Does Dana White Have A Wife? Untold Facts About Dana White

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Does Dana White Have A Wife

Why is it that the popular question people ask about the current UFC president these days is, “Does Dana White have a wife?” If yes, who is his wife?

White is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) president. He receives a salary of over $20 million per annum and has an eye-catching net worth. So, questions about his significant other will always pop up, given his status. Besides, he looks good too.

Here, you will find information on all we know about Dana White’s marital status. Keep reading for more details.

Does Dana White Have A Wife?

Yes, Dana White is a married man. He has a wife; they have been together for over two decades.

Anne White is his wife’s name, and the couple has been legally married for over 27 years. They got married on November 8, 1996.

According to accounts, both couples had been friends for an extended period, even before they wedded in 1996. They were friends from their time as students (in middle school) before they officially decided to tie the knot.

Who Is Dana White’s Wife?

We have just revealed that White has a wife. But the question is, who’s she? Her name is Anne Louise Stella, and she was born in New York City, New York.

Anne Louise Stella was born on January 16, 1969, and she’s 52 years old. Her occupation is unknown, but many women in her position won’t even bother working.

Why work when your husband is the president of the UFC, one of the biggest sports in the world? Dana White has a fat bank account, so his family can afford anything they want.

Little is known about Anne White’s background or personal life. She doesn’t have a social media account, so she isn’t even on social media platforms.

We know that she went to Hermon high school, where she met and became close friends with Dana White. Anne White is also a Polish-American.

A summary of Dana White’s wife’s profile:

Name Anne White (Anne Louise Stella)
Birth Place





New York City, New York, USA
Age 52 years (2023)
Nationality Polish-American
Profession Unknown
Husband Dana White
Hubby Unknown
Weight 57 KG
Social Media Handles  


Height 5 feet, 5 inches

 How Dana White And Anne White Met

They say every couple has a story about how they met. Dana and Anne’s case is no different. But while most couples met at nightclubs, bars, hotels, beaches, or corporate settings, Dana and Anne met at middle school.

The couple both attended Hermon high school, though they attended different universities.

According to accounts, Dana White moved to Las Vegas then Anne joined him there. After a while, both couples tied the knot and have been together since then. Plus, their bond seems stronger.

Years later, Dana became a successful businessman, overseeing the affairs of the UFC, one of the top-rated sports in the world today.

The couples have been together for over two decades (excluding when they were dating), and despite all the media thinks they know about the strength of their bond, they keep waxing stronger. They have done 27 years together and counting. 

Is Dana White Still Married?

White Jr. is still married to his lovely wife, and we wish them well in all their endeavors. However, the world needs to understand that every marriage has its challenges. How the couples involved want to solve their problems will depend on the outcome.

A little heated argument can break a marriage. Any misunderstanding can. As humans, people will make mistakes, man or woman. Just forgive and move on.

Dana and Anne were spotted at a nightclub having the best time of their lives before everything turned sour. Dana White was seen slapping Anne, a move that didn’t go down well with the media.

Many were calling ESPN to react, and some wished the wife, Anne White, could divorce him. But Anne, being the calm and cool-headed person she is, hasn’t altered a word about the incident.

Dana White has also apologized for his actions and blamed the incident on alcohol. So, the world should move on. There’s a chance he has also apologized to his lovely wife, and they have put the issue behind them.

Does Dana White Have Kids?

Yes, Dana White has lovely kids. His marriage to Anne White has produced three adorable kids. They are Dana III, Aidan, and Savannah. He has two boys and a girl.

White enjoys spoiling his kids. He has the money and can do whatever he wishes. White is highly successful and has a plethora of houses in Vegas.  

So, how does White spoil his kids? He spoils them by giving them expensive gifts. For instance, in Dana White III’s Sweet 16 birthday party, Dana White got him the latest BMW. Another thing he did was get Kendrick Lamar to sing at his party.

For Aidan’s sweet 16, Dana White made his day special. He organized the event with $1 million. In addition, he got him a custom Range Rover Defender.

Aidan’s Sweet 16 also had in attendance, popular entertainers. These include Migos, A$AP Rocky, and other notable musicians.

All White does show how much he cherishes his kids. He had to work so hard to get to where he is today. And because he didn’t enjoy his childhood, the best way White believes he could make amends is to make his children’s childhood memorable.

Dana White Before Becoming UFC President

White may not be perfect and makes mistakes like everyone, but his life is an inspiration. White’s life from a young age has shown that no condition is permanent.

White was a “nobody” before becoming UFC president. He was just a regular guy who loved boxing and paid attention to the sport.

Another thing he liked besides boxing was his girlfriend, Anne Louise Stella, who’s now his wife and mother of three kids.

Dana White didn’t have the best education. He once enrolled at the University of Massachusetts for a semester, and Quincy College was a famous local community college back then. But he eventually dropped out of school and returned to the sport he loved, boxing.

White has always had a thing for combat sports. But when he started a boxing career, he planned to support himself with the case he made. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him. But then, he decided to stick around in the boxing business. And this time, he decided to manage and train people.

White was doing his business in the mob’s territory, and they weren’t comfortable with it. So, they asked him to pay them a cut of $2,500 to continue working. Unfortunately, he couldn’t raise the money at the time.

This made him move to Vegas. Luckily, he ran into some in the Fertitta Brothers, his childhood friends, and both brothers, including White, agreed to do business if a good opportunity presented itself.

That opportunity happened to be the UFC. In 2001, all three friends purchased the UFC for $2 million. The UFC grew massively under Dana White’s presidency, and in 2016, all three friends agreed to sell it. They eventually sold it for $4 billion. 

How Much Is Dana White Worth?

Born on July 28, 1969, Dana Fredrick White Jr. was born in Manchester, Connecticut. He is the current president of the UFC, a global mixed martial arts organization.

 Dana White’s net worth is $500 million (as of January 2023). In addition, he earns $20 million annually. He also owns a 9% stake in the UFC and is the current president.

Here is a summary of Dana White Jr.’s profile:

Name Dana Fredrick White Jr.
Birth Place Manchester, Connecticut, USA


Age 53
Birthday July 28, 1969
Wife Anne White
Siblings Kelly White (sister)
Weight 209.5 pounds or 95 kg
Height 5 feet, 11 inches (1.8 m)
Marital Status Married
Marriage Date November 8, 1996


So, does Dana White have a wife? Yes, he does. Dana Fredrick White Jr. is married to Anne White. Both couples have been together since their time in middle school.

Dana and Anne have been married since November 8, 1996, and they have been blessed with three children, two boys, and a girl.

Dana White is also a wealthy businessman. He’s the current president and promoter of the UFC, a mixed martial arts sport.

White has a network of $500 million. And he receives about $20 million yearly. In addition, Dana White has a sibling named Kelly White.

White’s love for his family is apparent, and he enjoys keeping them private. His wife is also someone that loves to keep her personal life confidential. She doesn’t even have a known social media account.

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