Does Putin Have Social Media? Putin’s Social Media Revealed 

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Does Putin Have Social Media

Many might ask, “Does Putin have social media?” as more world leaders get into different social media platforms to shape their public opinion. 

Social media has become essential for public outreach and free communication in the ever-growing digital age. 

With so many world leaders using different platforms to connect with their constituents, it’s not unusual to wonder if Putin has social media. 

Today, we shall delve into Putin’s social media activity and explore the extent of his online presence.  

From his official accounts to fan pages, we’ll examine how Putin engages in social media and what it means to his relationship with the world. 

So, Does Putin Have Social Media? 

No. Russian President Vladimir Putin has no social media accounts. He has publicly confessed that he does not have time to engage in social media as he is very busy. His social media presence is affiliated with the Kremlin and other groups of individuals. 

Putin’s Official Social Media Accounts

There are a few social media accounts under his name. However, they are not verified by him. Hence he is not associated with any social media account that claims to be his official account. However, here are the examples of social media accounts that claim to be his official accounts:  

1. Twitter (@KremlinRussia_E)

It is the official Twitter account created for Putin, and the Kremlin manages it. The main posts of this account are updates and official statements from the Kremlin. The account has over 1.5 million followers. 

2. Facebook (President of Russia) 

It is the official Facebook page of Russia’s president. The Facebook page mainly features news and various updates concerning Putin’s activities. The page also contains official photos and videos from official events such as the Olympics and presidential trips. 

3. VKontakte (Vladimir Putin) 

VKontakte is one of the most used social media accounts in Russia. It is the most used site in the country. 

The page mainly features news and updates about President Putin’s activities. The platform also shares photos and videos from official events Putin has been to. 

The social media account helps users raise public opinion about Putin’s activities. Remember that these official accounts are not Putin’s or affiliated with the government. 

Fan Pages And Parody Accounts Claiming To Represent Putin 

Besides Putin’s official social media accounts, many fan pages and parody accounts claim to represent him on various platforms. These accounts are not affiliated with the Kremlin or even the Russian government. 

They are run by groups or individuals who are fans of Putin and seek to satirize his name and image. Most fan pages and parody accounts have a significant following, particularly on Instagram and Twitter. 

These accounts often feature internet memes, satirical content, and jokes about Vladimir Putin and his political activities. 

Note that these accounts do not represent Putin’s official opinions and views, and therefore, you shouldn’t approach them with a critical eye. 

Do not get fooled by the photos of Putin in these accounts. Some even have a profile picture of him, his educational background, and his family members’ names. 

Even though some might offer insight into popular perceptions of Putin, one should not take them as authoritative sources of information. 

What Does Putin Have To Say About All His Fake Accounts

Putin said he does not need social media since he has everything he ever wanted. However, he is unhappy about the fake news and disrespect raised about his country online. 

It is why he signed into law harsh fines for Russians who purportedly spread fake news or show blatant disrespect for the government online. 

Critics did say that the legislation could lead to state censorship, but lawmakers argued that it is necessary to combat fake news reports and abusive online content. 

The new laws also had the power to block websites if they failed to comply with requests to remove content that was factually inaccurate about the country. Due to fake news, Russia almost did ban Twitter and Meta in 2022. 

Russians who repeatedly shared abusive content online were accustomed to a possible jail term of up to 15 years by the new law.  

Top Russian Social Media Platforms 

Even though Russia dislikes fake news in social media and almost put a ban on some of them, they are still used in the country. Here are the top social media platforms that are used in Russia:

1. VKontakte (VK)

This platform is commonly known as VK in Russia and is by far the most popular social media platform in the country, having over 97 million active users. 

The platform has many features of Facebook, and it has been enhanced with a file-sharing system. Just like Facebook, users of this platform also have a profile and can easily search and add other users to follow and comment on their status updates.

Users can also upload audio and video files and share these resources with other platform users. However, users must comply with the copyright laws of the platform before uploading any content. 

2. (Odnoklassniki)

While VK is primarily used by younger users aged 18-34, is mainly preferred by older users. The platform is used by over 71 million users in Russia. 

Like VK, allows users to create profiles, share status updates and images, and search for friends. The platform’s main objective was to reconnect with friends and classmates that users might lose touch with over time. 

The site also allows voice and video calls, and users can send messages and gift each other with virtual gifts. 

3. Moi Mir (My World)

Moi Mir is another social media site like VK, formed as an extension of the internet mail provider also owns and VK. Moi Mir has struggled to get a unique niche over the broader social media networks. 

It has over 5.4 million users who come to the platform each month to share videos, music, and images. Users also come to the platform to play games. 

The platform has a group tab allowing you to make new friends with people with common interests. 

4. Live Journal

Live journal has been around since 1999, and users mainly find it useful for blogging. Even though the platform has been in use for a long time, it has fallen into disuse in most parts of the world. 

However, it is still a very active site in Russia, with Russians accounting for up to half of the total traffic the platform receives. 

Blogging is part of the most effective ways of sharing opinions online. They allow for more thoughtful and comprehensive discussions that the short messages shared on newer social media platforms lack.

Live Journal still gets some support from various online services, maintaining its significance in Russia and its surrounding areas. 

5. Rutube

Rutube is essentially the YouTube of Russia. Even though it has yet to achieve the milestones Like YouTube, it has been able to collect a range of content from a diverse number of users. 

The platform hosts user uploads and licensed content; almost all uploads are Russian. The high percentage of Russian content makes it a valuable platform for someone trying to learn the language. 

6. Twitter 

Twitter is a great social media platform that performs well in Russia. Even though it does not have many users like other platforms, it has the most engagements per author out of all Russian social networks. 

7.  Facebook

Facebook in Russia has over 50 million users and is quite popular. Facebook’s consistent platform change to better align with the needs of its perceived users is part of why it is so prevalent in Russia. 

Some analysts suggest that Facebook is popular in Russia because of the business conversations that surround it. Nonetheless, over 30 percent of Russia’s business discussions occurred on Facebook in 2015.  

8. Pinterest 

Pinterest is the home to aesthetically pleasing boards full of lovely pictures and short videos. The social media platform has grown significantly over the years, with more visitors visiting the site to pin some ideas. 

Though American users dominate the platform, Russia is in the top three countries with the most users on Pinterest worldwide.  

9. Instagram 

Russia has been slowly adopting Instagram, with over 40 million users currently operating on the site today. The shift in the popularity of Instagram can be traced to the great cross-posting and captioning of photos on other social sites. 

Through this strategy, Instagram can get more traffic from other websites and social platforms, increasing its popularity. 


The question, “does Putin have social media,” has a nuanced answer that has to account for his various fan pages and zero social media accounts. It is clear that Vladimir Putin has a social media presence even if he verified none of the social media accounts under his name. 

As he doesn’t engage in social media like other world leaders, his presence highlights the importance of these platforms in modern communications. However, the existence of fan pages claiming to represent him raises concerns about the authenticity of data that circulates online.  

As Putin’s online presence continues to grow under different people, we are yet to see him use the platform to shape different perceptions of global politics.  

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