Can Low Testosterone Affect Sex, Focus, and Man Boobs?

For every man who can honestly say he has no concerns about losing interest in sex, having trouble focusing, or developing man boobs, I guarantee you I can find multiple thousands who would see that differently.

I asked my dad once “at what age do you lose your interest in sex”? His response “I don’t know son. You’ll have to ask someone older than me”. He was 76 at the time. I have a close friend who said his father was caught looking at porno on the Internet many times during the months approaching his death. He was 92.

Regardless of whether you’re gainfully employed or retired, doesn’t the idea of having trouble focusing bother you? It does me. It conjures up thoughts of dementia and Alzheimer, scary thoughts.

And while men’s opinions of boobs may vary, many leaning toward bigger is better, no man wants to look in the mirror and see boobs on themselves, small or large. Yuck!

gynecomastia low testosterone

Are These Signs of Low Testosterone or Not?

Maybe-maybe not. It depends on a lot of variables; what meds you take, whether or not you smoke (particularly marijuana), how much alcohol you consume, your weight, whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle or exercise regularly, what your diet consists of, and of course-your age.

If you look at a list of symptoms of low testosterone, all three are on the list. But, if you have a habit of abusing alcohol, take a lot of stomach acid drugs like Tagamet, are overweight, and/or take anabolic steroids; according to Dr. Elliot W. Jacobs, a New York plastic surgeon, you may have what appears to be low testosterone effects, and your testosterone levels be normal.

With testosterone produced primarily in the testicles, it’s easy to see how low testosterone could affect sex. However, countless studies have clearly proven that it goes well beyond sex related issues such as low sex drive, erections, and orgasms. In fact, once you move past age 40, if you find yourself dealing with any one of the aforementioned; and you’re a reasonably active and fit man, no medications, leading a life of moderation, then you may be suffering from low testosterone levels. However, there are therapeutic options for dealing with it successfully!

What’s the Best Testosterone Therapy for You?

At the first sign of any of these symptoms; low sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction, abnormal irritability and/or problems focusing, or your pecs start appearing to look more like boobs, make an appointment with an endocrinologist and find out what the root cause may be. If it turns out that low testosterone is indeed the culprit, be assured that you can do something about it. It won’t happen overnight, but the correct treatment will definitely get you back to where you want to be.

Oftentimes physicians will suggest treatments that consist of drugs in some form. Be careful not to overreact and start down a road you may live to regret. Check out the possible side effects and you’ll find that many of them are more than a little concerning, in fact harmful.

Many men have discovered that simply taking a pill on a regular basis can reverse most, if not all, of these effects. And given the risk/reward potential, the majority of men agree that logic would dictate trying something natural before risking the side effects of drugs. Due to the magnitude of the problem, tons of research has gone into developing natural cures as much so as medical cures, and there are studies and success stories to support that.

A product to consider, that incorporates numerous clinically-proven ingredients, is called Viasil. It’s 100% all-natural substances have been formulated with maximum strength amounts, and it has been rated #1 by men who have been using it. Though erectile dysfunction drugs typically address one symptom, Viasil addresses all the key low testosterone symptoms by;

  1. Raising testosterone levels which affects mood and muscular growth
  2. Enhancing libido (sex drive) by increasing blood flow in the penis area, and
  3. Boosting orgasms and the sensation that comes from heightened ejaculations

When millions of men’s lives are impacted negatively, it results in tons of studies, as well as research and development of products of all kinds, many of which lead to a solution. And though you should seek advice from a qualified physician, you always want to make the final decisions that fit your personal needs and desires. Don’t ever leave your health in the hands of others.

Find out why you have low testosterone, and research solutions consistent with your core beliefs. Be wary of the side effects of prescription drugs, especially when there are high quality 100% all-natural testosterone therapies available. And always seek those containing ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to work effectively!

Male Aphrodisiacs – Fact or Fiction?

male aphrodisiacs

Every sexually active male over age 21 has heard of aphrodisiacs, for men and women. However, I don’t recall any man ever bringing up the subject, and I’m way past 21. Does that mean that no one I know has ever tried them, or they have and it just didn’t work, or it worked and they kept it to themselves?

What’s the bottom line?

You see all kinds of ads for male libido enhancement, which in essence is an ad for a male aphrodisiac. They’re in every single men’s health magazine, show up in the newspaper from time to time, and of course you can find tons of them throughout the Internet; which includes your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, and Nook. And the list is always growing.

All of them make claims of working, of course, but many sound preposterous, turning men from an average Joe to some sort of Don Juan by simply taking a few pills. Most of them contain testimonials from men who are supposedly telling the truth, though some don’t look very credible at all, and there aren’t many that don’t offer a 100% moneyback guarantee. They all contain natural ingredients, so they seem safe enough, but is there any validity to their claims? Harmful or not, no one likes wasting their time and money on products that don’t work, especially when they are anxious to find something that works.

Herbal Sexual Enhancements – Will They Make You Hot or Not?

male aphrodisiacs
Until an extensive clinical study is conducted on a large enough number of men, it is next to impossible for any company to scientifically support their claims regarding natural male enhancement products. In fact, until you actually take a pill that works for you personally, you have no way of truly knowing what does or does not work. However, that doesn’t mean that none of them are effective.

Repeat orders is a good indicator, along with using 100% natural ingredients that have been proven to impact libido and testosterone, and all backed by a complete satisfaction moneyback guarantee. It’s hard to imagine companies that fit this scenario are being established and built on nothing but fabrication or just plain old lies. Somebody believes in them.

Everyone has either experienced a cure themselves, or knows of others who have, by using some form of an herbal remedy; be it a lotion, spray, drops, or pills, for example. In the world of male herbal sexual enhancement products, there are certainly some that have been shown to work effectively on a large number of men, apart from any regulated scientific studies.

So, just because the medical community isn’t on the bandwagon doesn’t prove that herbal sexual enhancements don’t work. It simply proves that they know nothing about it. Though highly credible MDs generally have their patients interest at heart, it is next to impossible for them to open their minds up to any kind of cure or aid outside mainstream medical practices, those approved by the FDA. It has taken them well over a century to accept the fact that chiropractors provide a meaningful service to their patients, and it’s still a stretch for some doctors to believe that.

Therefore, having read much of what some of the more respected online sites have to say on the subject, it is apparent that there are herbal sexual enhancement products that work effectively—will make you hot. But, like anything else you buy; read what companies have to offer, make sure they list all of the ingredients (including detailed descriptions of each), and that the ingredients are those that support libido and testosterone. Add to that a good moneyback guarantee, and what have you got to lose. The right product can make a difference.

A product that men have used successfully and have rated #1 is called Viasil. It utilizes a maximum strength formulation of 100% all-natural substances, is totally safe regarding any harmful side effects, and was developed by a doctor. It contains several clinically-proven ingredients, along with a substance called Tribulus Terrestris, which has been shown to raise testosterone levels by as much as 93%. It’s not just another herbal Viagra, though it serves that purpose as well; it has the potential to give you a firmer erection that will last longer. Getting that one result alone, can serve as a male libido enhancement.

Along with taking 100% risk free herbal sexual enhancement pills, make it a point to have an ongoing open and forthright conversation with your partner about their needs and desires. This will often do as much, if not more, for raising the level of each other’s overall enjoyment and satisfaction of their sexual encounters than what pills can do. Like any problem, you can find the right solution in time. Even if it takes a while, it will most assuredly be worth the wait.

Can You Cure An Erectile Disorder With A Natural Pill?

natural pills cure erectile dysfunction

There are men located literally all over the world who either claim they have, or know someone who has. Yet most urologist question that, or tell you it’s a flat out lie promoted by all these herbal companies, and the only reason they can get away with it is because they don’t come under any government scrutiny, i.e. FDA. Really!? So all these millions of men who say they’re treating erectile dysfunction with only an herbal pill—and it works—are lying?

On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Seemed quite apparent to me that it really happened, and yet my granddad said it did not. There was no doubt in his mind that it was a bunch of government propaganda attempting to make certain people, primarily Russia and China, think that we had. He wasn’t kidding, and I soon learned that a lot of people, mostly elderly, thought the same thing.

Not more than 20 years ago you would have been hard pressed to find more than a handful of physicians who believed that chiropractors offered a legitimate healing service. And only in the last 10 years has there been a significant growth in the acceptance of alternative practicing MDs, and non-traditional all-natural remedies. Yet chiropractors have been successfully helping people deal with such things as back pain and injuries for well over 100 years, and physicians like Dr. Julian Whitaker, licensed physician and surgeon in California have been practicing alternative medicine for well over 30 years now.

If the government, FDA in particular, had its way a little more than they already do, most health food stores and alternative physicians would be out of business, or be forced to take their businesses to another country. By all indications, that would suit most traditional physicians, not all, but the majority. Why, because they’re a threat. More and more people are waking up to the fact that traditional medicine isn’t all there is that may help them.

While some men may need a penile prosthesis to correct their erectile disorder, other erectile dysfunction treatments such as penis injections, penis pumping, sex counseling, or a vacuum erection device may not be necessary.

Are All-Natural Pills Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatments, True or False?

natural pills cure erectile dysfunction
True, for some men. Just as it’s true that prescription drugs have proven to be effective for some men. You simply have to consider the cause for your particular erectile disorder, do a Google search to see if there is credible evidence that your problem has been cured by taking a natural pill, and learn what the ingredients should be. Armed with that information, weigh taking the all-natural ED pill that may help you without the risk of adverse side effects against taking drugs that also may help you, but have the potential of causing harmful side effects, and make your decision.

What is false, or at best misleading, is not being told of the potential side effects of drugs, penis injections, or a vacuum erection device. And just as bad is having a company that sells all-natural pills lead you to think that by taking their pills your problems will be over, because they don’t work for everyone, therefore it’s false to tell you they will.

Unless you suffer from an erectile disorder that may require something like a penis prosthesis; Jonathan Wright, M.D., a nutritionally oriented alternate physician who practices at the Tahoma Clinic in Kent, Washington, advises that men should at least give herbal remedies every opportunity for success before risking the potential of adverse effects from drugs.

In most instances treating erectile dysfunction has to do with creating more nitric oxide in your body, which is what Viagra and Cialis were developed to do. The effect is to open and relax the blood vessels in the penile area making it more receptive to an erection when stimulated. If you check out WebMD, as well as other respected websites, you’ll find that L Arginine, an all-natural substance, turns into the chemical nitric oxide when ingested, basically accomplishing in a natural way what drugs are supposed to do.

When searching for natural erectile dysfunction treatments, look for products that contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective, such as Zinc, L Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Ginkgo Biloba, etc. They should also provide a thorough list of all the ingredients, along with a detailed description of each, and they should be rich in potency, utilizing maximum strength formulations.

Check out Viasil pills. Designed by a doctor, and rated #1 by men taking it, you’ll find it contains all the right ingredients for an effective treatment, and in more than one area. One of its primary ingredients is Tribulus Terrestris, which has been shown to raise the level of testosterone in men by as much as 93%.

How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

premature ejaculation

Sociologist Edward Laumann, PhD, studied data that was gathered by the National Health and Social Life survey, and found that about one third of the men in the U.S. need premature ejaculation help. Though some think this applies only to younger men, it actually affects men of all ages; though aging does seem to help somewhat. As with any widespread problem, there are always solutions, and effective options to overcome premature ejaculation is no exception.

If a man and his partner are clearly not having any issues with the fact that the man is pretty quick to climax, then it’s not something to be concerned about. However, most men are prone to worry about it even if their partner tells them it’s no big deal. Fortunately, there are many ways to handle it (no pun intended).

Actually, handling it can be an effective solution. For example, masturbation has proven to be one of several effective solutions. Most men will experience delayed ejaculation as a result of having more orgasms. So if you typically have two orgasms a week, then double that by masturbating two times a week. If that doesn’t give you the results you’re after, then double it again. Since one of the keys to delaying an orgasm is self-control, masturbation can help you learn how to do that as well.

Another method that works quite well is for the man to bring his partner up to the edge of having an orgasm, and then complete the joyful experience the way you normally would. With this, you both reach climax at about the same time. It helps to have clear and open communication with each other so that you know what helps bring her to the brink, and can make this as enjoyable for both of you as it can possibly be.

Another way that has proven to be very effective was developed by sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson. It involves the man squeezing his penis firmly as he senses the approaching climax, with the effect being that it suppresses desire and results in controlling premature ejaculation. Don’t give up just because it may not work the first time you try it. Could be you just waited a little too late to put the choke hold on your penis.

You can also use desensitizing creams, or wear a condom or two, and though it works, most men aren’t particularly fond of this idea. In Europe they’ve come up with an antidepressant that men can take a few hours before sex and it delays premature ejaculation by a couple of minutes. Though it doesn’t sound like much, men with the problem feel it’s helpful. However, that has not been approved by the FDA, so you won’t find it in U.S. just yet.

Herbal Pills Can Provide Premature Ejaculation Help-Fact or Fiction?

If none of the above seem to hit your hot button, and you’re till asking yourself ‘how do I stop premature ejaculation’, then consider what an herbal pill may do for you. Though herbal products are not a cure-all, they have been scientifically proven to be effective in some areas, and many men have used them for premature ejaculation treatment.

There are several substances that have been clinically proven to work, but at the top of the list are Tribulus Terrestris and Ginseng. In fact, WebMD posted reviews from 21 men who rated ginseng’s effectiveness in providing premature ejaculation help, and they all rated it 4 to 5 stars in all 3 categories, with the average being 4.8 stars from all of them.

Any all-natural pill that contains those two substances should give you an excellent opportunity to overcome premature ejaculation; particularly if the ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and are part of a maximum strength formulation.

Consider Viasil. Scientifically researched and developed by a doctor, it not only contains the two best ingredients that provide premature ejaculation help, it also contains a number of other clinically proven substances that will benefit you in more ways than just that one. Rated #1 by men who have been taking it, Viasil helps increase blood flow to the genital area, which helps more than simply getting an erection, customers say it provides a rock-hard erection. Furthermore it contains Horny Goat Weed, which is well known to increase testosterone levels by as much as 93%.

Knowing how to overcome premature ejaculation can give a man the added confidence he needs to make love much more passionately, without the fear of only lasting a minute or two. And when you consider the added benefits that Viasil offers, it can be a game changer.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

male erectile dysfunction

Regardless of what your particular problem is, a little research and you’ll find that an erectile dysfunction treatment can come in various forms. There are the household name ED treatments for impotence, such as Viagra and Cialis, but you can also find something called a penile injection (Ouch!), and even penis growth pills (yes, much better!). Whatever you’re dealing with, you’ll see there is no shortage of solutions. However, determining which is best for you can become a daunting task!

If you’re like most men, the thought of having to figure out which erectile dysfunction treatment is best—never even crossed your mind, much less entered it. Now it’s a reality. It’s life, the kind of thing that can happen to any one of us without warning. Although, if you drink enough, smoke enough, eat enough, and don’t exercise enough; that should be warning enough. But we’re slow learners. We know these things happen, but usually to someone else. Now you are that someone else.

So you’ve got to figure it out, or not, and just leave things as they are. Some men actually do that, take the path of least resistance (the lazy path). It makes me want to grab hold of them and shake them up until they come to their senses. Even if their wives, or significant others, accept that response, it’s a well-known fact that the lack of intimacy in a relationship can be one of the primary causes of a relationship ending, or losing some of its warmth at best.

male erectile dysfunction

Don’t misread this, just because a man may not be able to find an erectile dysfunction treatment that works, it doesn’t have to mean it’s the end of intimacy in his relationship. There are other ways to experience intimacy and sexual satisfaction, without having an erection. Speaking openly, it may surprise you to know this, but a guy can have a very fulfilling orgasm with no erection whatsoever. Furthermore, he can bring immense pleasure to his wife, or significant other, without one as well. It’s all about hands and mouths, and real love, the kind that strives to give more pleasure than receive. It’s different, but it works!

Having made that point, most men still want to regain their ability to get and keep an erection. In fact, a fairly large number of men are not only concerned about erections, they would like to have more of one, which is why some have an interest in penis growth pills and other best stay hard pills. That’s a man thing, as most women aren’t concerned about it. Studies have shown that 85% of women are perfectly satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. Maybe if some guys would ditch the beer belly, not the beer, they would realize there’s more there than they thought. They just couldn’t see all of it.

With the average size penis being between 5 to 7 inches erect, most men fit in there somewhere. And since a woman’s most sensitive area is just around the opening, you can probably make that happen and would be better off just trying to figure out which erectile dysfunction treatment is best for you-prescription drugs, natural pills, and/or a pump.

Erectile Dysfunction Cures by Taking an All-Natural Pill – Fact or Hype?

It sounds simple enough, maybe too simple, which makes it difficult for some to believe. And of course, it depends on exactly what the problem is. For the vast majority of men who are seeking erectile dysfunction treatment, it means they either can’t get an erection, or they can’t get enough of an erection, or they have trouble keeping an erection long enough to have a mutually satisfying sexual experience.

And when that happens, they are open to just about anything they believe might work, including a Papaverine injection, which simply stated is a penile injection for the purpose of getting an erection. When the arteries in the penis are relaxed, they are much more likely to fill with blood, which helps with erections, and that’s what the Papaverine drug is for. However, it doesn’t always work, has several potentially harmful side effects, one of them is the fact that it can be very painful. This would certainly be a last resort for me, if even that.

Consider for a minute what Viagra and Cialis are supposed to do; reverse erectile difficulties by raising the nitric oxide in your body, which is something that your body naturally produces. The idea is for the nitric oxide to assist you in gaining an erection by opening and relaxing the blood vessels in your penis. Sound familiar? That’s exactly the purpose behind a Papaverine injection.

According to WebMD, L-Arginine is a natural substance that when ingested is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. An all-male test study was conducted on men who suffered from impotence. The only product they took was L-Arginine, and they only took it for four weeks. The results were astonishing. The percentage of men who were able to get an erection and maintain it during intercourse was 89%. In addition, the number of men who reported increased satisfaction with their sex life in general was 75%. This report was published in The Journal of the Hawaii Medical Association in December 1998.

Unless you happen to have erection problems that everyone seems to agree cannot possibly be dealt with by taking a pill, prescription drugs or natural; good old common sense dictates that you should give a natural pill every opportunity for success before subjecting your body to drugs that may harm you. Jonathan Wright, M.D., a nutritionally oriented physician and director of the Tahoma Clinic in Kent, Washington, counsels men to try herbal options before drugs, but he also advises them to be patient, since most herb remedies typically take 2 to 6 months to fully work.

Regarding pumps, some men have had success using a pump called a Vacuum Constriction Device. It has some scary side effects as well, but when used in strict accordance with instructions it has been a viable erectile dysfunction treatment for some men. However, the idea is for the pump to draw blood into the penis area, with the result being much the same as what drugs are supposed to do, as well as the correct all-natural formulations, which have no known side effects whatsoever.

In the world of all-natural ED treatments, clinically proven ingredients are what to look for; with Horny Goat Weed, Zinc, L-Arginine, Ginkgo Biloba, and Tribulus Terrestris, known to be some of the best. But even then make sure that the substances are high quality, rich in potency, and that the product’s list of ingredients is comprehensive, which should include a description of each.

An excellent option (developed by a doctor) that utilizes clinically-proven ingredients; is totally safe, all-natural, and a maximum strength formulation, rated #1 by men who have been using it, is Viasil. In addition to the well-documented substance, Zinc, one of its primary ingredients is Tribulus Terrestris, found to increase testosterone levels by as much as 93%.

Besides taking an all-natural erectile dysfunction treatment, understanding your partner’s needs and desires will go a long way towards improving your sexual relationship.