How Big Is Ukraine Compared To Texas? A Detailed Comparison 

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How Big Is Ukraine Compared To Texas

Have you taken the time to analyze how big Ukraine is compared to Texas? Most people may find this comparison odd because Texas is just a state while Ukraine is a country. 

But we must understand that Texas is the second largest state in the U.S., both in area and population. On the one hand, Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. 

Since Ukraine is a country, most people may argue it’s bigger than Texas. In this post, you’ll learn the size of Ukraine and Texas, including population size, GDP per capita, and more. Keep reading to learn more!

How Big Is Ukraine Compared To Texas

The reverse is the case. Texas, a state in the South Central Region of the U.S., is bigger than Ukraine. That’s the fact. 

So, how big is Texas compared to Ukraine? Ukraine is 233,060 square miles, while Texas is 268,597 square miles. By comparison, Texas is 35,537 square miles bigger than Ukraine. We can put this another way: Texas is 1.15 times as big as Ukraine. 

How Big Is Ukraine’s Population Size Compared To Texas?

The population size is another area we can compare Texas to Ukraine. Which region has more population? Well, Ukraine has the numbers. 

Here’s how Texas’ population compares to Ukraine’s.

In 2021, Ukraine’s population was 43.79 million people. This was the number of people living in the country before the war with Russia started. In 2021, Texas’ population was 29.53 million people. 

Ukraine has more population than Texas. The difference is 14.26 million people (still quite a lot).  

Imagine Texas, a state bigger than the entire Ukraine, having less population than it. One would expect Ukraine to be trailing Texas. But make no mistake; Ukraine is a country, so it’s normal for its population size to be higher. 

How Many Cities Are In Ukraine Compared To Texas?

Ukraine and Texas both have quite a number of top-rated cities. They have cities with historical sites and places tourists can explore. 

So, how many cities does Ukraine have compared to the number of cities in Texas? Ukraine has around 461 cities, with Kyiv being the country’s largest city. 

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It’s also the largest city, both in size and population. His area covers 839km², with a population of 2.8 million people. Kyiv sits near the Dnieper River, the fourth longest river in Europe and the longest between Ukraine and Belarus. 

Does Texas have more cities than Ukraine? Yes, it does. Texas has twice as many cities as Ukraine. However, the population of Ukraine’s largest city, Kyiv, is more than that of Texas’s largest city, Houston. 

Texas has 970 cities, 228 towns, and 23 villages. However, Houston is Texas’ biggest city and has a population of 2.3 million people. 

A Handy Tip: Texas’ date of statehood is December 29, 1845, while Ukraine gained independence on August 24, 1991. 

How Big Is Ukraine’s Economy Compared To Texas?

Ukraine’s GDP growth compared to Texas shows a strong contrast. Texas has one of the best economies in the world. 

Texas has the 9th largest economy in the world. It’s the leading state regarding population growth, GDP, exports, and job creation. 

Texas’s economy is bigger than Canada, Russia, South Korea, and Australia’s. We’re talking about a state with a real Gross Domestic Product of US$2 trillion and the second-best economy in the United States of America.

Texas’s GDP per capita in 2021 was US$62,021, while Ukraine’s GDP per capita was US$26,000. 

So, Texas has a large economy and the potential to grow even bigger. Though Ukraine’s economy is resilient in the face of the protracted war with Russia, its growth may likely slow down even after the war.   

A Handy Tip: Ukraine was the poorest country in Europe as of 2020, something many attributes to the high level of corruption, slow pace of institutional reforms, and economic liberalization.

Ukraine’s poor economy remains a mystery to many, considering that the country once had one of the largest economies in Europe. 

Ukraine once boasts the second-biggest economy in the USSR. But now, the country is living in past glory.     

How Big Is The Population Below Poverty Line In Ukraine Compared To Texas?

According to World Bank, the number of people living below the poverty line in Ukraine was 21% in 2021. 

Texas has a large economy. However, the cost of living in the state is relatively high and is one of the reasons many are in poverty. In 2021, the population of Texans living below the poverty line was 14%. 

So, even if we compare the number of people living in poverty in Ukraine to Texas, it’s clear that Texas is doing better.  

6 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Ukraine

Ukraine is a lovely country with great people and a rich history. There’s much to learn about Ukraine’s people, places, and history. 

However, here are five things we found fascinating about Ukraine. 

1: Ukraine has the same population as Argentina:

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe, with a population of around 44 million. So, they are close to Argentina, with a population of 45 million people. 

Ukraine’s population size had also been decreasing even before the war began. Why? Several factors are responsible. These include high death rates, emigration, and low birth rates. 

2: The population of Russians in Ukraine is 17%:

Ukraine and Russia are more than neighbors. Both countries have a rich history together, so they are very close.

The population of Russians in Ukraine is 17%. Native Ukraine is 77.8% of the entire population in the country. 

3: Agriculture occupies a sizeable portion of Ukraine’s economy:

Known as the breadbasket of Europe, Ukraine has made a name in the agricultural industry. They export food to other European countries and many parts of the world. 

In 2020, the report shows Ukraine’s agricultural export to the European Union stood at $6 billion. Ukraine exports agricultural products as far as the Asian countries.

In 2021, they were China’s biggest corn supplier. Ukraine supplied a whopping 8.2 million tons of corn to the Asian country.

 In the same year, the country’s GDP rose to $195 billion, the highest the country has recorded since independence. 

3: Ukraine once had the largest nuclear arsenals in the world:

Today, Ukraine cannot boost a single atomic weapon. But did you know they had one of the largest numbers of nuclear arsenals in the world? 

The country had to give up all its nuclear weapons after gaining independence. They agreed to give them up with the assurance that they won’t be attacked.

Unfortunately, Russia and the United States of America were present when Ukraine signed the treaty and gave up their nuclear weapons. But it is evident that someone didn’t keep their end of the bargain, and that’s Russia. 

4: A majority of the Ukraine people are Christians:

A vast majority of Ukrainians are Christians, with many predominantly Orthodox. However, Catholicism sits as the second biggest Christian religion in the country. 

Ukraine has other religions besides Orthodox and Catholicism, though they are small. These include religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Protestantism.

 A 2015 study by Pew Research Center revealed that Ukraine boasts the third-largest Orthodox population globally. 

5: Ukraine boasts seven World Heritage Sites:

Ukraine has seven heritage sites that UNESCO World Heritage List protects. And they rank among the best must-visit places in Ukraine. 

The Heritage sites include the Saint-Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv and; the historic center in Lviv, including the wooden churches in the Carpathians.  

6: The world’s deepest metro station is in Ukraine: 

The Arsenalna station located in Kyiv, on the Sviatoshynsko – Brovarska line, is the deepest metro station globally. It was opened on November 6, 1960.  


So, how big is Ukraine compared to Texas? The question should be the other way around. Texas is bigger than Ukraine in terms of land area.

While Texas measures 268,597 square miles, Ukraine is 233,060 square miles. So, Texas is bigger than Ukraine by 35,537 square miles. 

But in terms of population size, Ukraine is bigger. Ukraine’s population is approximately 43.79 million, while Texas’ population is 29.53 million. 

In terms of economy, Ukraine is no match for Texas. Texas has the 9th largest economy in the world, ahead of countries like Canada, Russia, South Korea, and Australia.  

While Texas’ GDP per capita was $62,021 in 2021, Ukraine’s GDP was around $26,000. 

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