country:

France’s socio-economic situation didn’t go down well with many people. It was frustrating for the French people, as the segregation in the land was apparent.

For instance, the French society had three classes (also called estates). Unfortunately, the first and second had several privileges from the government. There were not even paying taxes.

All these activities in the land inspired the French to reclaim their land by chasing the colonial masters away. 

Popular Soldiers In The American Revolutionary War 

Here are the top soldiers that fought to defend America.

1: George Washington:

The first American President and great General! You cannot discuss the American Revolution without including George Washington, the chief of chiefs. 

He never had a chance to serve in the British Army before the war and didn’t need to. As an intelligent man, Washington studied the tactics of the British Army. Hence, he was able to inflict massive injuries on them. 

He led the Patriots to war. And even though he lost many of them, he achieved the major goal: liberating America. He was aware of every decision American fighters made during the revolution. He served unconditionally and gave his all. 

2: Nathan Hale:

Nathan Hale was one of the patriots who fought in the revolution. Though he didn’t live long enough and died at a young age (21 years), his courage was inspiring. 

Hale joined the commission as 1st Lieutenant after he received a friend’s letter that motivated him to take action. However, the British Army was advancing to New York, and Washington wanted a spy behind the enemy lines. 

Nathan Hale accepted the mission but was unfortunately caught and hanged. He gave his life so every American can enjoy the freedom they enjoy today. 

If not for people like Nathan Hale, we may have been bowing to the King of England today. 

3: John Paul Jones:

Jones is another important figure in the American Revolutionary War. He was born in Scotland but had the skill the Continental Navy desired during the war. 

How did Jones become an expert in vessels? He worked in several vessels during his young age. There, he learned the workings of vessels.

The death of high-profile naval officers was on the rise. And Jones had since professed his desire to migrate to America, the new land. He loved the sea and had great skills in handling vessels. 

Jones joined the Continental Navy, and the rest was history. He used his skills to take down numerous British Army vessels, contributing immensely to the Americans’ success. Today, many regard him as the father of the U.S. Navy.   

4: Paul Revere:

What role did Paul Revere play in the American Revolutionary War? He was a famous silversmith who gave his wisdom, energy, and time to ensure America gained independence. 

Revere was famous for his ride warning. He notified American fighters of the British Army approaching before popular fights, such as the battles of Lexington and Concord, took place. 

Revere got fed up with the British’s high taxes, which crumbled several businesses. His business was also affected, prompting him to seek independence.  

He joined the Massachusetts Militia and had a massive impact on the group. His skills in gun-making and gunpowder were valuable to the militias. 


So, how did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution? The American Revolution took place before the French Revolution. So, the French people saw all that transpired in the war. They saw how the Americans fought and won battles. They saw a people determined to reclaim their lands. 

The American Revolution inspired the French people to seek independence. All the fears had disappeared when they saw the Americans chasing the British Army off their land and were doing so successfully. 

In addition to the American Revolution’s influence on the French Revolution, other factors also inspired the French people to seek independence from their colonial masters. These include social and economic challenges, the dwindling economy, and the power of some renowned philosophers. 

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