Can You Cure An Erectile Disorder With A Natural Pill?

There are men located literally all over the world who either claim they have, or know someone who has. Yet most urologist question that, or tell you it’s a flat out lie promoted by all these herbal companies, and the only reason they can get away with it is because they don’t come under any government scrutiny, i.e. FDA. Really!? So all these millions of men who say they’re treating erectile dysfunction with only an herbal pill—and it works—are lying?

On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Seemed quite apparent to me that it really happened, and yet my granddad said it did not. There was no doubt in his mind that it was a bunch of government propaganda attempting to make certain people, primarily Russia and China, think that we had. He wasn’t kidding, and I soon learned that a lot of people, mostly elderly, thought the same thing.

Not more than 20 years ago you would have been hard pressed to find more than a handful of physicians who believed that chiropractors offered a legitimate healing service. And only in the last 10 years has there been a significant growth in the acceptance of alternative practicing MDs, and non-traditional all-natural remedies. Yet chiropractors have been successfully helping people deal with such things as back pain and injuries for well over 100 years, and physicians like Dr. Julian Whitaker, licensed physician and surgeon in California have been practicing alternative medicine for well over 30 years now.

If the government, FDA in particular, had its way a little more than they already do, most health food stores and alternative physicians would be out of business, or be forced to take their businesses to another country. By all indications, that would suit most traditional physicians, not all, but the majority. Why, because they’re a threat. More and more people are waking up to the fact that traditional medicine isn’t all there is that may help them.

While some men may need a penile prosthesis to correct their erectile disorder, other erectile dysfunction treatments such as penis injections, penis pumping, sex counseling, or a vacuum erection device may not be necessary.

Are All-Natural Pills Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatments, True or False?

natural pills cure erectile dysfunction
True, for some men. Just as it’s true that prescription drugs have proven to be effective for some men. You simply have to consider the cause for your particular erectile disorder, do a Google search to see if there is credible evidence that your problem has been cured by taking a natural pill, and learn what the ingredients should be. Armed with that information, weigh taking the all-natural ED pill that may help you without the risk of adverse side effects against taking drugs that also may help you, but have the potential of causing harmful side effects, and make your decision.

What is false, or at best misleading, is not being told of the potential side effects of drugs, penis injections, or a vacuum erection device. And just as bad is having a company that sells all-natural pills lead you to think that by taking their pills your problems will be over, because they don’t work for everyone, therefore it’s false to tell you they will.

Unless you suffer from an erectile disorder that may require something like a penis prosthesis; Jonathan Wright, M.D., a nutritionally oriented alternate physician who practices at the Tahoma Clinic in Kent, Washington, advises that men should at least give herbal remedies every opportunity for success before risking the potential of adverse effects from drugs.

In most instances treating erectile dysfunction has to do with creating more nitric oxide in your body, which is what Viagra and Cialis were developed to do. The effect is to open and relax the blood vessels in the penile area making it more receptive to an erection when stimulated. If you check out WebMD, as well as other respected websites, you’ll find that L Arginine, an all-natural substance, turns into the chemical nitric oxide when ingested, basically accomplishing in a natural way what drugs are supposed to do.

When searching for natural erectile dysfunction treatments, look for products that contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective, such as Zinc, L Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Ginkgo Biloba, etc. They should also provide a thorough list of all the ingredients, along with a detailed description of each, and they should be rich in potency, utilizing maximum strength formulations.

Check out Viasil pills. Designed by a doctor, and rated #1 by men taking it, you’ll find it contains all the right ingredients for an effective treatment, and in more than one area. One of its primary ingredients is Tribulus Terrestris, which has been shown to raise the level of testosterone in men by as much as 93%.